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Azur Wehrmacht

Azur Wehrmacht

Anthem: Magia

Motto: "Gott mit uns"

Azur Wehrmacht

The Azur Wehrmacht is the unified armed forces of Azur Deutschland. It consists of the Occult (Mages), the Heer (Standard Army), the Luftwaffe (Standard Air Force), and the Kriegsmarine (Standard Navy). The designation "Azur Wehrmacht" replaced the previously-used term Wehrmacht once Deutschland became Azur Deutschland after the end of the Second World War.

Uniform and Appearance

The Azur Wehrmacht's standard uniforms consist of stone-grey or field-grey uniforms with azure helmets. For parade and drilling, azure armbands with the Rose Iron Cross are usually worn.

Various camo patterned uniforms and equipment are produced and given to the troops.

The 666th Magical Kampfgruppe was denoted by their unusual appearance in the German army, having azure helmets and azure details on their equipment. The Azure roses blooming from the eyes of Sylvia and Julienne inspired this unusual appearance.


After Germany had discovered ancient remains, documents, texts, and other artifacts of an ancient group of magical knights and witches, a secret and experimental division was created. This secret division was tasked with conducting research and development into magical and arcane technology in the years after the First World War. During that time, the Germans discovered that certain individuals had latent magical energy. During the frowned-upon militarization before the Second World War, the magical research division began to conduct research into war applications.

Soon after the war started, new technologies emerged. These would allow mages to use and wield their powers more effectively in combat. Weapon attachments were created to allow magical energy to flow into the weapon, increasing whatever the mage needed, be it range, stopping power, optical sights, etc. Specialized uniforms were created to give mages better survivability, allowing the usage of magical barriers, flight spells, hasten movements, etc. Only troops with magical talent had the ability to fully utilize these weapons and gear. It wouldn't be until after the war that further magical research provided magical technology for standard troops.


Azur Deutschland's main fighting force consists of mage units.
Advancements into magical technology have allowed the mage soldiers of Germany to use their powers more effectively in combat. Further research and development after the Second World War has increased their effectiveness exponentially.

Mage units are formed mostly as Kampfgruppen to make better usage of combined arms tactics.
The 666th "Azurblaue Rozen" was the first magical Kampfgruppe formed for Germany during the Second World War.

Infantry Mages

The frontline magic troops of Azur Deutschland.
With the usage of magic spells such as fire balls, lightning spears, defensive barriers, general ability enhancements, and more, these soldiers are extremely versatile.
Like the gear of all mages, the infantry mages are able to imbue their equipment with spells for better effectiveness.

Aerial Infantry Mages

Aerial Infantry Mage units are teams of mages who specialize in air combat. However, they are separate from the Air Force Mages.
The Aerial Infantry Mages don't fly planes. Instead, they use special technology which boosts their magical flight abilities.
With the ability to cast explosions and have pin-point precision from the air, these units excel at ground support roles.
They also serve as and are considered to be magical Fallschirmjäger units.

Armored Mages

The Armored Mage units of the past were not so different from normal tank units. Tank crews consisted of mages rather than regular troops.
This allowed the crew to make adjustments to their vehicle using their magic abilities.
That meant crews could add defensive barriers to their tanks, enhance the penetration power of their rounds, use long range targeting spells, etc.

Armored Mages After The Second World War

After the Second World War, research into war applications for magic power continued.
From that research, the new Armored Mage units were developed.
A single mage would be fitted with equipment and gear representative of a armored vehicle.
The crew of a single tank could now form a small team of Armored Mages, effectively multiplying total firepower available.

Air Force Mages

Similar to the Armored Mages, the old Air Force Mages were mostly just pilots and crews who had magical talents.
They also had special packages on their vehicles and their gear.
This allowed them to use their magical abilities to enhance performance, like faster speeds, more durability, stronger weapons, etc.

Air Force Mages After The Second World War

Research and development for military usage of magic continued after the Second World War.
The new Air Force Mage units were developed shortly after the Armored Mages.
A single mage would be given equipment and gear representative of a aircraft.

Naval Mages

After the end of the Second World War, Azur Deutschland sought out to rebuild the Kriegsmarine.
Using the research and technology from the new Armored and Air Force Mages, a new naval force was built.
A single mage is fitted with equipment representative of a warship. With this tech, a single mage can have all of the firepower and durability of a battleship while having the speed of a destroyer and a small silhouette.

Standard Azur Wehrmacht

Not every soldier in Azur Deutschland has magical aptitude. Because of this, a standard army, air force, and navy are still considered viable and necessary fighting elements for Azur Deutschland. That being said, the standard troops aren't weak, nor are they neglected. Advancements in magical technology have allowed even standard troops to receive some of the benefits of being a mage. Essentially, the non-mage troops of the Azur Wehrmacht can still perform some feats of magic. Generally, they are not as powerful as the mage units, but they are still formidable and capable.


The land forces component of the Azur Wehrmacht.


The aerial warfare branch of the Azur Wehrmacht.


The navy of Azur Deutschland.