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URN Constitution - Official (original)

Accepted as the constitution of the Union of Red Nations. This is the Constitution in its original form without amendments. The current constitution can be found here.

Constitution of the Union of Red Nations

Section 1: Regionís name
1. The name of the region shall be the Union of Red Nations, hereafter referred to as URN.

Section 2: Eligibility for Membership
2.1 The URN shall be open for membership to nations that are communist, socialist, or left wing.
2.2 The URN shall not accept as members any nation that is fascist, capitalist, monarchist or right wing.

Section 3: Membership
3.1 Nations seeking membership should apply in the membership thread. The regionís founder shall have final say on acceptance of any nation for membership.
3.2 Nations are not required to join the region to be members, however non-regional members are ineligible to run for a government position.
3.3. Non-member nations may join the region, however they may not claim land on the map, vote, or run for government positions.

Section 4: Government
4.1 Government positions shall be filled by region members elected by a vote of their peers.
4.2 The Premier and General Secretary shall have authority over all member nations of the URN.
4.3 With the exception of article 4.2, Government officials shall have absolute authority solely over the areas governed by their positions.
4.4 The region founder may remove any government official from office if, in the founderís opinion, the official has abused their authority.

Section 5: Voting
5.1 In the event that a matter is presented to the members for voting, all members of the alliance shall have one vote.
5.2 In the event that a matter is presented to the government for voting, all government officials shall have one vote
5.3 In the event that a matter is subject to a vote, either to the government or the members, the matter shall be decided by a simple majority of votes (50% + 1)
5.4 In the event that a member vote results in a tie, the matter shall be resolved by a government vote.
5.5 In the event that a government vote results in a tie, the matter shall be resolved by a member vote.