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All About Tanks

In Auruna, when you get your driver's license (at the age of 18), you can get a tank for just a price of a regular car!

A T-54/55 only costs around 20,000 Raviens (32,000 USD) which is one of the cheapest tanks in Auruna.

But there are some rules to follow when owning a tank, and those are:
1. Gun must be disabled (except for performance tanks and props)
2. The running gear must have rubber in the road wheels and rubber track pads.
3. There must be an orange cap or paint on the end of the barrel or at the muzzle brake to indicate that the gun is disabled.
4. And lastly, you must have your license plate's number as a marking on the turret or hull.

The rules for driving one is just usual road rules but it has a few additions:
1. Rubber tracks, wing mirrors, taillights and indicators are required in order to be driven on public roads.
2. Tanks are not allowed on highways.
3. You must pay a fee upon entering a city. Fee depends on the city, in Veratuna, the fee is 12 Raviens (19 USD)
4. Mandatory monthly inspection.

Allowed Modifications:
Apart from the requirements for road use
- Fake machine guns (Must not be made of metal and has visible orange colour inside and near the muzzle)
- Fake ERA blocks
- External fuel tanks
- Sideskirts
- Spotlight
- Fake laser range finder

Tanks Available for Sale in Auruna



Average Cost: 20,000 ANR (32,000 USD)
Rarity: Common
Average Running Cost: 337 ANR (539 USD)monthly

Average Cost: 18,500 ANR (29,600 USD)
Rarity: Common
Average Running Cost: 435 ANR (696 USD)monthly

Leopard 1A-KT
Average Cost: 31,000 ANR (49,600 USD)
Rarity: Rare
Average Running Cost: 670 ANR (1,072 USD)monthly

T-65A-KZ1 (Licensed Aurun variant of the Centurion)
Average Cost: 24,000 ANR (38,400 USD)
Rarity: Common
Average Running Cost: 500 ANR (800 USD)monthly

Notice: This section is still Work-in-Progress, will be updated soon. If you want to contribute (aka, help me), feel free to send me a telegram, Auruna