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Barunian Defence Force

The Barunian Defence Force came into being on the same day as the Federation of Barunia. What started as a small group of local volunteers has grown into a dedicated modern defence force with over two million members. The Defence Force initially consisted of an army and navy, but in recent years an air force has been established. However, the most recent addition to the BDF is the Barunian Defence Reserve, which was brought into the BDF only last year. Before that, the BDR was known as the Military Reserve of Barunia, and were an independent organisation that could only be called into action at the command of the Minister of Defence. With this army of volunteers now part of the Barunian Defence Force, things have come full circle. But now Barunia has a modern army, navy and air force ready to defend our land, and the dedication of millions of brave Barunians willing to fight for her freedom.

The motto of the Barunian Navy is Never Surrender. This is the only defence force motto that has changed words without changing meaning; the original "No Cede" is an archaic form of the current motto. The change was prompted by an aim to modernise the navy's image, and the navy was the first service to change its motto.

The current Air Force motto is "On Mighty Wings She Soars". The motto come from the third verse of the Barunian national anthem, "Boldly on her mighty wings she soars", which is also the national motto. The original motto of the Air Force was "Ad Astra Per Alas Procella", latin for "to the stars on the wings of a storm", a reference to the petrel's ability to fly in a storm. The giant petrel is the emblem of the Air Force.

The Army's original motto was "Stamus Fortis in Arduis", latin for "We stand firm in difficulties". After the BDF elected "Stamus Fortis" as part of their motto, the army changed to "Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto", latin for "the safeguard of the people shall be the highest law." A quote attributed to Cicero, the phrase was the national motto of Barunia for many years, where it was rendered as "the welfare of the people".

The Barunian Defence Force originally had no official motto, but recently adopted the motto "Stamus Fortis, Semper Paratus, Semper Liber", latin for "We stand firm, always ready, always free." The motto is said to represent the aim of the defence force, which is to stand firm against any opponent, to be prepared for any situation, and to protect the liberty of Barunia and her allies.
The motto of the Barunian Defence Reserve is a single word: "Tuebor", which is latin for "I will protect", which adequately sums up the mission and aim of the reserve.

Strengths (approximate and subject to change)
Barunian Defence Force
28,000 personnel
Army of Barunia
252,000 personnel
Barunian Air Force
175,000 personnel
Barunian Navy
276,000 personnel
Barunian Defence Reserve
Land Reserve - 175,000 personnel
Air Reserve - 102,000 personnel
Naval Reserve - 87,000 personnel