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Trash bin - Kalokohan atbp.

I like memes


Unpopular opinion

I think bronies and weebs should be humiliated. Marcos II "Hitler" is our lord and savior. Ukrojews control the world so we must shake off the chains of their control.

Bayan multiverses

Bayan 538 - Terten is a theocrat. Philippines is a totalitarian Christofascist state.
Bayan 616 - Terten is a simple dictator. The Philippines is a progressivist state. It is the SJW state defeated by SACTO.
Bayan 125 - Terten is an emperor who overthrew a democratic Philippine government.
Bayan 333 - Terten is a powerful sorcerer who seized power in the Philippines via his powers.
Bayan 267 - Terten is a robot who hacks Philippine internet and seizes power as its robocrat.
Bayan 334 - Terten is an anarchist who single handedly kills the Philippine government. The Philippines is a failed state with no government.
Bayan 123 - Terten is a Jihadist. The Philippines is an Islamic emirate closed off to the world.
Bayan 333 - Terten is a communist premier who rules a country with a collapsing economy.
Bayan 452 - Terten is a democratically elected president who administers a fairly prosperous globalized Philippine government. He is assassinated midway of his term however.

The Eternal Lotharia's pope vs the ONE TRUE POPE

Bayan extra lore vocabulary

Purification - The aim of the bayan in its current foreign policy. To purify the world of threats to stability, harmony and lasting peace of the bayan. To purify the bayan society of threats against peace and prosperity.

Pure society - The aim of the bayan's current domestic policy. A safe and Catholic nation that worships Terten as the herald of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Erian's corner (OOC)

It's either Erian Francisco or that certain evil Vietnamese guy who shall remain nameless.

Erian's moral maxims

If you don't like me. I can become your worst antagonist. I won't stop until you'll like me. :P (cliche i know)

About Mangotreestianity

Mangotreestianity is a belief system that believes in the story that Bathala, the ancient pre colonial Filipino god chose the mango as his most favored creation.

The 3 maxims of the mangotreestian:

-When it causes pain or destroys, it's bad.
-When it gives happiness and helps in unity and creation, it's good.
-Mangoes must be eaten at least once a year or else one will not join in the eternal banquet with the bathala's creations.
-The LGBT should be respected and regarded. They have exclusive rights, along with women, to serve in the priestly occupation of the Babaylan. Marriage is for all in accordance with the first maxim.
-Yes, Mango Tristianity is pagan.

MY RELIGION SUPPORTS SCIENCE - According to our doctrines, reason is man's ultimate weapon.

Though in all seriousness, i am a non practicing Christian who does not believe in organized religion.





The paths

Socrates, the king of reason and Philosophy

Dangers of dogma

Trash bin

Also, who the fack is sick enough to like my factbook article on Sunogabi?

Asigna's (2013-2015 Hetalia persona)
Birthday(s): April 4, 2041 (Rise of Terten). June 12, 1898 (Philippine independence war against Spain)
July 4, 1946 (Philippine independence from the United states).

If Asigna Philippines were in Hetalia he would be represented by Felip de Gusman. A 16-20 year old teenager. His personality would totally be depending on what Asigna's (the NS IC nation) conduct would be. But he would inherently be a delinquent since the Asigna account has been banned many times for proclaiming of being a bully to the Chinese.

He would wear an Asigna party uniform and wearing linear skates which he uses to skate in the battle field as if he were an ice skater as well keep a military cap with him. He either a sword or two electronic arnis sticks as his weapons all strapped to his back.

He has close relationships with the nation of the Neo philippine empire, formerly known as National socialist Philippines. The delinquent duo. Other than that, he also likes Huda as his younger brother. Ironically, despite being compassionate and peaceloving , he hangs out with dictatorships as he thinks they are more "brotherly" and protective.

Other than that, he likes debates and is talented at many instruments, likes to sing and is not fond of traveling and browsing through the multiverse.

It is still unknown if he is ideologically oriented to hating the Chinese or if he is the actual Philippines or just the personification of the Asigna party that rules over the latter.

Whether or not he is good at war making, it is yet to be revealed (to know, please declare war on Asigna Philippines). He never really talks much about his strength in war as it often ends up with people undermining him.

He has many friends in which he simply calls "my allies". He also has an ambiguous relationship with Free Tristania, whom he has territorial claims to the latter's vital regions in which he only declares only when Free Tristania is not around but denies it when he actually is on sight maintaining a friendly relationship with him that is often informal.

Previously, he was a powerful global power that used to power play against communist nations in world affairs using the Axis pact, an anti communist alliance which he claimed marked the days of him being a "gangster nation" and those days of him being a good fighter (but even today he still claims he retains that skill).

For a short time he was a global power that was until the Axis, which was keeping him powerful, fell in May 31, 2048 and much of his very important allies left his side after then. Still delusional and determined to keep his status as a global, he was one of those who created the Central powers treaty as an attempted successor to the Axis pact, but it did not turn out well as of this moment and rather found himself doing nothing than minding his own business. He then became disillusioned of his perceived global power status as his previous enemies, communist nations and the United left, wee growing even more powerful than him from time to time. He then became convinced that military power was no longer a barometer that could make him great, as a result, he then returned to making his small business into a successful one in his mission to make himself and hopefully, his remaining friends, rich and powerful again.

Under the guidance of his progressivist beliefs, he has the goal of making himself rich and a dynamic person yet he always procrastinates into doing other things that bring him into very deep trouble such as making war with communists or fascists, shattering his prestige so much though he usually manages to spring back up and make up for his mistakes.

He is determined to conquer the world.

Here's a simple drawing i made of Felip.

Marukaite Chikyuu
(Asigna Philippines)

Martsa! Martsa Martsa! HINTO!

Qautro, tres, dos, uno!

Hoy hoy ina, bigay alak!
hoy hoy ina, hoy hoy ina


Draw a circle, that's the earth
Draw a circle, that's the earth
Draw a circle, that's the earth
I am Filipinas.

Draw a circle, that's the earth
Look closely, that's the earth
Or is it really the earth?
I am Filipinas.

Ah, just shout mabuhay!
The large and cheerin crowds can be seen.
Eating all kinds of the yummy fiesta foods!

Ah, the food I can't wait for
Is a recipe of happiness
"I'm excited!"
It follows the scent and starts to dance,
of the Cariņosa

Draw a circle, that's the earth
Look closely, that's the earth
Or is it really the earth?
I am Filipinas. long agooo
you said to me "I shall return"...
I have waited in these islands
it's a promise

Ah...even if you're really so far far away...
My really big..

Written on December 25, 2013. Merry Christmas.

I'll use this as a temporary storing place

an Autocratic one-party military dictatorship

ruled similar to this

the ruling party is the Bashriyyan Homeland Party similar to this, which Nasheed leads, but rules via a military junta.

he would have a policy of killing opposition journalists.

very later in the story he will be arrested after huge Romanian type protests over Nasheed's harboring of Islamic terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda.

he ruled as a popular leader despite the brutality.

and established a huge personality cult, strict Sharia law, advocated Pan-Arabism, large-scale public works, anti-usury policies based on the Gold dinar and National Syndicalist economics.

Nasheed took power in a coup similar to Pinochet in order to prevent the President from doing a business deal with Red China.

he then shot the President on live television.

I will send it.


Bashriyya culturally is like Tunisia.

similar to the Independent State of Croatia with many bad human rights abuses.

yes, under a retconned Muhammed Al-Nasheed.


also could you run Bashriyya as a satellite state?

[...] could European colonialism have "destroyed" China considering British colonialism "created" India as a nation as opposed to a geographic area?

Maybe "Chinese" becomes like "Arab" in a world where European powers and Japan destroyed and partitioned the Qing Empire.

British colonialism created a nation-state arguably [very] diverse [...]