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King Aubrey the Dragonheart (WIP)

King Aubrey

His Majesty in 2015

Style: His Most Royal Majesty, Ēg Regnerach Mawregddog

Reign: 2nd May 2011- present

Coronation: 2nd May 2011, Minas Avalon

House: Williams

Predecessor: Elenwen I

Full Name: Aubrey Sheor Ionatharn Caradin Williams

Born: 24th Līrīthil 1222 EA/1993 AD

Age: 24

Race: Human (with notable elvish ancestry)

Ethnicity: Avaerilonian, primarily Goidel-Fereldic

Religion: Not stated


Coat of Arms

Aubrey the Dragonheart (Avaerilonian [Latinised]: Awbru yr Amdragalon; /ɔːbriː ər amagalɔn/) is the King (Regnyr) of Avaerilon, including geographical Avaerilon and the overseas kingdoms and territories, in some of which his official title is different. He is the head of the Noble House of Williams and the Royal Court of Avaerilon.

Aubrey was born in Clonnel in southern Dunaemair to Sheor and Ienaed Williams, and is descended directly from the original royal line of the Avaerilonian monarchy through his father. He is the first reigning monarch of the royal line since 1897, when the succession laws were abolished. He was elected to the position following the Royal Election of 2011, following the death of the previous monarch, Elenwen I.

After growing up in ordinary circumstances, having attended state schools and applied to university, he entered the election of 2011, and won the approval of the population by the strongest margin in Avaerilonian crown election history. He recently concluded his study of a bachelorís degree in literature, language and history at Dragon College, the Royal University of Minas Avalon, where he is expected to further pursue his studies. Aubrey is currently unmarried and without children.

He has served as the highest and most official ambassador of the Magnificent Kingdom, the Lord Commander of its armed forces and the Guardian of the Royal Watch. At the age of 24, he is the youngest monarch in Avaerilon since Byeron (1812-24), and is the youngest serving monarch in the Social Liberal Union.