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Young Boy Campaigns for Wolf Wellness

A young Authoritaria-Imperian has recently earned the coveted Authoritaria-Imperia Youth Loyalty Badge for his work promoting wolf health and care. The child, who shall remain nameless for security reasons, took a year off his quality Authoritaria-Imperia education to travel to rural areas and campaign for the treatment of wolves in areas where the resources for government-mandated herbal baths may not be readily available. As he earnestly explains:

"If you don't — If you don't… have the plants to give your wolf the bath, then you shouldn't  — you shouldn't have got a wolf anyway."

It is a privilege to be allowed to have such a delightful animal as a pet. If you do not have all of the ninety-three herbs required for use in the mandatory herbal bath all wolves must be given before sunrise each day, then the wolf will require government seizure. Please do not attempt to hide your pet — our government forces are always watching everything you do, so there is no point. And we are only acting for the health and wellbeing of the wolf — studies have shown that wolves treated to daily herbal baths enjoy a greater life expectancy than their more primitively-treated counterparts. So, bathe the wolf or lose the wolf!

A complete list of all herbs required for use in the Authoritaria-Imperian lupine herbal bath can be found on the government website, under "Citizens' wellness".

D. Phekt Ah-wei, Minister of Lupine Health and Wellbeing for the Great Empire of Authoritaria-Imperia

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