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The Flag - What it Represents

The Flag of Atheara is known as the Iron Nordic Star.

The Flag contains a White Top Half and a Blue Bottom Half, While a Black Nordic Cross is between the two colors. In the Upper Left and Bottom Left, there is a Iron Cross with inverted colors (Blue on Top and White on Bottom). Inside the Nordic Cross there is a Blue Four Pointed Star with a White Outline.

The White means the clearness of the White Sky, while the Blue means the Oceans that surround Atheara. The Nordic Cross means the balance of the Land between the Sky and the Sea (The Vertical half means the borders of the Nation which is guarded by the Military). The Iron Crosses mean the representing Airforce and Navy of the Nation (Atheara's strongpoint in their Military). The Blue Star and White Outline means that in Capital of Atheara (Astena) anything is possible. Just like a Star in space that shines bright, like the future.

Fun facts. Inspired by the Nordic Cross, but if you flip the flag and remove everything you could see the outline of the Estonian flag (This was accidental). Colors were inspired by several flags, (Blue from Estonia, Sweden) (White from Indonesia) (Black from Germany)