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The Ancient and Endless Witch - Aurelia Beatrice Dellamorte

The Ancient and Endless Witch

There exists a legend of an ancient witch.
Very mysterious, very aloof, and very cruel.
It is said that she has lived for over a thousand years.
She was struck with a terrible illness, one that could only come from being alive for so long.
That sickness was boredom. The only cure? Find more things to play with.
Human life is a very fun plaything.

"It is about time to pass on the title of Endless Witch. The life of a hermit isn't that bad... Ah, I think I've finally found a permanent cure... My sweet grandchildren of blue roses~"

Aurelia Beatrice Dellamorte

The creator of Azur Mondlicht.

The Ancient and Endless Witch from the old legend.
She is, in fact, one of Sylvia and Julienne's ancestors.
Though it's not entirely known, some have speculated that she is still alive, living somewhere in the Alps.
If she is still alive, she would be proud of her descendants. The twin sisters have definitely made a name for themselves in the witch world.


She is able to summon faithful servants, called furniture, to her side.
These "furniture" have exceptional magical power as well.
The most well-known are the Seven Sisters of Purgatory.

The Seven Sisters of Purgatory
The Seven Sisters of Purgatory, also known as the Sisters of Purgatory, or the Stakes, are furniture used by Aurelia. They typically appear as human girls and use blades of purple light to attack their enemies. They can also transform into stakes to bounce off walls and objects to attack from any direction. It is nearly impossible to escape them unless the target has strong magical resistance.

Lucifer of Pride, Leviathan of Envy, Satan of Wrath, Belphegor of Sloth, Mammon of Greed, Beelzebub of Gluttony, and Asmodeus of Lust

Lucifer of Pride
Lucifer is the oldest of the sisters and therefore their leader. Because of this, she claims to be the strongest of them all, but she's secretly aware that she's actually the least talented. However, she has always acted with arrogance in an attempt to hide this fact from the others. Her greatest fear is that her sisters will scorn her if they ever find out.

Leviathan of Envy
Leviathan often represents the other younger sisters when speaking to Lucifer. Deep down, she has a brutal, deeply envious nature and is adept at spotting people's weaknesses. However, she's more of a selfish crybaby than a person burning with envy. For some reason, she's not very good at handling tough situations, and she often ends up coming in last among the sisters, getting the short end of the stick, and crying.

Satan of Wrath
Satan takes on the role of the constantly-angry class president among the sisters. She's always quick to scold people. which is why the other sisters are scared of her. For that reason, no one's ever willing to talk back to her, and she's actually quite lonely all the time. She'll sometimes intentionally do things that ought to get her in trouble, but none of the sisters ever scold this lonely furniture back.

Belphegor of Sloth
Belphegor is well trusted and known for being a reticent, serious, and responsible piece of furniture. However, this is partly due to her demonic desire to turn her masters into useless, lazy pigs. In that sense, she might be the most demonic of all the sisters. She's serious to a fault and not at all used to being treated kindly instead of the other way around.

Mammon of Greed
Mammon is quick to grab whatever she wants, without any concern for her sisters. Her motto is "monopolize through greed", which means she's usually the main cause of any arguments between the sisters. However, she is also the most honest about her own feelings, and the one most likely to try and please the opposite sex. She may be greedy, but she's a hard worker who will stop at nothing to capture her target's affections for all eternity.

Beelzebub of Gluttony
Beelzebub is the gourmet of the sisters and is known for being a big and picky eater. Her personality is similar to Mammon's, and the two sisters often fight over the same thing. She's always talking about food, which makes her a calming influence among the sisters. However, she also has that disturbing desire to kidnap pretty boys and store them in the food cellar...

Asmodeus of Lust
As the youngest of the sisters, Asmodeus is always doted upon. This might be why she alone is kept out of the way whenever an even slightly lewd topic comes up. She's always looking for a boyfriend in the hopes that her sisters will finally accept her as an adult. However, she keeps aiming too high and whiles away each day dreaming of the prince who will never come.

Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps
The Chiester Sister Imperial Guard Corps, also known as the Chiester Sisters, are bunny-girl Furniture that can be summoned by those with a substantial amount of summoning skill. Their main weapon is a bow of light that shoots a beam that can kill a target instantly, barring some exceptions.

Chiester 00, Chiester 410, Chiester 45, and Chiester 556

Chiester 00
00 is their calm and composed leader. However, this is merely the role demanded of her, since she's far more frail by nature. 00 excels at reconnaissance and serving as an advance guard, displaying extreme supremacy in unexpected encounters. However, her excessively powerful fighting strength has been called inhumane, and it isn't rare for her to be lynched and abused when she surrenders on the battlefield. Her one eye silently speaks to that.

Chiester 410
410 is a kid with a strong personality, whose peculiar style of speech tends to make light of people. She likes laughing at people who are serious or can never relax, which is why she's so fond of 45 and Lucifer. Her choice of words may be coarse, but she loves company and gets lonely easily. She gets depressed if there isn't someone talking with her constantly. 410 is particularly skilled when it comes to firing control, and she can wield unparalleled combative force even in close-range fighting.

Chiester 45
45 has a very methodical and timid personality, as well as a fairly strong persecution complex. Thanks to that, she's well suited to shoring up the weaknesses of 410's rough personality when they work as a pair. She can't stand silence, so she'll often become emotionally insecure if she isn't being ordered around by someone constantly. 45 excels in search and decision-making capabilities. The support she provides doubles the combative force of the sisters.

Chiester 556
556 is quiet and often teased, but she is loved by everyone. The trumpet is her specialty. Everyone skips to her lively tone. She is a cutting-edge weapon, unique in the Sisters' Cavalry, which tended to serve as honor guards. 556 is in charge of squad fire support. She shoots not to kill, but to protect her allies.

One of the 72 Great Demons. Works for a Master in exchange for various forms of compensation. He currently has a contract with Aurelia as her butler (head furniture).
He's become proficient at housekeeping after serving in many households, so his ability as a butler is very high. In the high society of witches, employing him has become a kind of status symbol. Furthermore, the cookies he bakes are superb, and witches will often form a line demanding them.
He must possess tremendous magical power, but since he always stays out of the spotlight to further boost his Master's reputation, his combat capabilities are unknown.

One of the 72 Great Demons. Also Aurelia's friend. When a magician demands it, she grants the ability of instantaneous movement.
She uses this extraordinary power for playing pranks, mostly. Her specialty is hiding keys and bags during busy mornings. However, this power can become an ultimate weapon that can easily strike a finishing blow.