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Diplomatic Policy

Inter-Regional and Inter-National Policy

  1. The New Augrativan Kingdom has no ill intent toward other political entities, and considers regions and nations as neutral; unless the region/nation in particular states and proves itself otherwise.

  2. The New Augrativan Kingdom does not prohibit embassy requests from any region, so long as the region submitting the request have no predisposition to hostility against the Kingdom.

  3. The New Augrativan Kingdom reserves the ability to accept, reject or ignore aforementioned embassy requests, regardless of purpose. As well as withdraw and close embassy proposals and embassies, respectively, at will.

  4. Regions in which the New Augrativan Kingdom share diplomatic relations with through embassy, are considered cordial regions unless said regions' ruling government is overturned by forces that wish to sever ties.

  5. The New Augrativan Kingdom is a Fortified region. Any attempt at aggression against the Kingdom is considered hostile, and may be elevated to the status of an Act of War.

  6. An entire region which displays hostility can be grounds for immediate embassy retraction; however, if there may be a rouge member state of an otherwise peace abiding region, negotiations are more encouraged.

  7. The Principality of Augrativa has absolute power in the New Augrativan Kingdom.

  8. The New Augrativan Kingdom exercises respect and peaceful ties with cordial regions, and is not raider, invasive nor the like.

  9. The New Augrativan Kingdom strives to continuously be a friendly political entity.

The Principality of Augrativa