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The Socialist Federation of
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Flags, Emblems and Symbols

National Seal - The national seal incorporates many elements of its predecessor - the only new element is the addition of a hammer. These elements have been moved or presented in a different way.
The most notable symbol is the chevron which divides the seal into three parts. This is the same colour as the stripe on the flag, and represents the land, breaking the waves below and piercing the sky above. Below the chevron is an anchor, representing the sea and its importance in Barunia's history, industry and culture. In the top left is the four stars, representing the four states. On the right is a golden hammer and sickle, representing the workers and industry of Barunia, and the national ideology of socialism. The albatross above the shield is Barunia's national animal - it represents dominance over the sea and sky, and good fortune. Its outstretched wings shelter the nation, and echo the national motto: "Boldly on her mighty wings she soars".

Army Emblem

The three crossed swords represent the three fields of the army: infantry, cavalry (tank corps in the modern age), and artillery. The four stars represent Barunia, and the motto translates as "Stand firm in difficulties".

Naval Emblem

Air Force Emblem

The Barunian Air Force emblem consists of a giant petrel, with wings outstretched, in gold with four red stars above it. The giant petrel was chosen as the bird to represent the air force as it nests in Barunia, is carnivorous as well as pescivorous, and is also adept at flying in storms. This is reflected in the motto of the Air Force, which translates as "To the stars on the wings of a storm".

Naval Ensign

Army Battle Flag

Former National Flag - Flag of the Federation of Barunia

Barunia's national flag is a pale blue, representing the sea that is so important to the island nation. The broad white stripe represents peace, while the red stripes surrounding the white represent the struggle of the people, as well as the national ideology of socialism. The circle represents unity, while the four stars within represent the four states of the federation. The red and white here stand for the unity of the people under socialism, and the peace that exists between the four states.

Former National Seal

The Seal of Barunia has the same colours and symbols of the national flag.It also has an anchor, to represent the sea and its importance in Barunia's history, industry and culture.A sickle stands for the farmers and other workers of Barunia, as well as the national ideology of socialism. Laurel leaves surround the seal as a sign of peace, and Barunia's national animal, the albatross, perches on top with its wing spread out, sheltering the nation. The national motto was too long, so the motto "Per Volar Su Nata" was chosen for the seal, which translates from the latin as "Born to Soar". The national motto does appear on the seal, however, in the initials SPLSE.

Former National Motto
"Salus populi suprema lex esto"
A phrase in latin from Cicero, this motto translates as "the welfare of the people is to be the highest law" and has been adopted as the motto of Barunia, to recognise that the role of authority is to care for the interests of the people.