by Max Barry

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An official history

The Prime Minister of Barunia, being a representative of the people, declares, in accordance with an act of parliament having been passed by the Council of Ministers, that the government of the Federation of Barunia:

-Acknowledges that:
- Barunia was founded by the socialist separatist people's movement (SSP)
- That Barunia consists of four independent states
- That these states form the Federation of Barunia
- That this federation is officially accepted as having taken place on the 23rd day of December

-Recognises that:
- Socialism is the founding philosophy of Barunia and inalienable from its constitution
- The four states are to be recognised as independent states of the Federation
- Each state is inalienable from the Federation, to the extent afforded by the constitution
- The 23rd of December is to be recognized as Federation Day, and is to be a public holiday

Declares that:
-This document is to be recognized as an act of parliament, and is a law of the Federation of Barunia
-This document is called the "Official History Act"
-This Act of parliament has been passed by a duly elected parliament and approved by the Prime Minister