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Notable Personnel - Faces of the Military

Infantry Mages

Perfecti von Blitz
Commander of the 2nd Occult Panzergrenadier Company and commander of the 666th's infantry companies. Very efficient and very brutal. Perfecti led the 666th's infantry companies to victory across many battlefields. Despite being cold and a bit harsh, she is actually very friendly when off duty. She was the person to get the closest to Sylvia and Julienne, forming a warm friendship with the twins.

Nelly Graf
Commander of the 4th Occult Panzergrenadier Company. Attached to the 666th Magical Kampfgruppe. A very eccentric woman. Nelly is a little too narcissistic. However, her combat ability and loyalty greatly outweighs her egotistical nature. A little bit reckless at times, but she gets the job done with little to no casualties. Her company is known for conducting high risk, high reward maneuvers. Very assault oriented.

Yuliana Serebryakova
Commander of the 21st Occult Panzergrenadier Company. A deserter from the Soviet Union. She was trained to be an expert witch hunter. The Soviet Union had an immense hatred for those with magical abilities, either executing them or throwing them into gulags. Yuliana was actually gifted with magical abilities, but she kept it private. This is why she was an effective witch hunter. However, the 666th captured and interrogated her. Upon the realization that she had magical capabilities, they offered her a deal.

Carla Hoffman
Commander of the 11th Occult Grenadier Company. A company of centaur cavalry. Carla was known for shouldering various heavy weaponry while on the move, striking out with decent firepower while outmaneuvering enemy combatants. She was remarkably accurate with the 20mm cannons that were modified and designed for centaur cavalry usage.

Aerial Infantry Mages

Gretel Strauss
Commander of the 1st Aerial Grenadier Company. Attached to the 666th Magical Kampfgruppe. Gretel is sly, cunning, and pretty intelligent. She spearheaded scouting operations and provided assistance for the 666th's artillery batteries. Her and her company prioritized artillery observation. Her favorite tactic was to spot and counter-barrage enemy artillery positions first.

Laura Contzen
Commander of the 9th Aerial Grenadier Company. Unique in that they were the first company of harpies. Laura is a very cheerful person when off duty. A proud harpy Hexe, she loves the compliments about her wings.

Armored Mages

Elfriede Bernhard
Commander of the 3rd Occult Panzer Company and commander of the 666th's tank companies. She was the tank commander on the 666th's lead Tiger I during the Second World War. Her peers consider her a big sister or even a mother. Even after the refit of armored mages, the military kept her old tank intact, as per her request. There was an instance where she single-handedly knocked out a whole company of American Sherman tanks. Another story is how Elfriede and her Tiger I company took out roughly three battalions of Soviet T-34 tanks.

Erika von Wittenburg
Commander of the 6th Occult Panzer Company. Attached to the 666th Magical Kampfgruppe. Erika led the 666th's main Panzer IV company. Seeing Elfriede as a mother-like figure, she adopted a lot of her personality. Calm and collected, always analyzing the field of battle. One of her stories is how she completely routed a full strength company of American paratroopers that had Sherman escorts with only seven of her Panzer IV's and three of Elfriede's Tiger I's.

Evelyn Friedrich
Commander of the 12th Occult Panzer Company. Attached to the 666th Magical Kampfgruppe. Evelyn was the commander of the 666th's main Panther company. As with most of the other armored mages, she adopted a more calm and cautious personality. Keeping her mages alive was a main priority. She would not make any risky maneuvers without first weighing out the pros and cons. Her company has performed a number of carefully planned ambushes on enemy tank units.

Air Force Mages

Lisa Weiss
Commander of the 5th Occult Squadron. Her personalized aircraft was a red Me 262. Her squadron has close ties with the 666th Magical Kampfgruppe. Lisa would frequently provide aerial assistance for Sylvia and Julienne.

Naval Mages

Lieslotte GŁnther
The admiral of the newly formed Naval Mages. She has a cold and calculating personality. Lieslotte has a habit of talking in a strictly monotone voice. It's rather strange, though quite adorable whenever she expresses happiness with such a voice. This little speech quirk earned her the title "Lonely Queen of the Raging Seas" though she is hardly lonely.