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Naval Vessels

Barunian Navy

Current vessels - Capital ships
Guided Missile Stealth Destroyer - Bay Class
Purchased from Karlberg Industries, these stealthy vessels are among the most advanced in the fleet. They have an integrated mast system that allows radar systems to better interact with one another and gives a full detection range, while at the same time reducing the ship's radar profile. The ship is armed with a massive 300 VLS cells, which can launch a wide variety of missiles, as well as a 57mm main gun, and both hard and soft kill defensive systems. The ship also has space for two helicopters and 4 RHIB's.

The Bay class has a crew of 116 sailors, a length of 190m, a width of 26 m, and a draught of 10m. The twin CODOG engines power the ship to speeds of 31 knots.

Current ships of the Bay Class
BNV Whitefeather Bay - Lead ship of the class, Whitefeather Bay is named after a bay in west Tildos that was the sight of allied landings during the civil war. He motto is "Courageous".

BNV Good Fortune - Named after a bay in south Marion, the Good Fortune's motto is "She soars on her own wings".

BNV Bay of Haven - Named after the bay on which the capital is built, the Bay of Haven's motto is "Diligent and Silent".

BNV Childers Bay - Childers Bay is on the east coast of Tildos. Her motto is "Wherever honour and right shall lead", and the vessel is also the flagship of the Barunian Navy Fleet, taking over from BNV Constitution.

Destroyer - Constitution Class

The Constitution class destroyers are the most heavily armed ships in the fleet. Designed to combat enemy ships and submarines, these large ships are armed with a huge array of weapons, including two 130mm guns on the forecastle, two four-barrel missile launchers for anti-ship and anti-submarine, a 64 (8x8) barrel VLS for anti-air missiles, 8 (2 quad) torpedo tubes, two six-barrel anti-submarine rocket launchers and a 30mm CIWS. They also carry electronic and physical countermeasures and two helicopters, usually a AHU-2 Piranha and the larger MRH-90.

The Constitution-class destroyers have a length of 163 metres, a beam of 19 metres, and a draught of 6 metres. They displace 7,500 tonnes and have a top speed of 35 knots, a range of 10,500 nautical miles, and a crew of 300.

Current ships of the Constitution Class:
BNV Constitution - Lead ship of the class, the Constitution was the Flagship of the Barunian Navy Fleet after the retirement of BNV Federation, but has since been superseded by BNV Childers Bay. The motto of the Constitution is "Upright and Faithful".

BNV Constellation - The second ship of the class, the motto of the Constellation is "Resplendent".

BNV Confidence - The third ship of the class, the Confidence bears the motto "She gathers as she goes."

BNV Conflict - The fourth ship of the class, the Conflict bears the motto "Mighty in Battle"

BNV Conquest - The fifth ship of the class, the Conquest bears the motto "Victoria aut mors" ("Victory or death")

Helicopter Destroyer - Eagle Class

A nuclear-powered trimaran, the Eagle class destroyers double as both a guided missile destroyer and carrier. The ship is capable of housing and launching up to 30 helicopters and STOL aircraft to support anti-submarine operations, as well as ship-to-land warfare and support. The vessel has room for up to 280 troops (320 on overload) and 12 RHIB's to launch an invasion. The Eagle class is armed with 50 VLS missiles, two ventral torpedo tubes, and a 155-mm gun, as well as a large suite of defensive weaponry.

The ships have a displacement of 11,000 tons, a length of 187 metres, a width of 43 metres, and a draft of 10 metres. They have a crew of 116, plus 120 for the air wing, and the two propulsion drives give a top speed of 30 knots.

BNV Sea Eagle "Without Fear"
BNV Albatross (II)- "With grace and dignity".
BNV Shearwater (II) - "Endurance"
BNV Petrel (II) - "Strong against the storm"
BNV Jaeger (II) - "Hunt and destroy"
BNV Prion - "Prodesse Quam Conspici" (To accomplish rather than to be conspicuous)
BNV Darter - "Provehito in Altum" (Launch forward into the deep)
BNV Kittiwake - "To Sea and into Wind"
BNV Sea Hawk - "Utrinque Paratus" (Ready for Anything)
BNV Fulmar - "She shines with honour"

Helicopter Frigate - Federation Class

Federation Class Helicopter Frigates are long-range escorts with roles including air defence, anti submarine warfare, surveillance, reconnaissance and interdiction. The ships are capable of countering simultaneous threats from the air, surface and sub-surface.

The Federation class frigates have a length of 118 metres, a beam of 15 metres, draught of 4.5 metres and a displacement of 3,600 tonnes. They can achieve speeds of 28 knots with a range of 6000 nautical miles. Each ship is armed with a 5-inch calibre rapid fire cannon, a vertical launch system (VLS) for anti-aircraft missiles, as well as anti-ship missiles and two torpedo tubes. The ships are also equipped with the latest in physical and electronic countermeasures, radars and sonars. Each frigate also carries a single helicopter (currently a Karlberg Industries AHU-2 Piranha) to enhance anti-submarine, anti-surface warfare and Search and Rescue capabilities.

Current ships of the Federation Class:
BNV Liberty-The Liberty serves under the motto "Above All"

BNV Porthaven-The Porthaven is the third ship in the Federation class, and serves under the motto "Stand Strong."

BNV Fairweather-The Fairweather is the fourth ship in the Federation class, and bears the motto "Fortune favours the Bold".

Patrol boat - Challenger class

Challenger Class Patrol Boats are small, versatile warships designed specifically to defend Barunia's coastal waters. Each ship has a length of 59 metres, a beam of 10 metres and a draught of 3 metres, with a displacement of 300 tonnes, and is operated by a crew of just 21.

Powered by two 16V engines connected to two shafts, the Challenger class has top speed of 25 knots and a range of 3000 nautical miles. The Challenger ships are armed with a 25mm twin-barreled gun and two 12.7mm machine guns. The Challenger class is equipped with the latest radar and detection systems and ultra-high frequency communications.

BNV Resurgent-The fifth ship of the Challenger class to be built, the Resurgent carries the motto "I shall arise", and has been re-designated as the lead ship of the class.

BNV Valiant-The sixth ship of the Challenger class to be built, the Valiant carries the motto "Virtutis Fortuna Comes", which translates from the latin as "Fortune is the companion of valour"

Air Defence Frigate - Victory Class

The Navy purchased two Claymore Class air defence frigates from Sankji National Defence Industries. Among the first vessels in the fleet to be nuclear powered, the reactor gives the vessels, in effect, unlimited range with a top speed of 33.4 knots, a length of 246 metres and a beam of 27 metres a draught of 9 metres, and a crew of 315.

Renamed the Victory class, each ship is armed with 2 different surface-to-ar missile systems (one four launcher system; one two double launcher system), 2 20mm cannons, and a torpedo tube. They also carry close in weapons systems for defence and physical and electronic countermeasures. Victory class ships can detect threats above on and below the surface with sonar and radar, and have an air traffic control tower to coordinate the efforts of the four helicopters they carry.

Current ships of the Victory class:
BNV Gorhart- The first Barunian vessel to be named after a person, the ship is named for Admiral James Gorhart. Gorhart was the Federation's first Admiral of the Fleet. The ship's motto reflects Gorhart's service to the Navy, with the motto "With Zeal"

BNV Marion (II) - The sister ship of the Gorhart, the Marion name was given to this vessel in honour of that state's role in the Civil war. The name had previously belonged to a landing craft. The motto for the Marion (II) is "Loyal defender"

BNV Victory - The third Victory-class ship to be purchased, the Victory name was given in recognition of the navy's contribution in securing victory during the civil war, The Victory's motto, "Carpe Diem", reflects this, as it translates as "Seize the day."

BNV Dakran (II) - The second destroyer to bear the Dakran name, the vessel is named for the country in which Barunian forces fought against a fascist uprising, and the ship bears a motto reflective of Barunian soldiers in that conflict, which is "Faithful and Ferocious".

Attack submarine - Dolphin class

The Dolphin class attack submarine is a diesel powered submarine with a speed of 29.5 knots, a range of 8,640 nautical miles, and a maximum descent of 300 metres. The submarine has a length of 70 metres, a beam of 9 metres, and a draught of 7 metres, and has a crew of 52.

The Dolphin class submarines were purchased by the navy from Sankji National Defence Industries. Originally named the Swordfish Class, they were renamed after the lead vessel of the class. They are armed with four torpedo tubes and come equipped with decoy launching systems and chaff buoys, electronic warfare system and torpedo countermeasures, and a long range sonar.

Current ships of the Dolphin Class:
BNV Dolphin-The Dolphin's motto is "Strike deep".

BNV Orca-The Orca's motto is "With speed and prowess".

Guided Missile Submarine - Stingray class

The Stingray class are quiet, electrically-driven submarines designed for a wide variety of warfare roles. It has a length of 77 metres, a beam of 8 metres and a draught of 7, and displace 3,400 tonnes when fully submerged. The top speed of the craft is 20 knots when dived or 10 knots on the surface or snorting. The vessels have a range of 12,000 nautical miles while surfaced, or 500 nautical miles when dived, and have a crew complement of 66.

Technology has played a crucial role in the design, with an active/passive sonar array in the bow and passive intercept and ranging arrays on the flanks, combined with a sophisticated weapons control system linking detection and weapons, allowing for "first sight, first kill" capability. The Stingray is armed with 6 forward torpedo tubes, plus eight missile launchers. Up to 44 mines can be launched in place of torpedoes. Electronic and physical countermeasures are in place to protect the Stingray from any threat.

BNV Stingray- The motto of the Stingray was officially sanctioned as "Cut Deep", but this had to be altered as it was considered too close to "Strike Deep", the official motto of the BNV Dolphin. The new motto chosen was "Nemo me impune lacessit", which translates from latin as "No-one touches me with impunity", a reference to the stingray's tendency to strike out at those that touch it.

BNV Mako-The Mako is the second submarine of the Stingray class, and is named after a large shark. The Mako has the motto "With arms forward", a reference to the mako shark's tendency to approach its prey with its mouth open.

BNV Sawfish-The Sawfish is the third submarine of the Stingray class, and is named after a ray armed with a toothed rostrum. The Sawfish has the motto "Cut and Slash", a reference to the sawfish's method of chopping its prey into pieces.

BNV Tiger Shark-The Tiger Shark is the fourth submarine of the Stingray class, and is named after a large deadly shark. The Tiger Shark has the motto "Hunt with Stealth", a reference to the hunting tactics of the tiger shark, which sneaks up on its prey.

BNV Hammerhead-The Hammerhead is the fifth submarine of the Stingray class, and is named after a shark with an uniquely shaped head. The Hammerhead has the motto "Divide and Conquer", a reference to the hunting tactics of the shark.

BNV Manta Ray-The Manta Ray is the sixth submarine of the Stingray class, and is named after a large ray. The Manta Ray has the motto "Silent and Deadly", a reference to the Manta's quiet but deadly hunting skills.

BNV Thresher-The Thresher is the seventh submarine of the Stingray class and is named after a type of shark. The Thresher has the motto "Work, Unity, Strength", a reference to the shark's hunting tactics of working together to herd prey.

Stealth Corvette - Newland Class

The Navy purchased two Vasby corvettes from Karlberg Industries. Renamed the Newland class, these are small, fast vehicles that effectively fill the gap between the Navy's frigates and their smaller patrol boats. The ships measure 85 metres in length, with a draft of 2.5 metres and a draught of 10, and are among the fastest ships in the fleet with a top speed of 33 knots. They have a crew complement of 54 and a range of 2,700 nautical miles.

The Newland class has been designed for stealth, with low radar cross-section and absorptive materials used. The vessels are well armed, with a 57mm gun, 16 missile VLS, 4 torpedo launchers for torpedos, mines or depth charges, two six-block anti-submarine rocket launchers and a CIWS system for defence. The Newland class is further protected by electronic warfare countermeasures and sophisticated radar and sonar. The ships are also capable of carrying a helicopter on the aft deck.

BNV Newland - The Newland is named after the capital of West Barunia, and bears the motto "Resilience".

BNV Edwardton - Sister ship of the Newland, the Edwardton is named after the capital of Marion, and bears the motto "Swift and Strong".

BNV Northport - The third ship of the Newland class, the Northport is named after the capital of the Northern Isles, and bears the motto "Strong and True".

BNV Monte Sol - The fourth ship of the Newland class, the Monte Sol is named after thea major city in Tildos, and bears the motto "Radiant".

BNV Dropshort - The fifth ship of the Newland class, the Dropshort is named after a major industrial city in Porthaven, and bears the motto "Diligence, Loyalty, Honour"

BNV Woodborough - The sixth ship of the Newland class, the Woodborough is named after a major industrial town in West Barunia, and bears the motto "Industrious"

Multipurpose Corvette - Hunter Class

Built locally under licence from Halcyon Arms, the Hunter-Class Corvette is the Navy's jack-of-all-trades. They are 104 metres long, 17 metres wide, and have a draft of 4 metres. The ships displace 3000 tonnes, and the two gas turbines driving the four propellors generate enough power to push the ship to 65 knots, making them the fastest ships in the fleet. The vessels have a crew of 44, and can carry an additional 16 troops for deployment.

The ships are armed with two ventral torpedo tubes, 20 VLS tubes, and a 155mm advanced gun system. For defence they have a 30mm CIWS, 25mm auto-cannons, rolling airframe missile system, 10 active anti-torpedo decoy-explosives, and a towed active sonar decoy. The ships have a large helipad capable of supporting an MRH-90 helicopter.

The ships of the Hunter Class:
BNV Hunter-Lead ship of the class, the Hunter bears the motto "Pursue victory with diligence".

BNV Titan (II)-The second ship of the Hunter class, the Titan is the second vessel to bear the name. The first was a heavy transport vessel that served with distinction during the Dakran war, and the Titan (II) has inherited battle honours from Dakran and Kaizo. The Titan has also inherited the motto from it's predecessor, which is "Stand Tall"

BNV Hammer - Third ship of the class, the Hammer bears the motto "Strike"

BNV Poseidon-Fourth ship of the class, the Poseidon serves under the motto "Rule the waves."

BNV Sea King-Fifth ship of the class, the Sea King serves under the motto "Loyalty, Courage, Determination."

BNV Artemis-Sixth ship of the class, the Artemis has been outfitted specifically for the patrol and interdiction role. The ship bears the motto "Wisdom, Skill, Tenacity."

BNV Freya - Seventh ship of the class, the Freya is also the sister ship of the Artemis and is outfitted specifically for the patrol and interdiction role. The ship bears the motto "Beautiful and Terrible".

BNV Orion - Eight ship of the class, the Orion has been outfitted for escort and assault duties, and bears the motto "Higher".

BNV Njord - Ninth ship of the class, the Njord serves under the motto "Rich in Honour"

Aircraft Carrier - Citadel Class

The Citadel-class Aircraft Carrier is a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with a trimaran hull, manufactured by Halcyon Arms. The unusual hull shape allows for greater stability in high seas and smoother operation, as well as reducing the vessel's radar profile. The vessel has a length of 411 metres, a draught of 9 metres, and a beam of 120, and is powered by three 650mW nuclear reactors. In full operational mode the vessel is crewed by a complement of 3450, however this number differs widely by operation.

The Citadel-class can carry up to 116 aircraft and has six aircraft elevators and six launch catapults for rapid deployment. For defence the ship carries four CIWS guns, 14 VLS launchers, guided munitions and two torpedo tubes, as well as decoys and an electronic warfare defence system.

BNV Delmars-The Delmars is named after the capital of Tildos, and her motto is "Fair and Mighty."
BNV Citadel - "Strong, brave, true"
BNV Bulwark "She stands and does not break"

Current vessels - Landing ships

Landing dock ship - Invincible class

The Invincible class landing ships are large transport vessels with a flight deck and stern well-dock, capable of carrying and offloading large numbers of troops and vehicles. Each vessel is 176 metres long, displaces 19,500 tonnes, and has a beam of 29 metres and a draught of 7 metres. The ships are powered by four diesel engines driving two propellors, with bow thrusters for manoeuvrability, and can achieve speeds of 18 knots with a range of 15,000 kilometres.

The Invincible class is operated by a crew of 325, and can carry a further 400 troops, or 700 in an overloaded state for a short period of time. The vessels can also carry up to 67 main battle tanks or 150 light utility vehicles. These can be deployed via the flight deck, which has space for two heavy lift helicopters to land, and a third in park, or via the stern well-dock, which has room for four landing craft. Additionally, the ship's carry four rapid landing craft on cranes to deliver troops to shore. Each vessel is protected by CIWS and physical and electronic countermeasures, and also carries 4 12.7mm guns and 2 30mm auto-cannons.

BNV Invincible - The Invincible is the lead ship of the class, and serves under the motto "Invicta", which translates from the latin as "Invincible".

BNV Indefatigable - The Indefatigable is the second ship of the class, and serves under the motto "Fortitudine Vincimus", which translates from the latin as "By endurance we conquer".

BNV Indomitable - The Indomitable is the second ship of the class, and serves under the motto "From Sea to Sea".

Landing vessel - Trinity class

Trinity class Landing Vessels are multipurpose troop and heavy vehicle carriers that have roll-on/roll/off capabilities with bow and stern loading, drive through capacity and inter-deck transfer via ramps. The vessels are also capable of beaching. Each ship has has a length of 157 metres, a beam of 18 metres and a draught of 4 metres, with a speed of 19 knots, and a crew of 150.

Trinity-class ships are capable of transporting 18 tanks, 30-40 military vehicles, and 300-550 troops. To supplement their off-loading capabilities, each ship can carry two mechanical landing craft and two personnel landing craft, mounted on special cranes. Each ship has three cranes, two capable of lifting ten tonnes each, and one capable of lifting 70 tonnes. Forward and aft helicopter decks can be operated simultaneously and help support the amphibious role of the craft. Each ship is armed with 6 12.7mm machine guns, and can be fitted with two remote-operated weapons of the same calibre for CIWS purposes. Physical and electronic countermeasures also protect the vessels.

BNV Trinity- The Trinity is named after an island in Tildos, and her motto is "Dauntless".

BNV Coral - The Coral is named after an island in Tildos, and her motto is "Ready and able"

Landing Assault ship - Mermaid Class

The Mermaid class ships replaced both the old Titan and Marion class landing vessels. The Mermaid is much larger than both classes, with a length of 260 metres, a beam of 32 metres, and a draught of 8 metres. Purchased from Sankji National Defence Industries, the ships are nuclear powered, with unlimited range and a top speed of 27 knots. During landing operations, the ship can be crewed by up to 1109 sailors, with further room for 2000 troops. The ships are equipped with 14 mechanised landing craft and 40 transport helicopters or STOL aircraft. These allow the Mermaid to land troops and equipment quickly and efficiently.

The Mermaid ships are armed primarily for defence, with two rolling airframe missile launchers and two SAM launchers for anti-air and anti-missile defence, and 3 CIWS for further protection. This is further supplemented by physical and electronic counter-measures, including torpedo counter-measures and decoy rockets. Long range sonar, landing system radar and traffic control radar allows the Mermaid to be aware of all threats and carry out its operations with precision.

BNV Mermaid (II)-The Mermaid (I) was a landing boat of the Marion class, and the Mermaid II retains the motto of her name sake, which is "No task to arduous".

BNV Kaizo - Sister ship of the Mermaid, the Kaizo is named after an important beach landing during the Civil War, and bears the motto "Be Bold".

Current vessels - Support ships

Supply vessel - Barrett Class

The Barret Class supply vessel is the newest auxiliary oil replenishment vessel to be commissioned by the Navy. Purchased from Karlberg Industries, the Barrett Class has a length of 191 metres, a beam of 32 metres and a displacement of 25,000 tonnes when fully loaded. The vessel has a speed of twenty knots, and a complement of 60.

The Barrett Class also has a helicopter to supplement replenishing operations and may replenish up to three vessels at once (two alongside and one by helicopter). For defence the Barrett is armed with a CIWS and .50 calibre guns, as well as a limited number of surface-to-air missiles.

BNV Barrett Strait - The Barrett Strait is named after the stretch of water between the islands of Barunia and Tildos, and has the motto "Strive further"

BNV Cola Del Pez - Locally built but based on the Barrett design, the Cola Del Pez is almost identical to its sister ship. The Cola Del Pez is named after a large inlet on Tildos, and has the motto "Faithfully serve"

Hydrographic survey vessel - Sheppard class

The Sheppard-class vessels are twin-hulled ships used for coastal hydrographic surveying.The catamaran hull is well suited for travel in shallow and coastal waters, the ship having a draught of just 2.4 metres and a displacement of 325 tonnes. They measure 36 metres in length and have a beam of 13 metres, with a range of 3600 nautical miles and a top sped of 11 knots. The crew of 15 carry small arms; other than that the ships carry no weapons.

The ships' role is to gather hydrographic information which is essential for safe navigation at sea. To aid them in this role, each ship carries the latest in navigation aids, survey and computerised hydrographic data processing equipment, including three-dimensional high-frequncy sonar.

BNV Sheppard-Named after the largest river in West Barunia, the Sheppard has the motto, "With Wisdom and Perseverance."

BNV Rio Verde-The Rio Verde is named after a major river on Tildos, and bears the motto "With Diligence".

Multirole Icebreaker - Australis Class

The Australis Class vessels are the Navy's solution to operations in icy conditions. Built with a 45mm thick ramming hull, the ships use the curved bow to climb up onto ice and the vessel's weight to push down, breaking through the ice. This gives the ships the ability to break through ice up to 6 metres thick, and they can carve their way through ice 1.8 metres thick at 4.5 knots without stopping. Each vessel also has a bow thruster for additional ramming force, and uses a unique heeling system to prevent getting stuck in ice. This system uses the weight of water to rock the ship, pumping thousands of litres of water to a tank on the opposing side of the ship in 50 seconds.

The navy has found many uses for the vessels, including research, training, escort duties and mine hunting. The Australis has a top speed of 16 knots in open water, powered by two diesel and gas engines. Crewed by a compliment of 100, the Australis class has a length of 96 metres, a draught of 4.5 metres and a displacement of 9000 tonnes. Each ship is armed with a 5-inch turret and CIWS for protection.

There are currently four ships in the Australis Class:
BNV Crux Australis-"Crux Australis" is latin for the Southern Cross, one of the most recognisable constellations in the southern sky. The motto of the Crux Australis is "Lead the way". The Crux Australis is currently operated as a patrol and interdiction vessel in Barunian waters.

BNV Magellan-Named after the famous explorer, who was the first to circumnavigate the world, the motto of the Magellan is "Ever Onwards". The Magellan has been configured for use as a mine-hunter vessel, equipped with a remote-cotrolled mine disposal vehicle and additional detection equipment.

BNV Penguin-The Penguin bears the motto "Semper Anticus", which translates from the Latin as "Always forward." The Penguin has been configured for use as a mine-hunter vessel, equipped with a remote-cotrolled mine disposal vehicle and additional detection equipment.

BNV Manatee-The Manatee bears the motto "Scientiae Cedit Mare", which translates from the latin as "The sea yields to knowledge." The Manatee is currently being operated as an escort for navy research vessels in icy waters.

Hospital ship - Caduceus Class
The Maria Hedmann class hospital ship was purchased from Kalberg Industries, and renamed the Caduceus class, after the winged serpent staff that has become the symbol of the medical profession. The Caduceus is a large medical treatment facility vessel with a length of 272 metres, a speed of 17.5 knots, and a crew of 70. The Caduceus has 12 operating rooms and facilities for many other medical services, including dentistry, physiotherapy and radiology. The ship has room for 1000 beds, 80 of which are in the intensive care ward. The Caduceus will provide the Defence Forces with a mobile hospital facility to provide medical assistance to both the military and civilians. As a medical ship, the Caduceus is unarmed, but does have two hangars and a flight deck that can handle heavy transport helicopters.

BNV Willans - The Willans is named after Chief Surgeon Major Willans, the commander of the Barunian Medical Corps during the Dakran civil war, who was killed during a chemical weapon strike. The motto of the Willans is "Serve with Honour".

Future Vessels
4 x Bay Class Destroyers
BNV Whitefeather Bay - "Courageous"
BNV Good Fortune - "She soars on her own wings"
BNV Bay of Haven - "Diligent and Silent"
BNV Childers Bay - "Wherever honour and right shall lead"

10 x Diablo-class Submarines
BNV Diablo - "Ad undas" (To the waves)
BNV Dolphin (II) - "Strike deep"
BNV Orca (II) - "With speed and prowess"
BNV Sea Wolf - "Relentless"
BNV Otter - "Speed and Cunning"
BNV Dragon - "Loyalty, Dignity, Ferocity"
BNV Angel - "Courage, Service, Honour"
BNV Whale - "Great and Mighty"
BNV Hadrosaur - "Deep and Secret"
BNV Oarfish - "Monstrous and Fearful"

4 x Ocean-class Dreadnoughts
BNV Ocean Shield - "Strong, Proud, Fierce"
BNV Ocean Sword - "Shining"
BNV Ocean Sentinel - "Power, Wisdom, Vision"
BNV Ocean Spear - "Onwards with Valour"

2 x Lincoln-class Logistics Support Vessels
BNV Lincoln - "Ever first"
BNV Whira - "Unity is Strength"

The Lincoln class ships will replace the ageing Trinity-class vessels. The ships are designed to support the fleet in multiple roles, and have capabilities for replenishment and supply, troop and vehicle landing, medical support, and offshore command. The vessels measure 205 metres long, with a beam of 30m and a draught of 7.5, and displace 28,000 tonnes when fully loaded. The nuclear engines are the first of their kind to be built in Barunia, and drive the ship at 19 knots. The ships have a crew contingent of 150, with an additional 150 air and medical staff.

The ships can carry 6 AHU-2 or 3 MRH-90 helicopters with a double helipad, and 5,000 tonnes of vehicles or supplies. They are also equipped with two masts for replenishment at sea, and can deliver 9000 cubic metres of fuel and 400 tonnes of supplies. The ships have both a rear well-dock equipped with 2-4 landing craft and a roll-on/roll-off capability via a ramp on the right-hand side of the stern. They also have 4 RHIBs and a crane that can handle the loading/off-loading of the heaviest vehicles.

The ships are only lightly armed, with 2 CIWS, 2 30mm auto-cannons, and 4 12.7mm machine guns. The medical compliment consists of 2 surgical theatres and 22 treatment rooms, plus room for 40 beds.

20 x Raider-class modular destroyers
BNV Raider - "With Honour"
BNV Charger - "On to Glory"
BNV Arrow - "Swift and True"
BNV Arbiter - "No Fear or Quarter"
BNV Knight - "Noble"
BNV Sickle - "Faithful, Strong, Industrious"
BNV Warrior - "Gloria et Patria" (Glory and Fatherland)
BNV Parliament - "Born to Soar"
BNV Panther - "Gradatim Ferociter" (By degrees, ferociously)
BNV Shadow - "Unseen, Unheard, Unheeded"
BNV Serpent - "Deeds, not words"
BNV Tower - "Pro Patria Vigilans" (Watchful for the country)
BNV Battle - "Courage, Strength, Valour"
BNV Challenger (II) - "Ever Vigilant"
BNV Brave - "Truth, Valour, Unity"
BNV Protector (II) - "Serve and Defend"
BNV Emperor - "Bold and Mighty"
BNV Viking - "Ferocity, Bravery, Honour"
BNV Defender - "Defend the weak"
BNV Victorious - "Ducimus" (We lead)

Historic / decommissioned Vessels
BNV Marion(I) - Shallow draft landing craft of Marion Class. Damaged at Battle of Kaizo, decommissioned and sunk in deep water off the coast of Barunia Island.

BNV Mermaid(I) - Shallow draft landing craft of Marion Class. Transferred to Defence Academy.

BNV Titan(I) - Heavy transport vessel of Titan Class. Battle Honours: Dakran; Kaizo. Sold off to shipping company.

BNV Gigant - Heavy transport vessel of Titan Class. Battle Honours: Dakran; Kaizo. Sold off to shipping company.

BNV Dakran(I) - The only vessel of the Warrior class air-warfare destroyer, the Dakran was the first ship to be purchased as surplus from another navy. An ageing vessel when she was purchased, she was soon superseded by the Victory class. Named after a country in which Barunian forces fought against a fascist uprising, the name and motto live on in the Dakran(II). The motto, "Faithful and Ferocious", is reflective of Barunian soldiers in that conflict. Decommissioned and scrapped.

BNV Federation - Flagship of the Barunian Navy Fleet during her service life, the Federation served under the motto "Unity". An ageing vessel, she was retired and scrapped after two decades of service.

BNV San Baptiste-Named after a famous ship from Barunian history, the San Baptiste carried the motto "Triumph over adversity". Originally an oil replenishment vessel, she was later converted to a seaplane tender before being scrapped.

BNV Challenger-The Challenger was the lead ship of the challenger patrol boat class, and served under the motto "Ever vigilant." Decommissioned and sold off, along with her sister ships, the BNV Protector ("Serve and Defend"), the BNV Resolute ("Always Ready"), and the BNV Defiant ("Staunch and Steadfast").

BNV Albatross(I) - (Motto: "With grace and dignity") The Albatross was the lead ship of the guided missile frigate Albatross Class. Along with her sister ships Shearwater(I) ("Endurance"), and Petrel(I) ("Strong against the storm"), the Albatross was decommissioned and sold off. The last vessel in the class, Jaeger(I) ("Hunt and Destroy"), was transferred to the Naval Reserve.

Auxiliary vessels
The Naval Air Division operates almost as many aircraft as the airforce. Their motto is the latin phase "Semper Surtum", which translates as "Always aim high."
The NAD operates the following aircraft:
AHU-2 Piranha: Multi-role light utility helicopter, adopted as the standard ship board helicopter for the navy fleet.
CH-25 Vasteras: Heavy lift helicopter used for supplementing landings.
F/A-67 Kingfisher: Standard carrier-based fighter plane of the Barunian Navy.
BR-35 Albatross: Large jet-powered flying boat patrol bomber. Used by the Navy for ASW and SAR purposes.
S-200 Pelican SAR: Flying boat used for patrol and interception.
MRH-90: Multi-role helicopter that is larger than the AHU-2 and can carry troops or lift light vehicles.
FC-1 Kraken: Attack Flarecraft utilised for patrol and ship hunting.

Naval Bases
Naval Base Seal - south Havenia. Largest base, and includes airfield, repair yard and training facilities. Designated Fleet Base South, National Naval Academy, and Command HQ.
Naval Base Pirate's Cove - west Marion. Small base, with purpose built facilities for submarines. Designated Fleet Base West and Submarine Base Alpha.
Naval Base Waterhen - Teller Island, North Islands. Built on an entire island, Waterhen is the Naval Air Division's primary base, and has facilities for both conventional aircraft and flying boats. Designated Fleet Base North and Submarine Base Beta.
Naval Base Iron - Dropshort, north Havenia. Naval shipyard, dock, repair yard and dry dock. Part of a much larger commercial port, this is not usually used as a naval base. None-the-less, it is designated Fleet Base East.
Auxiliary Base Marlin - Mariana Island, North Islands Primarily used as a base for vessels of the reserve, Marlin serves also as a berth for regular navy ships, particularly those coming off active service. Contains a shipyard, repair yard and dry dock. Not considered a Fleet Base, it has the designation Auxiliary Base North-East.