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Army Structure and Regiments

Infantry Corps
Infantry Brigade
1st Battalion: First Barunian Rifles*
2nd Battalion: 1st National Infantry**
3rd Battalion: 2nd National Infantry

Ranger Infantry Brigade
1st Battalion: Rangers Infantry***
2nd Battalion: Scout Rangers Infantry
3rd Battalion: Riparian Guard****
4th Battalion: Special Operations - Barunian Advanced Tactical Unit (BATU)*****

*The First Rifles regiment received the Order of Merit for their service during the Dakran Civil War. The Battalion takes their name with pride.
**The National Infantry was originally known as the Barunian Foot
***The Rangers are woodland and mountain combat specialists, trained in guerilla warfare.
****The Riparian Guard are a dedicated river and water combat battalion
*****BATU is Barunia's elite special operations unit, undergoing extreme training and combat situations. They are not technically a battalion, but operate as one for the purposes of chain of command.

Engineering Corps
Combat Engineering Brigade*
1st Battalion: 1st Combat Engineers
2nd Battalion: 2nd Combat Engineers
3rd Battalion: 1st Pioneers

Heavy Engineering Brigade**
1st Battalion: Heavy Engineer Battalion
2nd Battalion: Engineering Support Battalion

*Combat Engineers are front-line infantry who perform combat engineering tasks.
**The Heavy Engineer Brigade is the vehicle battalion for the engineering corps.

Armoured Division
Heavy Armoured Brigade
1st Battalion: 1st Armoured Battalion
2nd Battalion: 2nd Armoured Battalion
3rd Battalion: Heavy Tank Battalion

Light Armoured Brigade
1st Battalion: Infantry Support Battalion
2nd Battalion: Mechanised Warfare Battalion
3rd Battalion: Anti-tank Battalion

Artillery Brigade
1st Battalion: 1st National Artillery
2nd Battalion: 2nd National Artillery
3rd Battalion: Counter Missile Artillery Defence (CMAD)

Air Division
1st Battalion: Army Air Attack Group
2nd Battalion: Army Air Logistics Group
3rd Battalion: Army Air Infantry Battalion

Medical Corps
1st Division: Barunian Medical Corps
2nd Division: Field Ambulance Corps

Supply and Logistics Corps

Services Corps

Military Justice Corps
1st Division: Military Police Force
2nd Division: Legal Division