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Aurun Automotive Industry [WiP]

The Aurun Automotive Industry is one of the largest in the Industry sector along with Machinery and Defense. The Automotive Industry accounted for 60.3% of the Industry sector and employed most of the sector's workforce.

Ever since the formation of Schkeska Motors, Livonsk is Auruna's automotive center with many automotive companies are based in or have branches in Livonsk.

Aurun car culture is diverse ranging from showcars to track-day cars.

Schkeska Motors KzA

Subsidiary of: Schkeska Nazyonal

Industry: Automotive

Founded: 4 October 1920

Founder: Miko Zauvännen

Headquarters: Livonsk, Auruna

Products: Automobiles, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, internal combustion engines, turbomachinery

Schkeska Motors is the largest and oldest Aurun automotive company and has the highest ever production output in the entire automotive industry. It's parent company is the Schkeska Group, which is the largest company in Auruna. It was founded by Miko Zauvännen in 1920 as a subsidiary of Schkeska Nazyonal to produce cars for the public.

Schkeska cars are known for their reliability, safety, and their engines.

- Vezrel
- Kana
- Aretina
- Vernaya
- Lurran
- Zikara
- Livan
- Ezeja
- Bertus
- Kola

- 1.8L F-18T I4
- 2.0L TF-20N I4
- 2.3L TF-23N I4
- 2.3L TV-23N I5
- 2.6L TV-26T I5
- 2.3L TG-23TT I6
- 2.5L TG-25TT I6

- LC-30N V6
- LC-30TT V6
- LV-30N V8
- LV-30TT V8
- LKV-30N-670 V8
- LK-30N V10
- LK-30TT V10
- LK-30N-700 V10
- LM-33T V12
- LM-35N V12
- LM-40N V12

- RD-18N R2
- RD-18T R2
- RD-23TT R3
- RD-25TT R4

VSK Motors KzA

Subsidiary of: VSK

Industry: Automotive

Founded: 27 January 1948

Founders: Mikail Karamonov, Erik Lappinen

Headquarters: Sterlennau, Auruna

Products: Automobiles, commercial vehicles, internal combustion engines, turbomachinery, motorcycles

VSK Motors is the second largest Aurun automotive company, it is the subsidiary of the aircraft manufacturer VSK (Viroluki Säneakan Kompanije).

Akil KzA

Industry: Automotive

Founded: 9 December 1976

Founders: Yevan Akil

Headquarters: Novinaya, Auruna

Products: Automobiles


Viska KzAM

Subsidiary of: VSK, Schkeska

Industry: Automotive

Founded: 8 January 1964

Founders: VSK-Schkeska Motorsport Group (VSMG)

Headquarters: Sterlennau, Auruna

Products: Forced induction systems, modified vehicles, automotive modifications

Viska is the in-house tuning, motorsports and performance division of both Schkeska Motors and VSK Motors.

Kompanije zie Auvo (KzA) - Automotive Company
Kompanije zie Auvo Möntaan (KzAM) - Automotive Tuning/Performance Company
Kompanije zie Auvo Osanne (KzAO) - Automotive Parts Company
Mötoraaroitu Grupen (MGr) - Motorsport Group
Itsiennä Mötoraaroitu Grupen (IMGr) - Independent Motorsport Group