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The People of Avalar - World Leaders and Other Characters

This document produced and published by the Stadstaat Committee of Scholars and Writers, 9820 AW.

King Edvard of Jokimaa

Artist's depiction of King Edvard, 9800 AW.

Edvard Vuorela, more commonly known as King Edvard by his people, is the current ruler of the Kuningaskunta että Pikku Falk (Kingdom of the Little Folk). Born in 9676, Edvard was formally crowned at 28, when King Miskko was tragically killed in the Tasavalta Eroaminen (Republic Secession) of 9704. All his life, Edvard's few achievements were overshadowed by his failure to deal with the Iactis properly, his inability to convince the now separate Suuri Pitkälle province from rejoining the kingdom, and his general inexperience with ruling.

While now considered a somewhat competent leader, it is obvious Edvard mostly relies on his council of advisers to make important decisions for him. The Pikku society mostly sees him as a bit of a joke and a poor king, especially compared to Kings Miskko and Arho before him. His only claim to "fame" so far has been his decision to marry an Arkadacian woman he had been courting for decades, and even then this decision was incredibly unpopular with most of the kingdom, with statements that he had "betrayed" his species being common.

Nevertheless, Edvard has been able to keep the kingdom functioning normally for his 104-year reign. Multiple claims of declining health have been leveled against him, but there is no evidence to support them, and it would be incredibly odd for a barely middle-aged Pikku like him to be experiencing any problems. Therefore, it is this author's opinion that these statements should be disregarded whenever brought up.

Arch-Mage Jarmo Hämärä

Hailing from Suurempi Reikä, the largest city in Mienlannd, Jarmo Hämärä is the leader of the Pikku Falk Society of Magic Practitioners and a close friend and adviser of King Edvard. Over 1000 years old, many Pikku historians place his birth around 6287 AW, but our historians have records dating it closer to 6522 AW. Nevertheless, his true age is unknown and he refuses to reveal it. Using currently unknown and possibly malevolent magics, he has prevented himself from aging beyond approximately 100 in Pikku years and his appearance reflects it.

Hämärä is often credited as the true founder of magic in the Pikku Falk lands, as other than the rare coven of witches or wandering mages from foreign lands, the people of the Kuningaskunta had never harnessed or attempted to harness the evil powers of magic. It is suggested that his interest in the arcane arts stems from his pilgrimages to the magic practicing countries of Gamascia. Hämärä founded the Society of Magic Practitioners in 6851 AW.

Hämärä is also credited as helping to produce the magic-powered machines that help power much of Pikku culture and helping it become one of, if not the most, advanced nation on Avalar. Currently, he resides in the Jäädytettytorni, a sanctuary for some of the most powerful magic users in the Pikku Falk kingdom.

General Teppo Simonen

"Hyvä Yleinen" (The Good General), painting by Sofia Malinen, 9812 AW.

Born in 9695 AW, Hyvä Yleinen is the current general and leader of the Pikku Falk Free Province. Known for his aggressive probing of the southern border with the Pikku Falk Kingdom and his often hostile incursions into Iacti lands, he is known to be a foul tempered and rude man with no regards to the feelings of his advisers and those below him.

Hyvä was originally born in the Pikku Falk Kingdom, and received numerous medals for his service, but defected in 9775 to the Free Province. Under his leadership, he has reversed many moderate policies regarding international relations that the original founders of the province decided on. He is disliked by many leaders across the world.

Prime Minister Christian Verbeek

"Prime Minister Verbeek", photograph taken by Joseph Wetterink, 9818 AW.

Christian Verbeek is the 49-year old prime minister of De Stadstaat van Alleen and the leader of the Blauwkous. Born to a wealthy family from the Noordelijk Punt part of the city, Verbeek entered politics at a young age and quickly rose to power in the Alleenian parliament. He was elected in 9816 AW in a landslide victory. He is well liked by the people, and is considered the most popular prime minister Alleen has had thus far.

Verbeek is rather astounding in that he holds surprisingly moderate views in regards to the outside world and magic. Verbeek thinks that Alleen should do more to be seen as good in the international community and has done much to improve diplomatic relations with various countries, especially ones that have usually held cold relations with Alleen. Verbeek also believes that, while it should be regulated and controlled by the state, magic should not be utterly shunned and instead could be used more often.

Verbeek notably regards other sentient species as equal to humans, and holds no prejudices against them. This view, along with the previously mentioned ones, have caused him to be greatly disliked by the more conservative and traditional members of the Blauwkous. Verbeek is the first prime minister of Alleen to have visited other countries abroad.

High Overseer Stefan Dijkstra

"High Overseer Dijkstra", painting by William Moerman, 9820 AW.

Stefan Dijkstra is the current high overseer of the Monastery of the Everyman. A highly devout man from Weergalm, he spent much of his adult life as a cleric of the Monastery in his hometown, before becoming an adviser of the Monastery in 9806 AW, and eventually becoming the current high overseer in 9819 AW.

Dijkstra is, perhaps, the most radical high overseer so far, believing that the only way that magic can be rid from the world is by destroying every nation in the world other than Alleen and by killing absolutely everyone who has ever come into contact with magic. Thankfully, he is unable to enforce these beliefs, and can only preach them. He is incredibly racist and xenophobic, and is often at odds with the prime minister, Christian Verbeek.

It is of this author's opinion that he will not remain in power as the high overseer for longer than another year due to his extreme views.

High Ordinator Herman Rikkers

A photograph of Herman at the Ordainer Academy in Weegalm.

Herman Rikkers is the current High Ordinator of the Ordainers of the Empire. A highly devout and effective leader, he is said to be cold, cruel, and calculating. Rumors persist among the Ordainers that he personally executed over 200 suspected magic-practitioners since becoming an Ordainer in 9786 AW. He is a close friend of Stefan Dijkstra, and also holds high respect for the prime minister.

Herman was originally born in the Eastern Dominion, to a simple farming family, and was proven to be a very capable fighter and magic finder when put to training once recruited by the Ordainers. After fully becoming an Ordainer and performing many invaluable anti-magic missions throughout the Rijk, he was promoted to Arch Ordinator, and eventually High Ordinator in 9804 AW when the previous High Ordinator retired.

Herman is said to secretly torture suspected practitioners in the basement of the High Ordinator Offices in Alleen. He is also an avid painter and writer. Most of his works are historical examinations of the "evil" effects of magic on both Alleen and other countries. He has also written numerous (and scientifically inaccurate) racist writings on the inferiority of other sentient species compared to humans.

Robbert Stirt

"The Thinking Man", painting by Gustaf Karel, 9819 AW.

Robbert Stirt is a 29-year old Alleenian philosopher from Haasten Hill. Incredibly intelligent and highly regarded in the academic community in Alleen and around the world, he is the founder of an ideology he calls "Unie-Werknemer", which places emphasis on the working-class and believes that they should hold majority power in a governmental system. He wrote a book, "De Werknemer is De Leider" (The Worker is the Leader), that explains in-depth how such a system would work.

Stirt also holds a keen interest in the supposed former existence of elves in the Mizricana and has often traveled to the southern nations of the continent to explore such claims further and discover all he can about the elven races of Avalar.

David Beune

"Contemplation" painting by Nellis Fokke, 9820 AW.

David Beune is a 33-year old Alleenian diplomat. Born to merchant parents in the Centraal area of the city, he is a skilled negotiator and charmer, well liked by his peers and often sent abroad by the government to either increase, maintain, or help create relations with other nation's governments.

Unlike most Alleenians, Beune doesn't hold negative of other sentient species, which helps him with negotiating with others outside of the country. However, he has a great fear of magic like many others, which has caused some problems in the past.

Keiser Åsmund Ostrem II of Sentralthjem

"Keiseren i all Sin Herlighet", painting by Raymond Mogen, 9818 AW.

The current Keiser of the Imperium, Keiser Åsmund was born in 9767 and has ruled since 9789, when he was 22. Calm, sincere, and rational, he helped to promote international relations throughout the late 9700s and pushed reforms towards making the government less autocratic by reducing his own power. Like the rest of the government, he was relocated to Vestresten when the plague hit Gudhavn, and is glad to have taken a bit of a backseat towards politics by allowing the Imperium Kongress to take more direct control of the country, and by having Marius Strommen acting as the true ruler of the Imperium since 9816.

Åsmund, in defiance of his ancestors, has refused to marry, and plans on giving his throne to his nephew Sivert when he dies. He is an avid fencer and wine enthusiast. He still often makes public appearances despite his declining health, and in his teenage years spent much time in Gamascia. It is unknown if he is a practicing magister. He is a proud Trinitarianist, and he has a good relationship with the King of Kunistine, Verod, who he occasionally visits when he finds the time.

Kansler Marius Strommen

An oil painting of Marius, unknown artist, 9820 AW.

The current Kansler, or chancellor, of the Imperium Kongress, Marius Strommen is a no-nonsense and charismatic man who is effectively the true leader of Imperium. Born in Vestlighøyborg, the westernmost port city of Sorned, he was given control in 9816 and since then has made many moves to both make sure the quarantine around Gudhavn was maintained, and to ensure that the Imperium still asserted power throughout Southern Mizricana, especially against nations that could possibly threaten it like the Karthan Empire.

Marius is 37, the youngest Kansler ever elected. He is a very private man, and little is known about him. However, it is rumored that he is a capable clarinet player, and has a thing for Melanth women.

Generell Thorbjørn Rosett

"Den Militære Lederen" (The Military Leader), painting by Benjamin Gulsvig, 9819 AW.

Thorbjørn Rosett is the current generell of the Imperium Forsvarsstyrker. A rather strange but friendly and humble man, Thorbjørn has handled the plague outbreak in Gudhavn very well. He took over from the previous generell, Victor Hotvedt, in 9803 when Victor died of the plague. Thorbjørn, while controversial for forming the Sykdomsbeskyttere, he is a very good and practical leader otherwise.

Thorbjørn is an avid painter, writer, and archer. He was also a bit of an explorer, and led multiple expeditions into the Amazronian interior in the early 9790s. He refuses to wear wool. He has a bit of a dislike for magic, refusing to allow its use in the EDF except for a small elite branch. In his youth, he was a bit of a cassanova, and he often humorously states how he probably has a lot of illegitimate children. His longest lasting romance was with a Karthan woman who ended up dying of the plague in 9802. He refuses to get involved in any relationships again, in honor of her.

Rasmus Osberg

"The Diplomat", photograph taken by Lauren Franzen, 9818 AW.

Rasmus Osberg is a rather meek 35 year old diplomat working for the Sorned Imperium. Born to travelling merchants somewhere near Naarka, he was born with a rare disease that caused his bones to be very brittle. While physicians across Mizricana did not expect him to survive to adulthood, he did, and his condition has gotten much better over time, although he is still a rather weak individual.

Thanks to his parents, his love of travel caused him to work for the government in helping with relations with other nations. He has been to every known nation in Mizricana, and has also travelled to Nordica, Gamascia, Frijiskia, and Amazronia. He is not very charismatic but is a good negotiator, often using appeals to emotion to get others to see his way. He is friends with Alleenian diplomat David Beune.

Colonial Minister Jeroen Vandermolen

"Van de Molen", painting by Julian Klasner, 9819 AW.

Jeroen Vandermolen is the current Colonial Minister of the Alleen Eastern Dominion. Born in the Alleenian town of Westelijk Meer, he entered politics at 23, and upon being elected the Minister in 9819 at only 27, he is the youngest Alleenian to assume a government position. Jeroen is the de facto ruler of the Dominion, and is responsible for following the wishes of parliament and maintaining international relations with other countries outside of the dominion.

Jeroen is described often as an over-stressed, petulant individual, and this can all be attributed to his job. While regarded as a competent leader, he is also a ruthless and pitiless negotiator. Despite being born in Alleen, he has no racist or overtly-nationalist tendencies, and is said to privately despise his country and the Blauwkous. He is also a good boxer and cricket-player.

Quinten Meiberg, 2nd Graaf of Klompenmaker

"The Noble Man", painting by Aart Jakobs, 9816 AW.

Quinten Meiberg is the current Graaf, or earl, of Klompenmaker, the northernmost province of the Dominion. He was named as the new graaf in 9816 after his father, Dirk Meiberg, was killed in a shipwreck off the coast of the United Republic. He is currently 37. His title as graaf is mostly for show; he simply takes ten percent of all taxes collected in the province and puts it in his family estate in Kleinman, Klompenmaker's capital. Leadership of the province goes to the Colonial Governor, Ido Geerdink.

However, Quinten is more than a simple noble. Having served in the Alleenian Rijk Legermacht for twelve years, and having reached the rank of gezagvoerder, he is the leader of all colonial army forces in the Dominion, and thus works to protect its borders and populace from foreign threats. He has done this job admirably, and is a proud servant of the Alleenian Rijk.

Despite his position in the dominion, Quinten is a bit of an eccentric and unpredictable individual. He is very friendly to everyone he meets, and likes to crack jokes whenever he is able to. He is fond of playing the lute, and is said to be a casanova, supposedly having slept with over two-hundred women since he was 16. Quinten also enjoys attending noble parties in Alleen and mingling with other members of society's elite. However, he is respectful to everyone he meets, even if they're a simple worker. Overall, Quinten is a very nice and kind man.

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