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Military Involvement in Dakran

Following a coup by fascist revolutionaries in Dakran, Barunia joined a coalition of forces to reinstate the Dakran government. This event is particularly significant for Barunia, as it is the first time the Barunian Defence Force was deployed in defence of a foreign nation.

The Barunian Army sent 1,000,000 soldiers, under the command of General Willham Nobi, to "help defend Socialism", as it was stated in the official declaration of war. While other forces secured nearby Vladimir Island, Barunian troops arrived on Dakran Isle and remained there, engaging in fierce fighting against enemy fortifications to the north. The majority of Barunian casualties came from this operation. Barunian troops were also heavily involved in securing the capital city of Dakran, and in the subsequent fighting before the fascist surrender.

Barunia's involvement fighting the Dakran coup helped launch the country onto the world stage.
Premier Boris Damyan of Ruk-Tsan, when asked his opinion of the Barunian's in the war, said, "Oh, yeah, them! Got some balls, Barunia. Teeny army, but that doesn't make them any less impressive. We wish them the best." Barunian soldiers were also one of only two armies to be granted weapons from Free Terra after that country's withdrawal of the majority of its troops.

Military Units and Commanders
Commander of the Barunian Armed Forces (prior to fascist surrender): General Willham Nobi
Commander of the Barunian Armed Forces (post surrender): Brigadier-General Frederik Groves

Units involved:
First Division
Barunian First Rifles: 50,000 troops
2nd Rifles: 38,500
Mechanised Mobile Infantry: 1,500
1st Military Engineers: 11,000
3rd Military Engineers: 3,000
Second Division
3rd Rifles: 12,000 troops
7th Rangers Infantry: 15,000
2nd Military Engineers: 1,000
9th Rangers Infantry: 3,000
Barunian Advanced Tactical Unit: 3,000
Mechanised Mobile Infantry: 13,500
Barunian Irregulars: 17,500
1st Scout Rangers: 50,000
Third Division
1st Barunian Foot: 100,000 troops
2nd Barunian Foot: 100,000
3rd Barunian Foot: 100,000
4th Barunian Foot: 100,000
Fourth Division
1st Specialist Infantry: 50,000 troops
3rd Specialist Infantry: 50,000
4th Specialist Infantry: 50,000
5th Specialist Infantry: 50,000
Fifth Division
2nd Scout Rangers: 50,000 troops
3rd Scout Rangers: 50,000
4th Scout Rangers: 50,000
5th Scout Rangers: 50,000

Barunian forces fought solely with infantry in Dakran, but were heavily supported by combat vehicles from other coalition forces, especially Soviet Ruk-Tsan, Free Terra, and Dakran.

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