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The United Commonwealth of
Democratic Socialists

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Ausinia Factbook

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Ruling Party:
National Social Party

Prime Minister:
Martin Southwand

Ausinia Military:
Ausinia Defence Force (ADF)



The United Commonwealth of Ausinia is a nation on the Northern Hemisphere. It Comprises of the main land on the Central Continent. Neibouring Countries include Great Wendor to the South and Surfm to the south. Ausinia’s capital is Meridian, which has stood as its capital since the nations beginning.


Forces have been implemented to assist the Spokane Government.

War Games?


Ausinia started as a small farm town in the now Meridian in the far reaches of the First Continent Empire. When the Empire collapsed in 230 BCE, they nominated their first king, Sir George Marton, who the river running through Entymonville is named after, and their first military, of 16 minute men. In 275 BCE they gained far more territory and began small conflicts within in the area including the new Tongar... [MORE]


Sitting on the Prime Meridian and above, Ausinia is widely regarded as the nation in the middle of the world.[MORE]


Currently one of the strongest in the world, the Ausinian Economy is thriving, with great strides on the growth of the GDP.


Ausinia is currently considering its choices in leaving the WA. Not agreeing with the current Internation Aero-space Administration Act, we are looking for a repeal or leaving.

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