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Atheara - A (In) Progress Overview

This is the Overview of The Allied States of Atheara:

The Allied States of Atheara is a large nation located in Northern Europe consisting of the Nordic Countries, Northern Poland and Germany, a Small Chunk of Russia and Belarus, the Baltics, Iceland, and a huge part of Scotland. Each Country is not Independent, however united into a single Government of a higher level than of theirs, excluding the Polish, German, Russian, and Belorussian Territories. With an approximate population of 453 Million Athearans of Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Scottish, German, and Polish descent. The capital of Astena, which was known as Oslo located in Norway. Other major cities are Deskala (Talinn), Harindar (Rekyjavik), Sisalena (Stockholm), Estria (Riga), and Riyagur (Helsinki).

Started out as a resistance movement against Germany in 1942, Atheara has had a huge impact on the world in modern times. Through starting wars for expansion and compensation, Atheara has had a journey ever since it's conceptual birth during World War I in 1917. The theory of "Atheara" was made by a German named Krugel Alksheir, a Theorist and Chess genius born in 1899 and died in 1968. The German, Scottish, Russian, Belorussian, and Baltic territories were taken by force during the 1950s up to the 1990s. Iceland, and Polish Lands were earned through more subtle means.

The Country has an estimated GDP of 13,4 Trillion USD, making it the 7th Largest in the World behind Countries like the RGC, Rep. of China, The Western US, and a few more. It heavily relies on Aircraft Production, Tourism, and Electronic Services. Atheara's Economy started booming around 2025 when a World Famous Online Celebrity by the name of "MreeVoid" visited the Country himself. He had amassed a following of 147 Million people. Tourism grew, more Aircraft for Tickets to Atheara, more Infrastructure, and so on so forth.

Geography, Demographics, and Economy


Athearan Terrain is what you would expect. Mountains, Hills, Fjords, Forests, Urban Areas, and so on. However what many people do not know, is that the Forests in Atheara are also quite marshy, especially in the Baltic Regions. Snowy Marshes often appear in the Nordic Forests during Winter Season. The Baltics is also, funnily enough, the most Indutrialized Area of Atheara, in terms of Production, Factories, etc. The Nordic Area is the most populated, with 231 Million alone in the Nordic Countries, Iceland, and Finland combined. Atheara also has the record of most Islands, due to the Natural Finnish terrain. Scotland is mostly a Hilly place, due to it being The Highlands. Russian, Polish, Belorussian, and German lands are mostly flat, perfect for Agriculture. Iceland is very mountainous and has several active Volcanoes.


The Athearan Population is a bit diverse. At around 50% are Nordic, 20% are from the South (German, Polish), Another 15% are Baltic, 10% are Slavs or Scottish, while the remaining 5% are Foreign. The Religious Demographics are also interesting, with 70% being Atheist, 20% being Christian (10% Catholic, 5% Orthodox, 5% Protestant) 7,5% adhere to Islam, while the remaining 2,5% are Others.


The Athearan Economy is a mix of Private, State Owned, and Government owned Industries. Government owned Industries are mostly ones that tend to the people, such as the Food Industry, the Farming and Fishing Industry, and so forth. The State Industries are the same, but more diverse with Clothing, Arms Manufacturing, etc. Private Industries have free reign on what Industry to focus on. This is one of the reasons Atheara is also a Tourism based Economy. Electronics are mostly produced by Private Industries and Corporations, while Aircraft is produced by all three.

Politics and International Relations


Atheara is a State of Allied States, where Countries form under one Flag, but stay relatively independent from it, but not a full fledged Country. Those Countries are: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, and Scotland. The Territories of North Polska-Germania (Germany and Poland), Russia, and Belarus are controlled by their closest Countries that are aligned with Atheara. Atheara's "considered" official Ideology is "European Nationalism" and it's "considered" official Government system is a "Semi Democratic and Independent Parliamentary Dictatorship" which is still debated.

The Athearan Council is divided into two Parties, one for the more educated Party members, while another for the Basic Party supporters. They are called "The High Council" and "The People's Council" respectively. THC is divided into 200 Seats for Four Parties, which later on they become a 100 Seats 2 Party system of a sort. You must be over 18 and you must have been at least to College, they vote for the new President every 5 Years. TPC has 400 Seats for the Four Parties, Permanent Numbers. They vote every 50 Years or so. You must be at least 4 Months associated with the Party you want to support and over 16 Years Old. Meaning that there are around 20 Votes every Century, with 2 of the Votings being a Double Vote.

There are Four Parties, The Nationalist People's Party (NPP), The People's Liberal Party (PLP), The Central Workers Party (CWP), and The Social Communists Party (SCP). Each with their own beliefs, For's and Againsts. The current President, Eriana Delis was originally part of the NPP. The 1st Female President, Kheira Oleshire, was a part of the PLP. However, each Government of each Country stays the same, it's just the Athearan Government that has been developed to be like this. Because of this, many past Royal Families, mostly from the Nordic Countries are still in control of their Country.

International Relations

Atheara has many relations Internationally, whether being Allies, or Enemies. This is due to Atheara's past where Atheara started many Wars and Conflicts against other fellow Nations. Most Nations have accepted Atheara as a State, yet some Nations still won't accept the fact that they were humiliated because of this. Atheara is also part of the Re-Enhanced European Union, and is a part of The United Nations, yet the UN now acts more like an International Treaty rather than an Organization.

Atheara is very close to their Southern Neighbour, The Reformed German Confederation. After the War of Exchangement (1956-1957) where Atheara gained North Germany, the rest of Germany had been rebuilding and had been prosperous and even re-united itself with Austria, while Switzerland opted to join as an Autonomous State. Luxembourg joined in as well, while the Northern Netherlands had to be taken by force back in 2026.

Atheara is also a trading partner of Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, and The Western United States. After the 2nd American Civil War, Atheara had heavily invested in Reparation of the West Coast. Indonesia and Australia had been trading with Atheara since the 2010s during the time, known as the "Sailing Winds" while Indonesia and Australia New Zealand had been a bit against the Government System of Atheara, all parties agreed to keep it to eachother.

Now for some Colder Relations, Atheara is particularly Neutral towards Japan and Russia. Although Athearan Culture has been influenced by Japanese, Japan itself finds the whole idea of a "Western Idol Culture" to be a bit far fetched, and also because they decided to Isolate themselves from Global Conflict for the next Half of the Century. Russia, is a difficult position to manuever ever since the Claimings of Northwest Russia and Belarus, Russia has been particularly careful towards Atheara Agression. While they are not a direct threat, they are not much of help either.

For Hostilities, Atheara truly has a passion on hating the Chinese and Indians, not because of Politics, but because the two have been fighting a War non-stop since 2041 in the Himalayas. Why is Atheara pissed about this? Because Pakistan is one of Atheara's only way to access Central Asia and Pakistan is taking direct damage from this war. Nukes were also dropped during 2045, but none have been dropped ever since. The UN can't do anything since they are powerless in this situation.

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