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National Anthem

National Anthem

"Glorious shines your star" is the national anthem of Barunia, and was adopted as such on the 12th July, BY128. It had been used as an unofficial anthem since the beginning of the Socialist Federation. However, the old anthem of the Federation of Barunia, "Oh Barunia", or the federation song, was also used in many sporting events and official events. On the 12th of July 128, Prime Minister Betram Lewis officially announced that "Glory, Barunia" had been adopted as the anthem by a parliamentary vote, ending a limbo of almost two decades in which Barunia had no official anthem. Several years later, the 2nd verse was changed slightly and became the official portion of the anthem, being the only part required to be sung by law at some events, although the full anthem is played at all major political occassions. The title of the song was changed from "Glory, Barunia" to "Glorious shines your star".

Glory be to Barunia
From the mountain to the sea
Glory be to Barunia
Proud we sing your fame

Glorious shines your star, Barunia
Forever may your banners wave proudly
Over this land of isles and shining seas
Barunia, may you stay forever free

Glorious shines your star, Barunia
Forever may the sun shine on your shores
Boldly on her mighty wings she soars
Barunia, may you rise forevermore


(Glory, Barunia)

The lyrics were penned by Walter Grainger, the well-known composer and conductor. Ammendments to the second verse were written by Darren Wolfe.

The last two lines were not originally written by Grainger, but appeared later when the song was sung at sporting events. The Barunian fans in the crowd would add the last lines to the rising crescendo at the end of the piece, and the addition became so popular that the lines spread to other uses of the song. The lines were included in the official lyrics when "Glory, Barunia" became the national anthem. They were later removed by Wolfe, who considered them a distraction from the content within the rest of the lyrics. This change is believed to have prompted the change in the anthem's official title. However, the lyrics are still widely popular and often sung anyway, even though they are no longer official.

The first verse asks for Barunia to be covered in glory, from the mountain to the sea. While there is some debate as to what mountain is being referred to, with many believing it to be Mt Marion, the volcano that forms Marion Island. Other possible locations are Lighthouse Hill in Porthaven, or Monte Sol in Tildos. Marion is considered the most likely candidate, as it is the largest mountain in Barunia, and it's peak is in the centre of the island, a considerable distance from peak to the ocean, as is suggested by the anthem.

The third verse references the national motto, "Boldly on her mighty wings she soars." The national motto suggests that Barunia is a bold nation that is strong enough to "soar", or to achieve the glory spoken about in the rest of the anthem, through the nation's own efforts. It is also an allusion to the albatross, the nation's national animal.