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Four states, one nation

The Federation of Barunia is formed from four states. They are:
-West Barunia

Each state has its own flag, capital, government, and legislation.


Porthaven is the name of Barunia's capital city, and this state comprises the city and its surrounds. The State of Porthaven covers the eastern coast of Barunia island, and is the most populous state.
The state capital is Haven, a suburb of the city of Porthaven. This was done to ensure a distinction between the state capital and the national capital exists.


The State of Tildos is a chain of islands, named after the largest island in the chain. Tildos is also the closest island to Barunia, being separated only by the Barrett Strait. Within the boundaries of the state are the oldest inhabited islands in Barunia, such as San Baptiste and Trinity.
The capital of the state is Delmars, a city on the island of Tildos.


Marion State comprises the island of Marion and three outlying islands. Marion is a large island, the second biggest in Barunia, just edging out Tildos for the title. Marion Island is famous for the mountain at its centre, and for the colonies of bats and birds that call the lush forests and sea cliffs their home.
The state capital is the township of Edwardton, built around Edward Bay on Marion Island

West Barunia

West Barunia covers most of the western portion of Barunia island and has the largest single land mass of any state. West Barunia is a sparsely populated state, with huge spaces of steep hills and dense jungle between towns. Recently, the state has been found to be rich in mineral ore, and several mining operations have begun.
The state capital is Newland, a small city on the north coast of Barunia island