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Political Parties in Barboneia

Barboneia has multiple political parties that makes up its government and parliament. The largest parties at the moment are the Centrist, Barboneian, Social Democrats, National Bloc, and Worker's parties. Each of these parties have some representation in the Barboneian Parliament (Kansanedustus), and a majority of the population identifies as being part of one of these parties. There are also numerous smaller parties as well that are not represented in parliament.

Centrist Party
"Sopimus on avain menestykseen."
(Agreement is key to success.)

By far the largest party in the Commonwealth, the Centrist Party (Keskustalainen Puolue) holds 72 seats in parliament and is the most supported party by the populace. As the name implies, the party is very moderate on all issues, and in some cases is considered apathetic. It is one of the original parties founded when the Commonwealth was formed, along with the Social Democrats and the Barboneian Party. The current leader of it is Anni Lane.

Barboneian Party
"Yksi kansa, yksi Barboneia."
(One people, one Barboneia.)

The Barboneian Party (often written as PuolueB) is a right-wing political party known for its nationalist and isolationist ideals. Many of them believe that Barboneia is a country fit only for Barboneians, and they despise other races and species. While many liberal-leaning parties seem to consider it a fringe, almost fascist group, it has always held popular support among the people of the country, especially in Central Barboneia. Some of the best prime ministers were members of the Barboneian Party. The Barboneian Party is the second largest party with 58 seats held in parliament. Its current leader is Terrance Karjan.

Social Democrats
"Olemme kaikki samanarvoisia."
(We are all equal.)

The Social Democrats (Sosiaalidemokraatit) are a left-wing, somewhat small party known for its progressive attitudes and socialist leanings. The first prime minister of Barboneia, Heinrich Pullo, was a Social Democrat and due to this many Social Democrat attitudes helped define the country's governance. In recent years, however, the party has declined in popularity, but many of the nation's younger generation agree with its ideals. Even without many Social Democrats being in the prime minister's office or in parliament, Barboneia remains a rather progressive nation. The party currently holds 24 seats in parliament, and its leader is Olavi Määttä.

National Bloc
"Vapaus on oikeutemme."
(Freedom is our right.)

The National Bloc (Kansallinenblokki) is a right libertarian party, which attempts to increase personal freedoms for the people of Barboneia. However, it only has 20 seats in parliament, so attempts at this are often ineffective. Mostly they call for less restrictions on firearms and the legalization of illegal substances such as marijuana and crack cocaine, among others. They are stereotypically described as angry gun-wielding, anti-government anarchists, but their actual organization is usually far from the truth. Their current leader is Matteus Keskitalo.

Worker's Party
"Työntekijät Barboneia, liittyä yhteen!"
(Workers of Barboneia, unite!)

The Worker's Party (Työväenpuolue) is a Communist party, considered somewhat large and known for its harsh policies regarding the economy. They call for a complete reform of the economy, wanting it to be put entirely in the hands of the government and subsidizing many of the industries and companies in Barboneia that help maintain its large wealth. They also seek to rid Barboneia of the wealthy, wanting all to be considered equal. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." It is quite popular among the working class of the country and unlike the other parties is based in Talecton and not the capital. The current prime minister, Ernesti Penttinen, is the leader of the party. It holds 26 seats in parliament.

Other Parties

Along with the five main parties, there are numerous smaller parties that are not represented in parliament that exist. These parties are usually either too extremist to the common man or are simply not interested in contributing enough to change the country to be considered worth joining. An example of one such party is the Walrus Ranchers United party, which simply wants to reduce taxes on walrus products in the country, and nothing else. Others are restricted to certain areas, and so don't have many members outside of said areas. Finally, another type of party requires people to have a certain requirement to be a part of it, but many are not willing to join it, even if they meet the requirements.

Northern Front Party (or Northern Party)
"Taistelemalla mitä muut eivät."
(Fighting what others do not.)

In late 2018, following severe dissatisfaction with the Barboneian Party, a splinter faction led by a charismatic young northern politician named Francis Skoglund formed, named the Northern Front Party, or Northern Party (Pohjoisen Puolueen). They have not secured any seats in the parliament yet, but they are quickly gaining a lot of popular support for such an extremist organization. And they are, indeed, an extremist organization; they believe in armed conflict and violence in the streets to achieve their goals, which are, essentially, to turn Barboneia into a hyper-nationalist ethno-state only open to native-born Barboneians. They believe that they will need to wage a war against their most immediate neighbors to achieve these aims, and are supposedly preparing to arm their followers to achieve these goals. The Barboneian government has been surprisingly slow to respond to this group, and it remains to be seen if they will be able to achieve any real political power in the country.

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