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The United Commonwealth of
Democratic Socialists

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The United Commonwealth of Ausinia

‘Welcome to Ausinia! Where the sun always shines, and the snow always falls.‘

The United Commonwealth of Ausinia (Ausinian: Commi wealth Ausini) is a relatively
peaceful nation, located on the central continent of the (ic) world, on the north
western peninsula, along with claims on Cleaver Island, and several small costal
islands. Ausinia has several cities, including Meridian, Islandtown, and
St. Johns. It is a developed nation, with a large technology, and arms industry.
The nation currently runs a market socialist economy, with all business,
and education owned by the federal, and provincial governments.

The nation has its roots in the overthrow, and break up of the Second Continental
The small town, sitting on a split in the river, rebelled against imperial forces, and allied
with several nearby villages to throw out the oppressors. This went on to form the triple
pact., and then form the early years of the nation. By 1300, Ausinia owned most of the
peninsula, except for the far north over the high mountains, and for the far western
deserts. The nation was a feudalist empire, owned mostly by landlords, who
answered to an emperor.

In the 1950s, with the development of socialist ideas, a growing movement within the
nation lead to the forming of the National Socialist Party, and the Democratic Socialist
Party. In 2015, the NSP was disbanded through a bill passed in parliament. In 2036,
the Democratic Socialist Party was elected and has remained incumbent.

National Holidays/celebrations:

1st week of January: New Years Celebrations

Ausinia actively participates in designing, manufacturing, and selling domestic
Their stock ranges from Small Arms, armoured vehicles, and aircraft. The store can be
found here

The nations military is the Ausinian Defence Force (ADF). The ADF is comprized of the
Ausinian Royal Army (ARA), the Ausinian Royal Navy (ARN) and the Ausinian Defence
Air Force (ADAF). Each branch act independently, but cooperates in active operations,
lead together by the ‘Chief of Defence’ who is appointed by the Minister of Defence,
rotating by branch.

Note: This nation is generally considered MT, but does involve early PMT technology such as combat capable space craft, and may also be in the PMT category.

United Commonwealth
of Ausinia

Commi wealth Ausini

National Capital: Meridian

National Anthem: Fair Ausinia

National Language: Ausinian

Official Languages: English,
Ausinian, German


Prime Minister: Anthony Edi

Political Party: LinkDemocratic Socialist


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