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Origin of Babalabuska's leader: Cheems B. Tencheese.

Early Life
Cheems B. Tencheese was born in the Conch Kingdom in the year 2154 and lived in The Puddle of Socialists Platypus with his father Doge Tencheese. As a young boy, Cheems had a speech impediment which caused him to feel distanced from his peers. This didn't stop him from excelling in school however, and he went on to graduate from high school at the age of 12 (New record!). His plans to go to an early college were halted due to his father contracting the ligma virus. He decided it was best to find a job in order to pay for his father's medical bills.

Business Beginnings
Before attempting to find a job, Cheems volunteered at in a soup kitchen to make it more likely for someone to hire him. Unfortunately, his young age had caused him to get turned down by many employers until he finally got a job at his local Burger Queen. After working for 3 months, he was able to admit his father into a hospital before the virus began to reach more serious stages of development. Another 3 months passed and there was an incident where an anonymous user posted a picture of them with their feet inside a container of lettuce claiming that "This is the lettuce that you get at Burger Queen." The company had to interrogate many workers in an attempt to find out who posted the image. This led to many employees being fired, including Cheems himself.

A New Opportunity
Once again unemployed, Cheems, now 13, has resorted to working part-time will searching for a new job. After finishing his part-time shoe cleaner job, he came across the person known as Walter Stainfeild. Walter one was one of Cheems' high school classmates who recently graduated at the age of 18. After telling him of his problem, Walter decided to help Cheems by starting a business with him. The idea scared Cheems but he felt like he had no other option. After 2 weeks, the pair started a business know as Buskants that was housed in a small shop. It specialized in the creation of overpriced shoes that looked amazing and had a distinct red and black appearance. These shoes, commonly referred to as "Drip" by the public, were being bought at incredible rates. By the end of the month, they had made about $7,000. Half of the money went to Cheems, which he used most of to pay for his father's medical bills.

A new beginning
As Buskants continued to expand over the next 4 months, they eventually stagnated due to competition in the area. Not only from within Socialists Platypus but all of the Conch Kingdom itself. Unsure of what to do, Cheems proposed the idea of moving to a new region that doesn't produce shoes at a high rate. Walter knew it would be difficult to accomplish and decided against it. Finally, Cheems decided that they would go to an unclaimed area and setup factories where they would mass produce their shoes and ship them off to different nations. Walter was hesitant at first but decided to follow through with Cheems plan. Cheems said told his father of his plan who was fully supportive of it. After 3 weeks of travel they arrived in an area that they were sure was uncharted. They used their money to construct a large factory and began production. They had a house built in the area for them so that they could rest. Maintaining an automated factory was tough for them both so they decided that they needed workers. Houses were built to accommodate their workers who began to flock to the area. It began to look like a small town. Gas stations, a library and even a school was built when more workers came with their families.

Babalabuska is Founded
5 months had passed and other businesses had came into the area at the chance to earn money. The Buskants factory had gone from automated to hand made, it was less sufficient but the environment suffered less and the workers were happy to get a hands on approach in their business. Cheems was now 14 and Walter was 19. They're business had become a lot larger then they had anticipated. Looking around in the massive Buskants factory, Cheems wondered about his father back in the Conch Kingdom. He still stayed in contact with him and provided money for his bills but he still felt bad about leaving him behind. As he went to go and leave he was confronted by people in suits who claimed to work for the Equinoxian Government. They asked Cheems if he knew that his town resided within Equinox itself. He denied this, stating that he and his business partner Walter were sure that this land was unclaimed. The people informed him that although the land didn't belong to a nation, it was still apart of Equinox. If he didn't have a nation of his own, then his town will be claimed. The thought of losing everything that he had worked for frightened Cheems. He wasn't sure what to do about his situation or even if he had the time to think about it. It was then and there that he declared that he did in fact have a nation. And his nation was called Babalabuska.