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The Great Azur Court of Heaven - Divine Justice

The Great Azur Court of Heaven

Anthem: Ein Hexenlied

Motto: Herz und Seele

The Great Azur Court of Heaven

Acting more like a band of inquisitors rather than a judiciary system, they are harsh and strict. This is because of the Court's founding as a force to punish Deutschland's enemies.
This court's power is limited to only judging the sins of the worst criminals. Therefore, they have no say in normal judicial trials.
A trial from the Great Azur Court almost always ends with a guilty verdict. Thus, executions are frequent whenever a criminal is taken by the Great Azur Court.

With the Soviet Union being no more and the Nazi party's leadership having been removed, the Great Azur Court very seldom conducts investigations and trials. In the present day, the Great Azur Court's main tasks are confined mainly to protecting Sylvia and Julienne along with aiding with some administration tasks.

The Great Azur Court is located within the same castle that Sylvia and Julienne call home. The religious aspect comes from the court's faith towards the two sisters.

The Agencies

The Great Azur Court is split into several enforcement agencies. Essentially, these are the individual squads of inquisitors that form the moving arms of the Great Azur Court. Think of them as elite military police. They also act as guards for the castle and are seen as one of Sylvia and Julienne's inner circles, the other being the 666th.

7th Repentance Enforcement Agency of the Great Azur Court of Heaven "Eiserne Jungfrau"

The Eiserne Jungfrau is made up of first-class Archbishop Dlanor as the leader, as well as several Assistant Inquisitors. This body is tasked with performing heresy interrogations, carrying out executions, and sometimes bestowing redemption. However, in almost all cases, the Great Azur Court of Heaven considers sending them only after the completion of a heresy interrogation and a tentative guilty verdict, so they are, practically speaking, no different than an execution squad.

Dlanor A. Knox
A member of Eiserne Jungfrau, the 7th Repentance Enforcement Agency of the Great Azur Court of Heaven. A Head Inquisitor of Heresy and a first-class archbishop. She is commonly known as "Dlanor of the Ten Wedges" or "Death Sentence Dlanor".

The name "Death Sentence" comes from the fact that, though Inquisitors of Heresy normally Judge their targets to see whether they deserve the death penalty or not, Head Inquisitor Dlanor is only dispatched after a case has been vigorously inspected by the Great Azur Court. Therefore, the very act of dispatching her is equivalent to a sentence of death.

Her father was a legendary Inquisitor of Heresy, but he broke the rules and was executed. She was the one who performed his interrogation and execution. It is whispered that her heart also died at that moment, but she does not see it that way.

Her primary weapons are the "Red Key" and the "Blue Key", which take the form of a long sword and a short sword.

A member of Eiserne Jungfrau, the 7th Repentance Enforcement Agency of the Great Azur Court of Heaven. She's a high-level Assistant Inquisitor and a first-class minister.

As an Assistant Inquisitor of Heresy, she is tasked with aiding during interrogations and hearings.

Because most missions end up as executions, she is usually assigned the job of using barriers to block the target's means of escape.

When it comes to fulfilling her missions, she is calm, flawless, expressionless and emotionless. However, most of the time, she is quite compassionate, and is loved by many of her Juniors.

She has already passed her exam to become a full Inquisitor and was offered a vacant position in a different agency, but she refused. She waits for a reassignment under Dlanor, to whom she owes a great debt, and continues to serve alongside her as an assistant. Therefore, though she is an assistant, she is treated as an Inquisitor (third-class archbishop).

A member of Elserne Jungfrau, the 7th Repentance Enforcement Agency of the Great Azur Court of Heaven. An Assistant Inquisitor and a third-class minister. She has obtained high grades in academic exercises. She possesses a strong sense of Justice, and is currently cramming for exams to become an Inquisitor of Heresy like Dlanor. Her current goal is to become more like the veteran assistant, Gertrude.

She normally has a zealous personality. However, she imitates Gertrude and tries to be emotionless. Despite her zealotry, she gives off an air of innocence and purity due to her being a new recruit. Though the Great Azur Court's dealings aren't exactly secret, there are still those who shouldn't be directly involved in heresy hearings or their aftermath.

Gertrude intentionally selected her. She wants Cornelia to see for herself whether she's really suited for this kind of work.