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Cordial Regions

Happy to Have You!
  1. Recognizing The State of New Falham as Emissary of United States of America

  2. Recognizing Mirzahan as Emissary of UNITED ASIAN UNION (Ceased to Exist)

  3. Recognizing Imperial british gibraltar as Emissary of The Imperial Federation (Closed by Viii legio italia)

  4. Recognizing The Holy Cute Matriarchy of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as Emissary of Japan (Re-opened by Otaku Stratus)

  5. Recognizing The Republic of Neale Junction as Emissary of Australia

  6. Recognizing The Godly Meme Haven of Pakistanistanistan as Emissary of The Singular Nation of Algrenery (Presumed to have been Raided, relocated to Algrenery)(Regional transformation, embassies pending)

  7. Recognizing Truace as Emissary of International Debating Area

  8. Recognizing The Kingdom of Caesorum Ultionem as Emissary of Meme Lords Unite(Ceased to exist)

  9. Recognizing Sokoshovya as Emissary of International Superhero club (Closed by The Violation)

  10. Recognizing Greater tuvalu as Emissary of Future Earth (Closed by Future Earth Embassy Policy)

  11. Recognizing Rudmoaryakeperthu as Emissary of Future Milky Way
    (Regional transformation, embassy pending)

  12. Recognizing The Badlands Beyond The Brink of The Bizarre as Emissary of The Illuminati

  13. Recognizing The latvian state as Emissary of Fascist Bloc Backup Region (Presumed to have been Raided)

  14. Recognizing The Caribbean Confederation of ORCHILA as Emissary of Organization of United Sovereign States

  15. Recognizing Oppressing peoples as Emissary of The International Polling Zone

  16. Recognizing Planet florida as Emissary of The Great Universe
    (Regional transformation, embassy pending)

  17. Recognizing Troas as Emissary of Empire of Troy
    (Regional transformation, embassy pending)

  18. Recognizing The Chungkuo of The Kuomintang as Emissary of Union of Nationalists

  19. Recognizing Bannedastan as Emissary of sayggoodbyetohollywood
    (Ceased to exist)

  20. Recognizing Rbbf as Emissary of SECFanatics

  21. Recognizing The ambassadors reception as Emissary of The Embassy (Closed by Spike Wilbury)

  22. Recognizing The United Peoples Democratic RE of New Makasta as Emissary of Micro Union (Presumed to have been raided)

  23. Recognizing The Republic of AceQuared as Emissary of MentosLand

  24. Recognizing Embassies embassies embassies as Emissary of Embassies Embassies Embassies

  25. Recognizing The Grand King of Archibald von Friedburg as Emissary of Grand Avalon

  26. Recognizing Jervis bay territory as Emissary of Jervis Bay Territory

  27. Recognizing The Confederacy of Undivulged Principles as Emissary of Eladen

  28. Recognizing The Grand Diarchy of Harmonic Empire as Emissary of Codex Ylvus

  29. Recognizing The Phantasm of Afi-Aftos as Emissary of Fredonia

  30. Recognizing The Country of United States of the Mars as Emissary of RAMS

  31. Recognizing The ⚡🌪️ Deadly Spring Time 🌪️⚡ of Vando0sa as Emissary of The Glorious nations of Iwaku

  32. Recognizing The What Is Life of Nelson Wilbury as Emissary of Traveling Wilburys