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Athretvari Historia

The History of Athretvari


~300 to 115 YBU, the 1st Gresk Invasion. Gresk missionaries reach eastern Athretvari and begin nearly two centuries of minimally successful colonization, and a brutal campaign of “recivilization of the native savage tribes.”

116 to 112 YBU, First record of toxo-zombie virus ravaging Athretvari. Fall of the Gresk missionaries.

111 to 50 YBU, Formation of the first Athretvarian kingly-realms.

51 to 21 YBU, the 1st Warring Realms Period, also called the Thirty-Years War of the Tribes.

20 to 16 YBU, the 1st Warring Realms Period is ended by the 2nd Gresk Invasion led by the General Aquarion Ballistikos. The eastern kingly-realms quickly fall to the Gresk.

15 YBU, General Sziul Seihr, strategos to the Queen of the Lakes, leads the Ara’s armies to battle against the General Ballistikos and his mighty army of spirit-mecha.

14 YBU, Ara Onmou, the Queen of the Lakes, is murdered by C’Vyhar Szonpoi Wa’ak, her brother and heir-apparent to the Ri throne, in a palace coup. Szonpoi is crowned the 118th Ar of the Ri and 47th King of the Lakes.

12 YBU, Seihr defeats Ballistikos at the Battle of the Hy in Hysziul. The 2nd Warring Realms Period begins.

1 YBU, Seihr leading the great armies of the technomagi and the terrifying Hrakni Hordes defeats the last remnants of the dreaded toxo-cyborg armies of the Five Princes of Avnomorha at The Horn, ending the 2nd Warring Realms Period and uniting the continent under the Throne of the Lakes.