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Air Force Structure

Bomber Group
1st Bomber Wing
No.1 Squadron
No.2 Squadron
No.3 Squadron

2nd Bomber Wing
No.6 Squadron
No.7 Squadron
No.16 Squadron

1st Strike Wing
No.8 Squadron: 1st Strike Squadron
No.9 Squadron: 2nd Strike Squadron
No.10 Squadron: Stealth Bomber Squadron

Patrol Bomber Wing
No.12 Squadron: Maritime Patrol Bomber Squadron
No.15 Squadron: Bomber Patrol Squadron

Fighter Group
1st Fighter Wing
No.17 Squadron
No.19 Squadron
No.20 Squadron

2nd Fighter Wing
No.22 Squadron: Porthaven Squadron
No.23 Squadron: North Isles Squadron
No.25 Squadron: Edwardton Squadron

1st Attack Wing
101st Squadron
102 Squadron
104 Squadron

2nd Attack Wing
107 Squadron
108 Squadron
109 Squadron

Helicopter Attack Wing
No.86 Squadron

Transport Group
Light Transport Wing
No.27 Squadron
No.28 Squadron

1st Transport Wing
No.30 Squadron
No.31 Squadron

Heavy Lift Wing
No.33 Squadron
No.34 Squadron

Paratroop Wing
No.45 Squadron: 1st Paratroop Squadron
No.46 Squadron: 2nd Paratroop Squadron

Air Support Group
Air Support Wing
No.50 Squadron: Air Refuel Squadron
No.51 Squadron: Air Supply Squadron

Communications Wing
No.55 Squadron: AEW&C Squadron
No.56 Squadron: Communications Squadron

Rescue Group
No.84 Squadron: Air Rescue Squadron
No.85 Squadron: Air Ambulance Squadron