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National Information - Barunia at a glance

Population: 41.2 million
National Capital: Porthaven
Largest city: Porthaven
Denonym: Barunian
National trigramme: BAU
Official language: English
National languages: English, Spanish
National Anthem: "Glorious Shines Your Star"
National Religion: None
Common Religions*: Protestant Christianity (29%), Catholic Christianity (22%), Islam (9%), Paganism (8%)
*percentage of population who are religious

Long Form Name: Socialist Federation of Barunia
Short Form: Barunia
Administrative areas: 4 states and 2 territories^ - Havenia, West Barunia, Marion, Tildos, North Islands^, Administrative District of Kaiman^
Government type: Federated democratic republic
Dominant government ideology: socialism
Legislature: upper house - legislative assembly
Lower house - house of representatives
Head of state: Secretary General
Head of parliament: Prime Minister

Currency: Tilda
Sub-currency: pence (100 pence = 1 tilda)

Internet TLD: .bu
Drives on the left
Daylight savings: No

Cities by population
Porthaven: 4.9 million
Delmars: 4.1 million
Newland: 3.7 million
Dropshort: 2.2 million
Edwardton: 2.1 million
Sheppardton: 1.8 million
Northport-San Baptiste: 1.3 million
Monte Sol: 1.1 million
Waybridge: 960 thousand

Major Industries
Agriculture - crops
- fruit/vegetables 18%
- sugar 15%
- wheat 12%
- barley 8%
- oats 7%
Agriculture - livestock
- sheep 48%
- aquaculture 27%
- poultry 15%
-vehicle production 38%
Natural resources
- potassium nitrate
- salt