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Liliya Vakara, Lady Protector of the Athralian Confederation

Lady Protector of the Athralian Confederation
Her Excellency
Liliya Vakara

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Lady Protector of Athralia

Assumed office:

8th August 2012

Preceded by:

Saryla Arylae

Senator for Old Athra, Ystivakyrva

In office:

17th August 2008 - 8th August 2012

Lady Protector:

Saryla Arylae

Preceded by:

Lyviya Korys

Succeeded by:

Mara Kyriya

Defence Secretary for the State of Ystivakyrva

In office:

7th July 2004 - 17th August 2008

Lady Protector:

Saryla Arylae

Preceded by:

Rana Ylavi

Succeeded by:

Nassana Thanyra

Representative for District 3, Old Athra, Ystivakyrva

In office:

5th June 2000 - 17th August 2008

Lady Protector:

Saryla Arylae

Preceded by:

Marya Orysa

Succeeded by:

Avara Ylkarys

Personal Info


21st December, 1964 AD


Old Athra, Athralia Prime







Full Name:

Liliya Ariyala Vakara

Birth Mother:

Ylsyri Vakara

Bond Mother:

Tarina Vakara

Official Residence:

The Grand Palace of Athra

Other Residences:

Vakara Tower
Vakara Estate

Alma Mater:

Ylvyra College, University of Athra



Sexual Orientation:


Ideology Info

Political Ideology:


Economic Ideology:

LinkFree Market Capitalism

"The Confederation stands for freedom. Only liberty for the individual assures prosperity for the whole, and this foundation must be defended, at any cost. Our differences give us strength. Many ideas, one spirit. None shall equal our glorious plurality, and none shall be fiercer in defending Athralian dignity." - An excerpt from Liliya Vakara's inauguration speech, following her election as Lady Protector

Liliya Ariyala Vakara [Athralian: liːliːjə ɑːriːjɑːlə vəkarə], Lady Vakara, is the current Lady Protector of Athralia, a position which she has held since her election on the 8th of August 2012. In addition to this, she is also a member of the ancient and prestigious Vakara family (of which her birth mother is the Matriarch), one of the owners of the immensely profitable Vakara Consortium alongside her mothers, and the most powerful psion known to exist. Even before she became the Lady Protector of the Athralian Confederation, hers was a household name long before she even entered into politics.

Before Liliya was born, she had attracted the attention of the media due to the incredibly thorough and astronomically expensive genetic engineering and modification that she was subject to in utero. Liliya's parents, Ylsyri and Tarina Vakara, spent several fortunes on her in an effort to create a child who was "genetically perfect", and who would be a worthy heir to the business empire that they had created together. Later in life, and after she had received the best tutoring money could buy, Liliya enrolled at the University of Athra aged only 15, and graduated as a Doctor of Science (Economics) aged only 18. After her graduation, Liliya took up a senior management role at her parents' business, the Vakara Consortium, and made frequent appearances across Athralian media, especially after the invention of the zero-point reactor. After this discovery, she surprised many by working as an incredibly successful, albeit short-lived, editorial model after being approached by many who had reportedly been "enraptured by her unquestionable beauty", and this alone gained her a significant following. However, this would only last for just over two years before Liliya grew tired of this line of work and returned to the Consortium, where she worked on Project Ascension and became the first Athralian to awaken her psionic potential, transforming her into who she is today. On the 19th of April 1994, the War of the Outsiders began, leading to Liliya and the Project Ascension team switching their focus to weaponising their psionic discovery and creating a private military company consisting entirely of psionically awakened individuals. When the war ended 6 years later, Liliya entered the world of politics by becoming the representative for District 3 of Old Athra in the State Government of Ystivakyrva. 4 years later she became the Defence Secretary for the State, and in the following election she became the Senator for Old Athra. When Lady Protector Saryla Arylae stepped down from the position, Liliya was elected as her replacement on the 8th of August 2012. Despite this, it is thought that Liliya is still personally involved in another of the Consortium's psionic projects, dubbed Project Transcendence.

Genetic Modification

The manipulation of the Athralian genome has become relatively commonplace across Athralia. Screenings and corrective therapies are offered for genetic diseases in individuals and prospective parents, however technology and techniques for genetic engineering and modification have advanced to the point where it is possible to essentially custom-build fetuses that grow into stronger, smarter, and more attractive adults, although this is usually a very expensive process depending on how extensive the genetic modification in question is. It is relatively inexpensive to choose your future child's hair or eye colour, for example, but altering a number of physical traits becomes incrementally more expensive. In the case of Liliya, the genetic modification that she received was experimental and based upon prototype technology, and the process remains to this day the most ambitious and extensive in Athralian history, hence her parents having to spend what would be considered by others to be several large fortunes in their efforts to produce the perfect Athralian.

Even in comparison to others who have received similar genetic modifications, Liliya displays objective superiority over them in all observable aspects. She has superior memory, superior strength, superior eyesight, superior intellect, superior looks... Every aspect of her DNA has been carefully modified so as to be beyond reproach. Her unique genetics had also greatly extended her life expectancy to an estimated 475 years, more than a hundred years above the average Athralian life expectancy of 350 (although it has since been theorised that her psionic awakening has made her biologically immortal and immune to the effects of aging). She is immune to all known diseases and illnesses (like almost all Athralians), she is able to heal at a much faster rate than others, and she possesses a stamina that is greater than even the mightiest Athralian athletes. However, despite all of her genetic enhancements, it has been revealed that in the past Liliya possessed a deep sense of insecurity over the fact that she was quite simply better than everyone, even her teachers. She felt as if she was a living experiment, and as if all of her achievements never belonged to her and instead to her parents. Her failures were the only things that she could truly own, and as such she felt as if she was nothing more than a disappointment to her parents, as "perfection does not make mistakes". This coupled with merciless bullying from other children whilst she was growing up, and a sense that she was completely alone and with no-one to even begin to challenge her, led to Liliya becoming clinically depressed during her early teenage years. This has been eliminated in her later life, however she has since developed a number of personality disorders likely as a direct result of her childhood experiences. This is detailed further below.

In her late twenties, Liliya led Project Ascension at the Vakara Consortium, and it is thought that it was her unique genetics that allowed her to become the first Athralian to "ascend" and awaken her psionic potential. The fact that, to this day, no others have been able to reach her level of psionic mastery only serves as further evidence of this point. Project Ascension and Liliya's psionic abilities are detailed here. Consequently, Liliya's genetic code has become more valuable than that of anyone else, as others have offered her ridiculous amounts of money for them to obtain said code in the hopes that they can discover what it is that makes her so unique. Naturally, she refuses to sell these secrets.

However, all of her enhancements, including her genetic modification, psionic awakening, and her more recent cybernetic enhancements, have led some to question whether or not Liliya is truly "Athralian" anymore, and even Liliya herself shares these doubts, not that she'd ever show it. A very small minority of Athralians believe that she can never truly represent them, and as such, she should not rule over them. Numerous groups have sprung up around this idea, however with the overwhelming majority of Athralians being very much in favour of Liliya considering the meritocratic and libertarian nature of Athralian society, such groups have very few members indeed. An even smaller minority still have actually taken to worshipping Liliya as the reincarnation of an ancient Athralian goddess of power and magic, citing numerous age-old depictions of a goddess appearing to utilise powers that look suspiciously similar to Liliya's psionic abilities. Such claims are not taken seriously, although many, including Liliya herself, admit that the likeness is most curious indeed.

Early Life and Education

Liliya Vakara grew up in a large and luxurious estate situated on the idyllic Athran coastline, not far from the capital city, Athra. Vakara Estate, named after the family that has occupied it for centuries, is vast, covering just over 8000 hectares of land. At its centre is Vakara House, an immense, modern mansion and a technological marvel in its own right. It was here that Liliya spent the entirety of her childhood, being privately tutored by the best minds in the Confederation, and pursuing her growing interests in sports, politics and technology. Both of her parents led very busy lives, and so Liliya often saw little of them and was watched over by a nanny during the day. Ylsyri and Tarina Vakara had to make the most of the time they had with their daughter, and whenever they had the opportunity, Ylsyri would feed Liliya's passions for sports (watersports in particular), music, politics and business, whereas Tarina would help to grow her interests in technology and science. It is because of this that Liliya remained incredibly close to her parents, and to her birth mother, Ylsyri, especially. She had very few friends, if one could even call them that, and her relative seclusion from the outside world limited her options to the children of family friends and of the employees that worked on the estate. Even still, she found it very difficult to actually keep said friends. Those friends she did have were never particularly close to her, as Liliya always felt that they could never keep up with her or challenge her, and her abilities tended to push them away from her as she was constantly singled out.

Liliya would live outside of Vakara Estate for the first time when she left to study at the prestigious University of Athra, aged only fifteen. She had joined Ylvyra College, the oldest and most distinguished college at the university. Named after the founder of the city of Athra, Empress Ylvyra the Great, Ylvyra College is famed not only for its stunning architecture, but also for producing some of the most successful graduates in history. During her first days at the University of Athra, Liliya found it difficult to settle in, with the social aspect of this being the most challenging and terrifying for her. Nearly all of the other students were at least four years older than her, and this was a fact that saw her treated with derision by her fellows. In spite of her social anxieties, Liliya continually impressed and often even surpassed the University's acclaimed professors during her studies with her extensive knowledge and abilities, earning her much praise and leading her to become a very popular figure amongst the teaching staff. In her last year at university, she led the University of Athra Yacht Racing team to victory in all events since she became team leader, and she became a champion windsurfer after winning two national competitions. After spending only three years studying at the university, Liliya graduated as a Doctor of Science in Economics with highest honours, breaking numerous records for doing so in such a short period of time and at such a young age.

Early Business Career

After graduating from the University of Athra, Liliya was given a senior management position in the Research and Development department based out of the Vakara Tower in the centre of Athra. The Tower itself is huge, easily dominating the already magnificent Athra skyline. It serves many different purposes, along with the other Consortium owned buildings surrounding it. It acts almost as the unofficial economic centre of the city, as well as being a major hub for science, technology, and development, and as a residence for the wealthy and well-known. The Tower houses a great many highly sought-after extravagant penthouse suites which are often said to be the last word in luxury living, with the apex of these suites now being owned and occupied by Liliya. Whilst there exists little information in the public realm of Liliya's business activities during this period, what is known is that her personal wealth increased tremendously, and that her extraordinary management skills and her own personal involvement in the scientific projects of the Consortium R&D were responsible for the invention of a viable zero-point reactor, a scientific breakthrough that would not have been possible without her that sent the value of the Vakara Consortium soaring and enabled a new golden age of technological advancement. Today, the overwhelming majority of energy generated in Athralia comes from newly constructed zero-point reactors, and it is thought that there is no more efficient way to generate energy. Following this discovery, Liliya’s R&D team switched its focus to studying the theory of psionics and the possibility of awakening the psionic potential of the Athralian species, if it indeed exists. Although most of this research was kept from the public with the highest levels of secrecy, numerous promising discoveries led to significant resources being diverted to this project, which soon came to be dubbed Project Ascension. Unfortunately, Liliya resigned after leading the department for 7 years to pursue other avenues before this project could see any true results, and without her genius to lead it, the project was effectively paralyzed.

It was also during this period of her life that Liliya made frequent appearances across Athralian media, with her starring as a guest in various talk shows, appearing as a pundit on the news, and even being awarded a damehood by Saryla Arylae (the Lady Protector at the time) and several awards by both the Athralian Society of Science and Technology and the Athralian Society of Culture. Of these events, one of her more famous was her being interviewed on the popular talk show Athra Today, in which she captivated the audience with a passionate impromptu speech about the politics of the day, and more specifically arguing against increasing the power of the state and raising taxes for the rich, and indeed for everyone. Many political analysts agree that it was this interview and that speech that saw people considering her as a potential candidate for future political office for the first time. Interestingly enough, it was also in this interview that Liliya's personal life was brought up as a topic for discussion, going so far as to hint at an intimate relationship developing between Liliya and Lady Protector Arylae's youngest daughter, Myra. Liliya did not confirm nor deny this, however, and it would be another few years before she would finally confirm it to be true.

Modelling Career

After resigning from Consortium R&D, many expected Liliya to immediately begin working as the head of a separate Consortium department, or even for the government in a position worthy of her impressive qualifications. Instead however, she surprised many by becoming an editorial model, aged 25. Initially, Liliya had never intended to become a model at any point in her life, especially after receiving her doctorate, however after being approached by many who offered exorbitant amounts of money for her to model their brands and fashion due to her uniqueness and her beauty ever since she graduated, she finally accepted on the condition that she doesn't model anything or for anyone that she does not want to. Seeing this as an opportunity to boost her appeal and public image, Liliya began working as a model for several luxury and high fashion brands. As time passed, the number of companies she modelled for slowly dwindled as her costs increased, and eventually she worked solely for the Athra-based Capital Atelier, famed for its diverse range of luxury and designer clothing lines, and for their high-profile clientele. A perfect match for Liliya. Over the next two years, Liliya modelled everything from elegant formal and casual clothing to high-performance sportswear to luxury lingerie and swimwear for Capital Atelier, significantly boosting the company's sales and earning for herself supermodel status, as well as quite the following amongst the Athralian public. At her insistence, she was granted the opportunity to work with Capital Atelier's best designers to launch her own brand of gowns, dresses, and lingerie, which proved to be an immediate hit and incredibly popular amongst the rich and famous of Athralia. The women of Athralia wanted both to be her and to be with her, and at the time, Liliya loved the attention that she was receiving. Nevertheless, Liliya soon began to crave a return to a much more private lifestyle, and so after just over two years of working as a model, she resigned and returned to the Vakara Consortium at the insistence of her former R&D colleagues.

Project Ascension

Now 27 years old, Liliya Vakara returned to the Consortium R&D department at the insistence of her former colleagues, who had almost resorted to pleading for her to come back so that they may finally complete Project Ascension. They were on the cusp of making several enormous breakthroughs, but they were unable to progress further without Liliya's genius and her leadership. Relishing the challenge, the project was renewed with her return. Over the following weeks more progress was made than in the last two years combined, until finally, the necessary breakthrough was finally made. Psionic abilities were proven to be theoretically possible in the Athralian species. Liliya, with her superior mind, had volunteered to pioneer this discovery, essentially acting as a willing guinea pig. After careful preparation, thorough study of the theory and rigorous exercises, Liliya began to undertake a series of tests and experiments in an attempt unlock her psionic potential. The first few months of testing failed to produce any results, however on the seventh month, Liliya had finally managed to awaken her psionic potential and to prove the Theory of Psionics to be correct. Unfortunately, this event caused Liliya to release a massive and uncontrolled burst of raw psionic energy, which appeared as blinding flashes of golden light to the terrified researchers. So bright was the energy that was released that one of the researchers who was present compared the event a supernova, and reports of strange lights illuminating the sky came in from all over the Capital. The intense release of psionic energy and its accompanying rapidly fluctuating gravitational anomalies shredded the laboratory and gravely wounded two of Liliya’s fellow researchers, and after almost a minute, she suffered severe epistaxis and eventually lost consciousness. This process, dubbed her "ascension", also had the side effects of turning her eyes from their natural blue to a very intense gold or yellow colour, her skin had become pale, and her hair had turned from black to completely white. Athralian eyes naturally possess a slight but noticeable glow regardless, but it was also found that this glow increased in intensity the more power Liliya channelled into her new abilities. Similarly, the golden tattoos and symbols that now covered her body were also found to glow in a similar manner (see Linkbefore and Linkafter). Safety concerns prompted the team to relocate to a new, much more reinforced facility miles away from any civilisation on the planet following this incident, but this did not stop the team from testing the extent of Liliya's newfound abilities, especially now that Liliya had a taste of her true power. Over the following weeks and months, many new abilities were discovered, some of which being quite terrifying. In addition to her powers of gravitational manipulation and telekinesis, Liliya also discovered powers of disintegration, cryokinesis, electrokinesis, pyrokinesis, levitation, energy manipulation, telepathy, and even short-range teleportation. It was also theorised that she had become biologically immortal as a result of her new power, due to her now being able to experience greater control over the cells of her own body.

What was once consigned solely to the realms of science fiction and fantasy was now a reality for Liliya. However, before the Consortium could go public with this discovery, they first had to ascertain results from individuals other than Liliya. Whilst her colleagues followed the same training and routines as her, none could even come close to recreating Liliya's ascension. Such psionic abilities seemed to be impossible for them, and so after further study of Liliya's unique physiology, they devised an implant that would theoretically allow them to emulate Liliya's abilities. Whilst not as successful as initially hoped, testing of implanted individuals showed that it was indeed possible for others to utilise the psionic abilities that Liliya could, and although they can do so powerfully and effectively, they were still unable to utilise said abilities to the extent that she could. Despite this, the candidates did still experience the physical changes that Liliya had also experienced, although unlike Liliya’s rather explosive transformation, implanted individuals experienced a much slower and more gradual transformation over time. When the discovery of psionics and the new implants went public, Liliya was barraged with yet another wave of fame. This was naturally still met with some controversy however, as tiny traditionalist groups such as those in the fundamentalist group Purity saw her and her powers as a threat to their way of life, calling her an unnatural abomination and a witch. There are even others who believe that her psionic abilities proved her to be the reincarnation of a goddess worshipped by the Athralians millennia ago, although these claims are not taken seriously.

With the War of the Outsiders starting on the 19th of April 1994, the Consortium R&D team switched their focus to weaponising this discovery for military use, seeking to capitalise on the war effort and improve the capabilities of Athralian soldiers. This took several months and many iterations of the implant, but soon they were able to create an implant far superior to that of the original version. Testing showed that those with the implant were more effective in combat than a standard Athralian Marine by several orders of magnitude, whilst having access to all of the abilities that Liliya had discovered in the months prior provided new tactical opportunities. Although they still failed to attain Liliya's levels of power, their psionic abilities made them incredibly dangerous opponents. With this implant, the Consortium took to creating a private military company consisting solely of these implanted individuals who received both the advanced training of the Marine Commandos of the Confederation as well as additional psionic training so that they could use their abilities effectively in battle. Liliya herself taught the psionic section of the training, and although she also took part in the Commando training, combat simulations, and war games, she did not join the PMC as a soldier and never saw actual combat herself. Those that did, however, were unofficially dubbed the "Witches of Athra", and they played a pivotal role in the liberation of Planet Earth and the ground sieges of many Outsider worlds. This would be Liliya's last personal project within the Consortium, as upon the conclusion of Project Ascension, she left her job and was instead given a seat on the company's Board of Directors, becoming the company's third largest shareholder in the process, after her birth mother and bond mother, respectively.

It is important to note that Liliya's involvement in the Consortium's psionic experimentation did not end here, however. Whilst she may no longer be directly guiding any projects, she uses her influence as a director to secure funding for Project Ascension's successor, Project Transcendence. Whilst next to nothing is known about this project in the public domain, it is thought that its focus is to unlock the psionic potential of the Athralian species without the need for an implant, and to push the abilities of those who are psionically active even further. More information on this project may be found here.

Political Career

When the War of the Outsiders ended 6 years after it began, Liliya decided to take a different direction in life and stood as a candidate in the State of Ystivakyrva elections as a representative for District 3 of Old Athra. On the 5th of June 2000 she was elected to this position after winning more than 70% of the vote, with the local people who supported her stating that "an honest woman of conviction like [Liliya] would best represent them" in the State Parliament. Very quickly, she found herself being considered for higher office by the veteran politicians in the State Parliament, who very much approved of her no-nonsense attitude and libertarian beliefs. This manifested itself as an offer to become the Defence Secretary for the State of Athralia Prime if she maintained her seat in the next election, as the State Government greatly valued her experiences with the Vakara PMC. On the 7th of July 2004, she secured this position with her re-election, and 4 years later she entered into Confederal politics and was elected to the higher office of Senator for Old Athra. Naturally, her political ambitions did not stop here. As Lady Protector Saryla Arylae announced that she would be stepping down from the position and retiring, Liliya submitted her name and her desire to replace her. Many other politicians also eyed the position, and the vast majority were much older and more politically experienced than Liliya, but she nevertheless continued on and started campaigning. The election for the next Lady Protector is no trivial thing in Athralian society, as the position is held until they retire or are voted out of office by the Athralian people, and so Liliya visited every single one of the 214 states of the Confederation on her campaign. These efforts paid off, as on the 8th of August 2012, she won the election with ~67% of the vote and was inaugurated as the next Lady Protector of the Athralian Confederation. She moved in to the Grand Palace of Athra over the course of the following week, were she now holds all official business. She still lives in and works from her other residences on occasion, however, and she often retreats to her Vakara Tower penthouse so that she can cleanse herself of stress and afford herself more privacy.


Since taking power, Lady Protector Vakara has enacted a series of policies that have resulted in the following:

  • An overall reduction in confederal government expenditure

  • A resultant confederal budget surplus

  • Reduced confederal tax rates

  • Slightly increased military expenditure to deal with new galactic threats

  • Closer co-operation with humanity in their efforts to rebuild Earth

Political Opinions

Liliya is an incredibly libertarian woman, who believes in maximising freedom and liberty for the people of Athralia. As such, she holds individual liberty as her core principle, and she emphasises freedom of choice, voluntary association, individual judgement, and self-ownership. She believes that the State should exist solely to protect citizens from aggression, theft, breach of contract, and fraud as defined by property laws. As a result, the only legitimate governmental institutions are the military, police, courts, the executive, the judiciary and the legislature. As is her job as Lady Protector, Liliya is an unwavering constitutionalist, and so she protects and enforces the Athralian Constitution and sees that it continues unaltered. She wishes for Athralia to remain a 'night-watchman' state, a beacon of liberty and free market capitalism.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Individualism, Laissez-Faire Capitalism, The Free Market, Minarchism, Libertarianism, Meritocracy, Industrialism, Non-Partisan Democracy, Constitutionalism, Non-Interventionism, Economic Liberalism, Cultural Liberalism, Patriotism

  • Anti: Collectivism, Communism, Socialism, Social Democracy, Fascism, Nazism, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism, Nationalism, Absolutism, Social Conservatism, Religious Fundamentalism, Traditionalism

Five Dimensional Political Compass

Objectivist Anarchist Non-Interventionist Libertine

Collectivism score: -100%
Authoritarianism score: -100%
Internationalism score: -33%
Tribalism score: 0%
Liberalism score: 100%

8values Test

Personal Life

Liliya shares very little of her personal life with the public, as she prefers to maintain her privacy. In terms of her personality, most people see her as a charismatic and free-spirited individual with an undying love of freedom and an eloquent way with words. Her no-nonsense attitude and unwavering political convictions endear her to the liberty-loving Athralian people, with her never hesitating in her duty to protect the Constitution of the Confederation, and more importantly, the individual rights of every Athralian citizen. This also helps to set her apart from the many career politicians of the Confederation, and indeed all democracies. Her rather glamorous lifestyle is also well known and rather popular, and this gives her an air of charm, elegance and grace that few can match, and naturally she knows just how to use this to get what she wants.

Ever since she was a child, Liliya has been an athletic and sporting individual. Her hobbies reflect this, and she is well known for her love of water sports in particular. Growing up on the paradisaical coastline of Athra, Liliya had constant access to the calm, warm waters of the Athran Ocean in which she could learn to master windsurfing with the help of her mothers. Ylsyri, her birth mother, was a champion windsurfer herself, and this proved to be invaluable as she passed on her knowledge to her daughter. Even now, with Liliya being a champion windsurfer herself and having become the Lady Protector, she returns here to practice the sport whenever she gets the chance. Her psionic abilities now offer her greater possibilities when windsurfing, and this spectacle has drawn a new wave of admirers as they occasionally gather for a chance to watch her perform, often describing her as "magnificent" and as if she was a "goddess of the sea". She also has a passion for sailing, even in this age of space travel. She finds it to be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable, especially when she's at the helm.

Liliya hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to relationships. She had been in a long and intimate relationship with Myra Arylae, the daughter of former Lady Protector Saryla Arylae, since her mid twenties, however this relationship broke down not long after Liliya entered into the role of Lady Protector herself. According to an interview with Myra, the relationship had become difficult to maintain after Liliya's psionic awakening. Myra has always been one of the few to know of Liliya's mental issues, but these only grew worse after the awakening and evolved into other conditions, such as "horrific" nightmares. In this interview, Myra described how Liliya had become cold, brooding, domineering, and manipulative, how her mood often varied significantly and without warning, and how her girlfriend would have "psionic episodes" that frightened Myra. Although Myra went out of her way to explain how Liliya had never actually hurt her and showed great regret and dejection whenever she came close to, she had to end the relationship after concluding that she could no longer live with someone "with such frightening raw power at her fingertips". Now, the Lady Protector is not romantically involved with anyone, but it is nevertheless thought that she has seen a number of other women since she separated from Myra, with love still eluding her.

It should also be noted that, much like the overwhelming majority (>99%) of Athralians, religion plays no part in Liliya's personal life, and she considers herself to be an atheist. Although she would never even contemplate restricting one's right to practice their faith, she views religion as naïve and irrational. That being said, Liliya is a member of an organisation known as the Transcendent, which some have branded a religious cult due to its advocacy for the evolution of the Athralian species through psionic and cybernetic means. Responding to the aforementioned claims of cult-like status, Liliya simply laughed and reaffirmed her anti-religious personal views, whilst stating that the Transcendent are strictly rational and secular.

Mental Issues

Despite her nature, Liliya is exceptionally prone to behavioural abnormalities and personality disorders, so much so that she may be considered a sociopath, or even psychopath. Although her parents may have designed her to be physically and genetically "perfect", it is impossible for such genetic modification to prevent mental issues that may arise as a result of external factors, such as the environment, past experiences, or emotional and physical trauma. Liliya has had therapy to treat her mental issues throughout her life, and with regards to the depression that she experienced in her earlier years, this treatment is considered to be successful. However, she is far from cured of all mental issues, as a number of other disorders still lurk within her mind, albeit now buried beneath many layers of therapy sessions and suppressed by medication. Her therapists have observed that after her depression had been eliminated, Liliya instead started to develop antisocial tendencies and personality disorders that had progressively worsened. This, coupled with the abilities granted to her by her psionic awakening, worried her therapists as they knew that this could potentially lead to a very dangerous situation, the likes of which the Athralian species has never seen before. Medically speaking, Liliya possesses symptoms that have led to her being diagnosed with varying levels of antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic, and sadistic personality disorders. As such, she has become exploitative, unpredictable, and manipulative, she fears abandonment, loneliness, and isolation above all else, has an overactive sex drive, is excessively seductive and craves constant sexual gratification, is egotistical, insouciant, and vain, can be needlessly cruel, is liable to sudden outbursts of rage, and derives sexual pleasure from inflicting pain and from dominating and intimidating others. Liliya's mental state may be far from cured of these issues, if such a thing is even possible for an incredibly complex mind such as hers, but Athralian medicine keeps her stable. Outside of her therapy sessions, one would not even be able to tell that she had such issues to begin with. Nevertheless, she is being constantly monitored by an advanced medical AI, and understandably, Liliya wishes to keep this personal information away from the public sphere and from anyone outside of her therapy sessions. Not even her mothers are aware of the true extent of their daughter’s mental issues.


The Confederation stands for freedom. Only liberty for the individual assures prosperity for the whole, and this foundation must be defended, at any cost. Our differences give us strength. Many ideas, one spirit. None shall equal our glorious plurality, and none shall be fiercer in defending Athralian dignity.
The only way that has ever been discovered to encourage the people to co-operate together voluntarily is through the free market, and that is why it is so essential to preserving individual freedom. Of course this is not to say that capitalism is a sufficient condition for freedom and liberty in and of itself, but that it is instead a necessary condition.
Capitalism is the only system in history, both Athralian and human, in which wealth is not acquired by looting, but by production. Not by force, but by trade. It is the only system that stands for the individual's right to her own mind, to her work, to her life, to her happiness, and to herself. I find it both confusing and concerning that a number of our new human friends see this as evil. If, by human standards, this is evil, if this is the reason for damning us, then we - we, the champions of liberty - accept it, and choose to be damned by that world. We choose to wear the name 'capitalism' printed on our foreheads, proudly, as our badge of nobility.

Additional Facts and Trivia

• Liliya refuses to be paid a salary for her role as the Lady Protector of the Athralian Confederation, as she feels that using taxpayer money to subsidise her lifestyle would be unmerited, wasteful, and better spent elsewhere.
• Although her net worth is not actually known due to the private nature of Athralian society, it is widely speculated that Liliya's position within the Vakara Consortium, the fashion and modelling royalties that she is owed, her personal investments, and numerous other factors all ensure that she is counted as one of the richest women in the galaxy, if not the richest.
• Liliya stands at a height of roughly 251 centimetres tall, which is 4 centimetres above the Athralian average.
• As a result of her genetic modification and her psionic awakening, Liliya's genetic code is more valuable than that of anyone else in Athralia, with many being willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money just for a sample of her DNA.
• Liliya is not particularly fond of humanity, and sees it as a violent and primitive species, especially after having witnessed the rise of xenophobic political factions within Earth's newly formed global government. Nevertheless, she is still willing to co-operate with humans, and hopes that they will soon follow the Athralian example.
• As part of Project Transcendence, Liliya has received several cybernetic enhancements. These enhancements include, but are not limited to:
          • a skeletal lattice, which has reinforced her skeleton with a synthetic weave, making her bones almost unbreakable and able to regenerate much more quickly in the event of trauma
          • a microfibre muscle weave in which her muscles and organs were perforated with synthetic microfibres to increase overall strength, and to decrease the potential for muscle damage from exertion
          • a synthetic skin weave, with strong synthetic fibres being woven throughout her skin, allowing her to heal more quickly and dramatically strengthening her skin
• When asked what it is like to be uniquely gifted with her psionic abilities, Liliya simply responded with "lonely" and made no further comments.

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