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Konglomerat Regional Secretariat

The Konglomerat Regional Secretariat was set up in February 2011 by the Foreign Ministers of The Konglomerat. It was then housed at the Ministry of Foreign of Atok. The existing Konglomerat Regional Secretariat at 7th Floor Miragebell Tower, St. Lenkerville, Atok was established and officiated in 2012 by the then President of Atok, Dr Joseph Florin.

The Konglomerat Regional Secretariat 's basic function is to provide for greater efficiency in the coordination of The Konglomerat organs and for more effective implementation of The Konglomerat projects and activities.

    Organisational Structure
    Secretary General: Maulana Abdulrahmev Bolotuv of Bindu
    - Maulana Abdulrahmev, 51 formerly serve as Bindu Deputy Minister of Foreign Affair. he held Master Degree for International Strategies from Murad Bey University of Foreign Languages.
    Deputy Secretary General: Ms Carmine Parks of Atok
    - Ms Parks formerly serve as Chief Diplomatic Officer in Atok Ministry of Foreign Affair
    Chief of Staff: Maulana Idris al Kaibar of Bindu
    - Maulana Idris formerly serve as Deputy Chief of Staff, KRS. Promote recently by KRS Sec General Bolotuv
    Deputy Chief of Staff: Mr Edgar Elroy Zien of Moorburgh
    - Mr Zien formerly serve as Head, Political & Security Coordination Office (PSCO). Promote recently by KRS Sec General Bolotuv
    Political & Security Coordination Office (PSCO), Head: Mrs Ramona Felica Belliveau of Atok
    - Mrs Belliveau formerly serve as Head, Policy & Planning Coordination Office (PPCO)
    Economic & Investment Coordination Office (EICO), Head:Ms Sharon Marietta Cheshier of Atok
    - Ms Cheshier formerly serve as Senior Executive of Atok Multi-national conglomerate
    Sosio-Cultural Coordination Office (SCCO), Head: Mr Kristopher Toney Detjen of Moorburgh
    - Mr Detjen formerly serve as Coordinating Officer with News Agency of Konglomerat - NEWSKON
    Diplomatic Affair Coordination Office (DACO), Head: Mr Mike Antonia Barlup of Khantari
    - Mr Barlup formerly serve as Senior Diplomatic Officer at Khantari Ministry of Foreign Affair
    Policy & Planning Coordination Office (PPCO), Head: Mr Jaafar Ali Hassan of Tongkang pechah
    - Mr Jaafar formerly serve as Chief of Staff to Tongkang pechah Permanent Envoy to KRS
    Management & Administrative Coordination Office (MACO), Head: Ms Chelsea Claudine Buczak of Khantari
    - Ms Buczak formerly serve as Political Aide to Minister of Defense, Khantari
    Regional Anti-Terrorism Office (RATO), Head: Mr Barry Lansold von Petar of Saltbridge
    - Mr von Petar formerly serve as Deputy Director (Support), Saltbridge, National Security Directorate

    Atok Ambassador to Konglomerat Regional Secretariat: Mr Leland Gregorio Sakon
    Ambassador Sakon, is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service. Prior to assuming this position, Ambassador Sakon was Head, Policy & Planning Coordination Office, Konglomerat Regional Secretariat. Ambassador Sakon graduated from Baytonia College, earned his Masters in Business Administration from University of Groverthor Mills.

    Moorburgh Ambassador to Konglomerat Regional Secretariat: Ms Maxine Mercy Lalinde
    Ambassador Lalinde serves as Ambassador to Konglomerat Regional Secretariat. Prior to assuming this position, she served as Senior Vice President, International Business, Moorburgh Central Energy Ltd for 24 years. Ambassador Lalinde received a B.A. from Aldersham Business College and an M.A. in International Relations from University of Knightenden.

    Khantari Ambassador to Konglomerat Regional Secretariat: Mr Eduardo Gail Westergard
    Ambassador Westergard was nominated by President Adrian West to be Ambassador to Konglomerat Regional Secretariat, Before being named Ambassador, Ambassador Westergard was a Chief Technology Officer with the Khatari major automotive manufacturer, Xavam. Ambassador Westergard earned an MPhil in International Relations from Dripbugga City University.

    Bindu Ambassador to Konglomerat Regional Secretariat: Maulana Rasul Ibni Khayyam
    Ambassador Rasul was appointed by the Sultan Fateh LVIII as Bindu Ambassador to Konglomerat Regional Secretariat. Prior to his appointment , Ambassador Rasul had served his country in different high profile positions and capacities. Before he assumed his present post, he was the Minister of Defense Foreign Policy Adviser.

    Tongkang pechah Ambassador to Konglomerat Regional Secretariat: Mr Ismail Abdul Rahman Ambassador Abdul Rahman formerly serve as Tongkang pechah President candidate campaign manager. Prior to these, he was lecturer at Universiti Sains & Teknologi Tanjung Laksamana (USTTL) of Tongkang pechah

    Saltbridge Ambassador to Konglomerat Regional Secretariat: Ms Liz Royalle Tyron. Ambassador Tyron formerly was Foreign Policy Adviser to President of Saltbridge. She hold master in Diplomatic Studies from local university.

    Granda lando Ambassador to Konglomerat Regional Secretariat: Mr David Annway. Ambassador David Annway was the Secretary of Foreign Affairs until resigning from the position in 2009. He then worked for the Democratic Nationalist Conference Organization speaking about democracy, justice, and peace around the nation and the world. Once Grand Anglia/ Granda Lando joined the Konglomerat, William Jacobs needed an ambassador to the Konglomerat Regional Secretariat. He was the one who had appointed Annway Secretary of Foreign Affairs, so he knew the potential and strength of Annway. Jacobs therefore appointed Annway as ambassador to the Konglomerat Regional Secretariat.

Former Secretary General
1. Dr Ricky Anibal Rehnberg of Atok: July 10, 2013. - Jan 12, 2014.

Konglomerat Regional Secretariat Sitrep
  • SecGen Bolotuv Executive Order No1/14 to establish Regional Anti-Terrorism Office (RATO)

  • SecGen Bolotuv Executive Order No1A/14 to appointed Mr Barry Lansold von Petar of Saltbridge as Head of RATO

  • SecGen Bolotuv Executive Order No2/14 to establish Konglomerat Renewable Energies Councils (KREC)

  • SecGen Bolotuv Executive Order No2A/14 to appointed James Infres Tombwalls of Moorburgh as Director of KREC

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