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Head Minister of Atmovia, Kaja Õismaa (wip/ongoing)

Kaja Õismaa

Head Minister Õismaa.
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Head Minister


Preceded by: Evald Põhi

Personal Details


26th October(age 26)
Kempälu, Atmovia



Political Party:







Kempälu University
- Degree in: Philosophy & Political Science




"Honestly, I'm often shocked by still being alive and being here, when I so easily could not have been. My only wish is to make this country so much better for the children of the future, than it was for myself"

Kaja Õismaa (Born 26th October) is an Atmovian Politician who is the current Head Minister of Atmovia. She is the second female Minister and the nations youngest ever leader, being 26 when elected into office.

Õismaa previously she served as Minister Of The Environment, preceding her career in politics.

Early Life

Born in in the suburbs of Kempälu, Õismaa is the only child of Piret Õismaa (née Veskioja) and Janar Õismaa. Kaja Õismaa displayed signs of Schizophrenia from a young age, but despite that, was loved by her parents and had a relatively normal childhood up until the death of her father (or at least as normal as can be given the former dictatorship). Her Mother was a Nurse at Kempälu Military Hospital and her Father owned a fishing business before his unfortunate death when Kaja was 9 years old, after he was shot by soldiers in front of his daughter, for trespassing into the army base after a young Kaja had followed an injured fox, which was also shot in front of her with soldiers showing little remorse. Kaja often thinks she was lucky she remained relatively unharmed that day, besides being roughly escorted back home and her mother being fired from her job.

Kaja's Schizophrenia worsened after the death of her father, and Õismaa's mother struggled to hold down jobs as well as raising Õismaa and keeping the roof over their heads and food in her stomach. Nevertheless, Õismaa fought to overcome her mental health issues and attended both primary and secondary education (despite having to skip meals some days and sell many possessions, including anything belonging to her father to cover the cost of education) and, whilst juggling a small job in agricultural retail to help the cost of her education as she attended university at Kempälu University, graduating with a masters degree in Philosophy and Political Science.

Rise in Politics

Õismaa became interested in politics, at the young age of 9 years old. She was saddened and angered at the rate the natural beauty of Atmovia was being stripped away by the then-government and it's greedy dictator-like ruler, Evald Põhi. She was the creator and head of a gardening club in her school, thus promoting love and care for the environment among her peers. By the time she had graduated secondary education, she sought out a job in agricultural retail, where she learned of a current government idea to build factories over a nearby national park area. Furious at the idea, Õismaa vowed to go into politics, so she attended Kempälu University where she studied Philosophy and Political Science alongside founding the Charity "Green Atmovia", thus leading many protests against the building of the factories, she graduated in 2042, and was hired as Minister Of The Environment not long after in 2045 - Though this proved to be a mistake on the then-opressive governments part. From there, she campaigned for better environmental laws with furious passion, and in 2047, an uprising began with Õismaa as their unofficial leader, protests were intense and lasted a little over a year before Põhi was forced into holding an election, one which Kaja won by a staggering 87% , thus assuming her position as the Head Minister of Atmovia in 2048, one of her first decisions as Head Minister was to fire any members of the government still loyal to the former leader and his ideals, including Põhi himself. who she stripped of all titles, no one knows what truly happened to him, whether he lives as a regular citizen, or wether he commit suicide or even fled the country. Õismaa considers these acts hopefully to have to be her most "evil" and can be quoted as saying "I care deeply for all citizens, but these people believed themselves above regular citizenship, so therefore, I can say I care little for people like them"


Kaja Õismaa took up office in January of 2048, and in the months since has already put a great deal of work into revitalizing the country and it's once -famed beauty, with hopes to fully restore the environment and equality amongst the people.Though not a very "traditional" ruler, the public love her and are often singing their praises to their leader, after finally being free from the former leaders oppression.


  • Gun Control
    Guns are not permitted for the general public to use without special, government issued license which a person may apply for. In most cases, only the military carry guns, police may also carry guns on occasion, but are more known to carry tazers instead.

  • Cannabis
    Marijuana/Cannabis is available for purchase in most pharmacies, though it is legal. much like with alcohol, a person may be arrested for partaking in certain acts whilst under the influence of cannabis. Citizens may also only buy a set amount of the drug at a time, and growing it in homes is not legal.

  • Gambling
    Large-Scale Gambling is illegal in Atmovia, so whilst you will not find casinos, it is not illegal to have a friendly game of poker or such with a group of friends.

  • Healthcare
    Atmovian citizens are entitled to free, publicly funded healthcare.

  • LGBTQ+
    There are multiple laws in place in Atmovia in order to protect LGBTQ+ persons. Gender reassignment surgery is, in some cases, if an individual's mental health is suffering due to gender dysphoria, provided in the nations healthcare service, but only after a years minimum of hormone treatment (in order to make sure the person is entirely sure in what they want and that their mind will not change). LGBTQ+ Marriage is also legal, and the legal age of consent to same-sex activity is the same age as for straight sexual activity.

  • Education
    Atmovian citizens can attend free education in state funded schools, though private schools still exist and are an option. Schooling is mandatory from the ages of 5-17

  • Equal Opportunities
    Any citizen in Atmovia is entitled to the same opportunities, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, religious belief etc.

  • Natural Rights
    The natural rights of Atmovia is that any person is entitled to their life and liberties in pursuit to happiness, so long as no laws are broken. This mainly means that citizens have the rights to vote, the rights to life, due process of law, freedom of expression and freedom of association.

  • Anti Corporal Punishment
    Corporal punishment is NOT in place in Atmovia and neither is the death penalty. The general view is that even law breakers and prisoners are people with natural rights. Therefore, Atmovian prisons focus on rehabilitation of prisoners rather than outright punishing them. A person is rarely sentenced to life, though in some unfortunate circumstances, some prisoners may not be rehabilitated and are better suited to being kept in prison, thus ending up in there for a "life sentence".

  • Natural Environment and Wildlife conservation
    Promoting and ensuring that the natural beauty of Atmovia's environment is enhanced and conserved
    Ensuring that the wildlife of the nation has suitable habitat and stay healthy, in order to sustain them for the future.

For & Against

  • For: The Environment, Human Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, Freedom of Religion, Enviromentalism, Libertarianism, Equality, Right to Education, Egalitarianism

  • Against:fascism Racism, Terrorism, Homophobia, far-rights, slavery, sexism, extremists, totalitarianism, oppressive dictatorships, Stalinism, Neo-Nazism, Autocracy, militarism, war

Personal Information

Personal Trivia
  • Õismaa is a Lesbian, coming out as such during her election, she is currently dating the Prime Minister of Kasnein, Elin Fjellstrøm.

  • She also owns a great number of pets at her farm retreat outside of Männilinn, she is a lover of horseback riding, and may often be seen out walking her dogs.

  • Õismaa is an avid music fan, and also plays guitar, piano and violin, and also can sing.

  • Her Dreadlocks hairstyle is a small and personal homage to her also dreadlocked late aunt, who helped raise her after her father passed, who herself passed to cancer, after losing her hair. Õismaa regrets that neither her aunt nor father saw her elected into office.

  • She is rather tall, being 6ft 1" in Height.

  • She has 2 dogs, a 3 year old male husky named Äike and a 2 year old female collie named Lilla.

  • She also owns 3 cats (a black female named Nõgi, a ginger and white patched female named Mesi and a tabby male named Kalju) as well as her Horse, a dark chestnut Hanoverian named Taevas.

  • She is schizophrenic, however, only close friends know this fact as it is not common knowledge to the public, not because Kaja does not wish for people to know, but because she doesn't see why it should need to be brought up, in her words "I manage it well enough, I'm not completely crazy, I don't see how it should be an issue, really."


"Atmovia is dying, her people are suffering. It's up to me to save this beautiful land, to restore it's former beauty, to restore equality, peace and harmony amongst her people. My people, I promise you that we will suffer no longer, we have fought through many obstacles, and now it is our time to grow. Atmovia is a beautiful country and I don't wanna see it razed to the ground, who's with me? *cheers* That's what I thought. We can live in harmony with nature, we can blossom together. Let's save our land, its nature, and ourselves!- During the 2047 Elections"

“When I look into nature, I feel it clears my mind, it helps me to understand everything so much better, it helps me in the choices I make - I like to believe that all things happen for a reason. Who knows, maybe I was destined to be the one to save and maintain the beauty of Atmovia? *laughs* ” - During an interview with flag design winner Liisbet Jänes.

"Growing up, my mother half starved herself just to keep me in school. No family should have to live like that just so that they can read and write, education should be something everyone has the right to, of course, we're always going to have the kids who act like they don't want to learn, but even I'll admit I hated school sometimes *laughs* it's just a kid thing, and it's no excuse not to get your education, kids. Trust me, later in life you'll be singing praises to the people who taught you all you know. Don't take your education for granted!" -During the same interview as above.

"Being free doesn't necessarily mean escaping your own prisons, but also helping others escape their own. If we are all respectful of each other, it enhances everyone's freedom."

"Let us not be classified and separated according to our race, to our religion, our sexuality, whether we are rich or poor, let us be classified and united as human"

"Victory is found in peace, not in war... though if it came down to it, I would fight, though only in self defense. And those who fight in self defense, to save others, are honorable, unlike those who fight simply out of their greed"


A smiling Kaja attending the first ever annual Atmovian Song Festival

Kaja, an avid lover of music, playing her guitar.

Animal lover Kaja with one of her kittens, Kalju.

Kaja without her now signature dreadlocks, taken before her run for Head Minister.

Kaja's (new) home, located in the woodlands on the outskirts of the capital city, Männilinn.

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