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The Magische Rozenreich of
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Overview - Azur Deutschland and Azur Rozen Europa

The Magische Rozenreich of Azur Deutschland

Anthem: The Untainted Rose Cross

Motto: "Rozen der Hoffnung. Für das Vaterland."


Basically, World War II, but Germany has magic.

Germany was the leading nation in magical tech, having found out about magical powers and abilities shortly after the end of World War I.
Other nations were too slow, too stubborn, or too oblivious with the ideas of magical warfare.
Despite having magical armies, Germany's leadership was still a mess.
Due to all of this, Germany was able to win World War II, but at a heavy cost as most events played out exactly like in the real world.

Once the war ended, Germany conquered most of Europe under a new leadership.
The leaders of Azur Deutschland would be the two mages who won the war for Germany, Sylvia and Julienne.
Azur Deutschland begins the rebuild process, with much of the landscape turning into a magical/fantasy-esque scene.
The twin mages would care and nurture the new nation, wanting to keep each other, their family of Hexen, and their fatherland safe.

Continental Europe would become Azur Rozen Europa.
Azur Rozen Europa is the overall territory that Azur Deutschland looks after.
The nations that were in Europe still enjoy degrees of freedom in Azur Rozen Europa.
This is due to Sylvia and Julienne's sympathetic feelings to these nations. The twins do not care for the complete subjugation of Europe. Rather, they want a united Europe so that, hopefully, another war won't break out amidst them.
Using magical technology, the ravaged European nations were rebuilt.

Azur Deutschland, and Azur Rozen Europa as a whole, is a thriving land of magical culture.
Technology and arcane are blended together and are used not only for military, but also for everyday civilian life.
Extensive research and development into arcane technology has made this possible.

Even though the entire population isn't magical, the term Hexe/Hexen has been used for the citizens of Azur Deutschland, interchangeable with being called Germans. The nature of Azur Deutschland's culture has made the term Hexe popular. Life is quite magical and fantastical.

The flag of Azur Deutschland is styled off the same flag used for the 666th Magical Kampfgruppe.

Azur Deutschland's motto means "Roses of hope. For the Fatherland."
Sylvia and Julienne, the twin rulers of Azur Deutschland, are known for the azure roses that have blossomed through one of their eyes.

Based off of my Flames of War army.
Heavily inspired by anime, if you couldn't tell already.
-Rozen Maiden
-Saga of Tanya the Evil
-Valkyria Chronicles
-Akatsuki Blitzkampf
-Azur Lane
-Metal/Panzer Waltz
-Girls' Frontline
and some others.