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Eriana Delis - The Leader of Atheara

This is an Overview on Eriana Delis, the Leader of Atheara:
Born on 16th of July in 2021 and took Power on 4th of August 2039, Eriana has strived for Central Authority since she was 12, when she realized that she was able to lead a team properly in a Gaming Tournament where she lead a team of 5, including herself. She is the first leader to mainly communicate to the Public by Voice Only. However, Politicians and Ministers do know her actual appearance.

She is an Outgoing woman in person, and is a Discussion Starter, she always wants to talk about even the smallest of things. She is also Decisive, a Trade-Offer kind of person. She has been known for her Excellency in Leading the country.
She lost her Parents when she was 15, meaning she was living alone since then. She is mainly known in her personality to be deceiving, affirmative, and orderly.

When she succesfully became the President, she knew that she needed to take care of the Country, so she decided to care for the people first. Infrastructure, Administration, Education and more. The Principle that is taught by her is "In a Community, the People Always Come First. Even More so as You Grow and Think Bigger"

About Her
She has a fear of Diamonds, In her free time she streams some random stuff that happens at the Office and is also a streamer herself, Her full name is actually Eriana Van Harden Dellis, She is the 2nd Female President of Atheara (more on that soon), Her hobbies are Playing Paintball; Learning History; Swordfighting; Gaming; and Hunting, Her appearance is of a Virtual one due to Radioactive effects during a Powerplant Breakdown when she was 25.

In general, she has been considered as a "Revolutioner" of Politics due to her unique way of Governing Atheara as a Country itself. Especially the whole "Presidential Dictatorship" kind of arguement. She is very formal with her way of speaking and the way she types. Being a Protestant ruling an Atheist Country was not easy, which is why she decided to become an Atheist herself, but she keeps some tendencies from when she was still a Protestant.

Ethnically, she is a mix of Norwegian, Icelandic, and British of some sorts, as her Family Tree is a complete mess with some Family Members being switched in positions and some being missing from the Family as a whole. Her closest relation is one to her Cousin Twice Removed, Karenia Frestwell, but they rarely interact with eachother. She has a distinct Scandinavian accent due to the fact that most of the time, she is speaking with a Monotome Voice.

Implemented Policies
These are some Major Policies that Eriana has implemented for Atheara during her reign and as of currently.

-The Abolishment of Vice Presidents
The most controversial policy she implemented back in March 2042. The abolishment of the Vice President Position means that Eriana has solidified her power. The UN and International Community was outraged by this, yet she is starting to prove them wrong. Life in Atheara was getting better under her regime as she cared for the people, without becoming an insane dictator, which is what usually happens. She once said "Better to have a single person whom is none the wiser than two whom both have lower, but equal or unequal decisions"

-Artificial Citizenship
Less controversial but still confusing. Implemented on August 2044, this gives AI official citizenship from the Government. A lot of people say that this is bad, but so far AIs have been very friendly with humans. This has also started to create many positive results, whether by reviews or from eye to eye.

-Energy Continuation
An Enviromental and Energy Policy for Atheara to maximize Solar, Water, and Nuclear Energy as Full Time sources without using Coal or Oil to produce Energy for the Country. Many Countries are also starting to follow suit to transfer from Coal and Oil to Solar and Nuclear. Implemented on December 2047.

Titles are difficult to earn in Atheara, which is why when one earns a Title, they are honored with grace. Eriana Delis has Two Titles, one more feared than the other.

Mistress of The Iron Cross
The Title of Mistress of The Iron Cross was given to her after "The Removal of The Vice President" Drama, as she took a keen interest to keep the Country at Power, and not put oneself over everyone else. Many people are suprised that she hasn't lost her sanity and become a Dictator, like what would usually happen. This is why there is a variation of this title, known as The Moral Mistress of The Iron Cross, the term of The Iron Cross is used as a sign of Power and Force, which had happen in the situation that Eri had put herself in years ago.

The Revolutioner
The title of The Revolutioner was given because of how Eriana Delis has changed the way many Politicians think today, "Be More Open with Ideals, Communicate with Supporters, Work Together as One" is one such way of saying in short on how she made the Thinking Scope of Politicians change. She also revolutionized the way Politicians and World Leaders operate, the whole idea of "Ruling a Country and Streaming it" seems to be quite the insane idea for some people.

These are Quotes that Eriana Delis had thought and said to the Public in any form, and has a sort of Philosophical and Logical explanation as to why.

"Better to have a single person whom is none the wiser than two whom both have lower, but equal or unequal decisions."

"As one struggles because of themselves, others become lightened through it."

"It's not about why you do it, it's about how you do it. Do it well and you thrive, do it do it wrong and you will cry."

"Truly, one can only achieve something with Patience and what they call, Perseverance. Without the two, whatever you try to achieve is difficult."

A One Handed Broadsword. In Atheara, if your Paintgun has run out of Paint, you can use Blunt Swords! Eriana decided to buy one from an Antique shop which was in good condition. She cleaned and sharpened the Sword herself. Who knows what can happen?

A Medieval Wooden Shield to go along with a Sword. Very nicely made with Carbonwood.
A Tikka T3 TLC Bolt Action Sniper Rifle that she uses for Hunting.

This is her Appearance.

-Thanks to Wochaystein for reccomending me Artbreeder for her Appearance. Original art done by arinakulaeva2

-First time making a detailed factbook, let me know about it.