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The Azurblaue Rozenschwestern - Sylvia and Julienne Dellamorte

Sylvia Lucienne Dellamorte

Julienne Victoria Dellamorte


The twin sisters who led Germany to victory during the Second World War, creating a legend and legacy.
Many have reasoned that their impressive tale stems from an even more ancient legend. Some speculate that it's due to their bloodline.
They don't appear in person all too much. They, instead, use two magical dolls to interact with the public most of the time.
Lately, they have steadily changed this, though they are still always with their dolls when they interact with the public.

-OOC Note: Them using the dolls was mainly from me not knowing what image I wanted to use for their real appearance.


Sylvia and Julienne are identical twins.
They both have pale skin, white hair, and blue eyes. Their height is around 152 cm/5'
The only sight-based difference is the location of the magical azure rose that inhabits one of their eyes.
Sylvia's rose grows out of her right eye. Julienne's rose grows out of her left eye.

The magical dolls, Schnee Kristall and Rosenkristall, are 152 cm/5' as well.

Their Past

The two girls were orphaned sometime before the Second World War.
They had lost their home and their parents. All they had was each other.
During their time in the orphanage, German officers looked for candidates with magical talent to join the war effort. The Twins had incredible magic power and were asked to join the military, even though they were rather young. Their magical power was beyond anything ever recorded previously.
Sylvia and Julienne joined and formed a sort of family with the rest of the magical divisions.
They vowed that they would never again lose their family and their home.
That strong conviction carried them through the fires of war.

Herz und Seele

Heart and Soul. The names of two mysterious arcane relics uncovered during the years before the Second World War.
Herz, a shield. Seele, a sword. Both artifacts belonged to one of the most powerful of the ancient magical knights from the old legends.
In ordinary hands, the weapons were simply just normal, antiquated weapons of an old era. Even in the hands of mages, they offered nothing.
In the hands of Sylvia and Julienne, with their incredible power, things were different. The magical abilities of the relics were unlocked by their touch.
Herz, carried by Julienne, is able to deflect and reflect any attack. The shield is also able to project a sturdy magical defensive barrier, stronger than those that could be cast by normal mages, in a wide ranging area.
Seele, carried by Sylvia, is capable of cutting through any material. In addition, the sword is able to project a beam of light with the same properties, making it a useful ranged weapon as well.

Eine Perfekte Welt

Sylvia and Julienne led the 666th Magical Kampfgruppe from a customized Tiger II during the later parts of the war.
Though they didn't get to fight much at all with Perfekte Welt, it was still a symbol of the 666th.
Perfekte Welt had a unique design. The tank had side skirts much like the Panzer IV H, though longer to accommodate the Tiger II's size.
Perfekte Welt also had a unique 'camo'. White vines with blue roses encased the vehicle. The grey metal also had a magical shine to it.

-OOC Note: I can already imagine people saying that this would look stupid. Perfekte Welt is a Tiger II model I modified to make it look more like a tank from Valkyria Chronicles. Think of the Vulcan Procus from VC 4.

After the Second World War

Their burning hatred for the Soviets comes from watching their home be torn to shreds and rubble as the hammer and sickle fell upon their fatherland. The only world they've ever known and they had to watch as it came crumbling down.
They would give no quarter, no rest, not until the Soviets were punished for their crimes. Thus, they ordered the destruction of the Soviet Union.
Sylvia and Julienne's anger was directed at those who were following the flag that held the hammer and sickle.
Hardcore followers and Soviet officials were executed by the Great Azur Court of Heaven. The common people were spared.
This event occurred just before the official end of the Second World War and would mark one of the last times Sylvia and Julienne would show no restraint.

After the end of the Second World War, Sylvia and Julienne wanted to reinforce their home.
As the most threatening enemies to Azur Deutschland were eliminated or pacified, the twins decided that defensive postures would be best.
Some would argue that they should conquer the whole world. Azur Deutschland certainly had the ability to pull it off.
They didn't want the whole world, however. They just wanted each other and their fatherland.
The twins also thought that this would be the best course of action to ease world tensions.

Another move that they made was to 'disband' or, more appropriately, 'restructure' the Nazi Party.
The previous Nazi Party leadership was pushed out by force. The most egregious ones, the ones who'd overseen the replacement of a proud Germany with a disgusting, manufactured, so-called "Aryan" state, were granted no quarter. The twins despised the idiots who let Deutschland bleed.
Thus, the new party would gain the name "Azur Nationalists" and would make sure that the Hexen of Azur Deutschland were protected and cared for.

-OOC Note: Wow, they're not Nazis, surprising. Quit calling them Nazis. Inb4, "but they're from Nazi Germany". It's getting really old when the only line of response is "lel kay natsi".

Over the course of some time and after a wonderful outing with Chairwoman Oomiya Sakura from Sanghyeok, Sylvia and Julienne have steadied themselves and become less hot headed and less judgmental about politics.
The twins deeply cherish the friendship they formed with Sakura. The two of them have been noted to say that their friendship with the Chairwoman is like an "eternal rose, never wilting".


Despite what some individuals like to try to insinuate, Sylvia and Julienne actually loathe Hitler about as much as they hate the Soviets.
The twins absolutely love sweets. Give them any kind of candy, cookie, cake, pastry, dessert, etc and they would be happy.
They also adore fashion, favoring Gothic Lolita styles and Victorian era clothing. Basically, fancy dresses and all that. Of course, they also like the military uniforms issued.
Most of their favorite music happens to be classical, though they do like songs from other genres too.
They can play some classical instruments, like piano and violin.
After conducting an experimental ritual, the twins adopted a strange girl who supposedly came from another universe.

Sylvia Lucienne Dellamorte

The elder twin. Her azure rose covers her right eye.
She leads Azur Deutschland together with her sister, but she is the more prominent figure.
She cares deeply for her sister.

Very methodical, cool-headed, and intelligent.
Can sometimes get heated very quickly.

Her doll's name is Schnee Kristall/Snow Crystal.

Julienne Victoria Dellamorte

The younger twin. Her azure rose covers her left eye.
Not in the spotlight as much as her sister, but that doesn't bother her.
She adores her sister very much.

Soft-spoken, a bit timid, but a strong sense of duty.
She can be quick to get fired up just like her sister.

Her doll's name is Rosenkristall/Rose Crystal.

-OOC Note: I would encourage giving the linked factbooks a read to learn more.