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Athara Magarati Intelligence (AMI)

Athara Magarati Intelligence

Logo of the Athara Magarati Intelligence
(Made by Samudera)

Intelligence Agency Overview


January 1, 1951 (as Magarati Intelligence Agency)
September 10, 1996 (as Athara Magarati Intelligence)


Government of Athara Magarat


New Libang



Annual budget


Agency executives

Colonel Anil Rana Magar, Director
Major Rakisha Pahari, Sub-Director

The Athara Magarati Intelligence (AMI) is the premier intelligence agency of Athara Magarat, operationally responsible for gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information from around the Isles. As one of the principal members of the Athara Magarati intelligence community, the AMI reports to the Director and is primarily focused on providing intelligence for the Government of Athara Magarat.

AMI consists primarily of serving military officers drawn on secondment from the Athara Magarat National Army. However, the agency also recruits many civilians. Since its creation, AMI has been headed by a serving colonel of the Athara Magarat National Army, who is appointed by the Hang or Hangma of the Athara Magarati Federation of Hangates on recommendation of the General of Athara Magarat National Army and the Divan-i-Magarati, who recommend three officers for the job. AMI is currently headed by Colonel Anil Rana Magar who was appointed Director of AMI on 1 January, 2016 with Major Rakisha Pahari as the Sub-Director. The Director reports directly to both Jrm Hangma, the current Hangma of Athara Magarat, and the Army General.

In recent times, AMI has come under increasing criticism from both civilian and military circles for not being able to keep terrorist elements like SHOCK in check. There are even allegations that AMI covertly supports multiple terrorist organizations and drug gangs across the Isles in order to combat SHOCK and hostile nations.

History of AMI

In 1996, Fimla Hangma, was elected the second leader of the newly formed Athara Magarati Federation of Hangates and she set for rapidly modernizing the nation. It was Fimla Hangma who restructured AMI, which was previously known as the Magarati Intelligence Agency (MIA), through officers from the military to specialize in the collection, analysis, and assessment of external military and non-military intelligence. The recruitment and expansion of AMI was to be managed and undertaken by the Sub-Directior of AMI.

Some analysts (mainly from other nations) believe that AMI provides support to the so-called "moderate" terrorist groups that have rivalry with SHOCK. Though according to other analysts, these allegations remain unsubstantiated with evidence. Former AMI Director, Colonel Nayan Gurung, confessed to assisting various militant "Isles Native" groups and anti-monarchists across the Isles.

With the rise of the threat posed by SHOCK and the ongoing refugee crisis which has fed to the terror group's ranks, AMI has collaborated with its counterparts in other nations to combat SHOCK effectively across the Isles.


AMI is headed by a Director, who is traditionally a serving colonel in the Athara Magarat National Army. The Sub-Director, who is a serving major, reports directly to the Director. The Director is also the head of the "Internal Wing" while the Sub-Director is in charge of the "External Wing".

  • Internal Wing responsible for intelligence gathering, counter-intelligence, counter-espionage, and counter-terrorism within the borders of the Athara Magarati Federation of Hangates.

  • External Wing responsible for intelligence gathering, counter-intelligence, and espionage in foreign nations.

The general staff of AMI is composed of military officers of the armed forces as well as civilian officers from the Athara Magarati customs, police and judiciary. They are recruited for 5 years and to enhance AMI's professional competence. Experienced army officers who perform well are given repeated extensions in their service. While the total number of employees in AMI has never been made public, experts estimate around 1,000 officers and staff, which does not include informants or assets.

Departments of AMI

  • Deathstalker Unit - Responsible for paramilitary and covert operations as well as special activities. Its operatives are selected from the military and the Armed Police Force and trained by the Vancouvian Special Forces. Before the Deathstalker unit was formed in 2017 with the help of the Vancouvians, the now disbanded Covert Actions Team (CAT) handled covert operations for AMI.

  • Magarati Intelligence X - MIX coordinates all the other departments in AMI. Intelligence and information gathered from the other departments are sent to MIX which prepares and processes the information and from which prepares reports which are presented.

  • Magarati Intelligence Y - MIY is responsible for gathering anti-state intelligence as well as information on drug trafficking rings and fake currency. It also provides the government and police with information on "violent" protest groups.

  • Magarati Intelligence Z - MIZ is focused on counterintelligence operations against foreign intelligence agencies of foreign countries that are deemed a threat to Athara Magarati sovereignty, particularly monarchies, or against the Coalition of Six (C6)'s rival Mesder Sea Treaty Organization (Corindia, Miklania, Norstham and Polar Svalbard).

  • Magarati Intelligence A - MIA is responsible for espionage, including offensive intelligence operations, in foreign nations regardless of the nation's diplomatic ties with Athara Magarat although, like the MIZ, it mostly targets monarchies or member states of the MSTO. It is also responsible for collecting information on foreign-based terror groups. Some analysts allege that MIA has established contacts with criminal elements and terrorist organizations in foreign nations to further AMI's goals.

  • Magarati Intelligence B - MIB, often jokingly referred to as Men in Black, is the is the signals intelligence (SIGINT) directorate of AMI overseeing both electronic signals intelligence (ELINT), communications intelligence (COMINT). Nowadays, it often works closely with Computer Emergency Response Team of Athara Magarati Internet Networks (CERTAIN) on countermeasures against SHOCK's notorious hackers.

  • Magarati Intelligence C - MIC deals with development of science and technology to advance the Athara Magarati intelligence gathering. The directorate is charged to take steps against the electronic warfare attacks in Athara Magarat. Without any exception, officers from this divisions are reported to be engineer officers and military scientists who deal with the military promotion of science and technology. There are also separate explosives and a chemical and biological warfare sections within this department of AMI.

  • Magarati Intelligence S - MIS comprises officers from several different government services. It monitors the terrorist groups activities that operate against the Athara Magarati Democratic Hangate, in particular the actions of SHOCK. It also assists in and oversees the operations of Deathstalker unit and used to recruit members for now disbanded Covert Actions Team (CAT).

Recruitment and training

Both civilians and members of the armed forces can join AMI. For civilians, recruitment is advertised and is jointly handled by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and civilian AMI agents are considered employees of the Ministry of Defense. The PSC conducts various examinations testing the candidate's knowledge of current affairs, multi-lingual ability (it has been speculated that AMI agents have to be fluent in lesser known Khas-Kirati languages or foreign languages) and various analytical abilities. Based on the results, the PSC shortlists the candidates and sends the list to AMI who conduct the initial background checks. The selected candidates are then invited for an interview which is conducted by a joint committee comprising both AMI and PSC officials, then the selected persons are sent to National Intelligence School (NIS) for further training of six months. Later these officers are transferred to different sections for open source information where they serve for five years. Officers after five years of basic service are entrusted with sensitive jobs and declared the core team of AMI.

Functions of AMI

  • Collection of information and extraction of intelligence from information - AMI obtains information critical to Athara Magarat's strategic interests. Both overt and covert means are adopted.

  • Classification of intelligence - Data is sifted through, classified as appropriate, and filed with the assistance of the computer network in AMI's headquarters in New Libang.

  • Aggressive intelligence - The primary mission of AMI includes aggressive intelligence which comprises espionage, psychological warfare, subversion, sabotage.

  • Counterintelligence - AMI has a dedicated section which spies against enemy's intelligence collection.

Methods of AMI

  • Human intelligence - AMI is a very well-funded organisation. It employs a large number of different types of human resource which share information voluntarily or involuntarily. AMI agents often build a very warm relationship with the subjects and take a long time to build trust. Initially, "Magarati" diaspora (Khas-Kiratis, Domans, Aziris, Samuderans, Linavians, Lortiks, Nyssics, etc) in large numbers across the Isles were most attempted targets but nowadays AMI agents are said to make informants out of almost anyone they deem suitable for espionage regardless of their backgrounds.

  • Diplomatic missions - Diplomatic missions provide an ideal cover and AMI centers in a target country are generally located on the embassy premises.

  • Multinationals - AMI operatives find good covers in multinational organisations. Non-governmental organizations and cultural programs are also popular screens to shield AMI activities.

  • Media - International media centers can easily absorb AMI operatives and provide freedom of movement.

  • Collaboration with other agencies - AMI maintains active collaboration with other secret services in various countries. It's contacts with Noronica's His Majesty's Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS), Ostehaar's Oster Vaalar je Aanevord (OVAST) and Samudera's Samuderan Agency for Foreign Intelligence (SAFI) have been well known.

  • Third Country Technique - AMI has has been active in obtaining information and operating through third countries that have neutral or cordial relations with targeted nation, group or organization. This is often done through member states of the C6.

Major operations of AMI across the Isles

  • Operation Outer Realm - AMI's covert program to arm and finance armed groups around the Isles against threats to the Athara Magarati Federation of Hanagates since 1998. This operation is the longest covert AMI operation ever undertaken. Recently, the primary target of this program has been SHOCK and AMI is covertly funding their rivals in the war on SHOCK.

  • Operation Shadow of Intent - AMI's counter-intelligence program targeting the foreign intelligence agencies of MSTO nations. This operation was established by the Director at the start of the year 2017. It's objective is to uncover possible planning of sabotages and infiltration by MSTO intelligence agencies on the nuclear weapons development projects of C6 allies Domanania and Keomora. The program has been running with help from Noronica's FIS.