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The Principality of
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Armed Forces of The Principality

The Armed Forces of The Principality of Augrativa

The AFA or AFPR consists of 7 branches, namely:

1) The Nuclear Deterrent Force- NDF, Augrativa is a Nuclear Armed country, Nukes at a Classified Amount, delivered by Bombers, Subs, or ICBM's

2) The Augrativian Royal Navy-ARN, 21 carriers, 75 cruisers, 200 destroyers, 500 frigates, 700+ Light attack boats, 212 SSN's, 250 SSBN's
-Marine Corps: Highly trained soldiers, Good for Spec-ops and All out War!
-Naval Air Force: NAF, 70% Self-created Jets e.g., made in Augrativa, 30% acquired elsewhere.

3) The Augrativian Royal Air Force- ARAF, 100% Self-created Jets
20% Heavy bombers
50% Combat superiority
30% Specialized

4) The Augrativian Royal Army-ARA, 10 million strong standing army, 10 billion drones, 70,000 Tanks, Helicopters and 100,000 Gunships (air, land & sea)
Spec-Ops: More trained than the Marines, Specializes in Large Scale Rescue and High value assassination Targets
Rangers: More trained than the Special Operators, Specializes in Very Difficult and High Risk Operations.

5) Augrativian Coast Guard-ACG, 50,000 ships, 90,000 light attack boats and 50,000 armed Helicopters.

6) Space Head Quarters- Command center of all Terran and Space forces.
Space Division

7) Intelligence and Reconnaissance Agency - IRA classified information

--------- also:

Following legislation in Augrativa, the nation's new foreign policy of 'very disproportionate retribution' has its neighbors on edge.

The Principality of Augrativa