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Supreme Chancellor Primus


Real Name


Commonwealth Chairman

Alt. Names
Song Hyun Woo, Kars Belzagar

Biographical Information


Hurite-Metahuman Hybrid

August 27 ████

unknown, (current body)22
(New Eden)5


Businessman, Musician (formerly)
Superhero, Chairman of Ascion

Physical Description


(current body)178 cm

(current body)56.9kg

Skin color
(current body)pale

Eye color

Hair color
(current body)blonde

Blood type

Aura/Qi color(s)
white (formerly), blue (formerly)
green (formerly), rainbow

Political Information

Ascionese, New Edenite

Sharif family, HALO
Ascionese Government, Order of Feorh

chaotic neutral (formerly)
lawful good (formerly)
lawful neutral

Biological Information



Jung Ye-In/Yein, Roh Ji-Sun/Jisun

Yesung, Yewon, Jisung, Jihyun

Portrayed by LinkPark Seonghwa

Primus or commonly known by his alias as Song Hyun Woo is a human male Ascionese politician from the House of Sharif, as well as the founder of Ascion. He is the current Commonwealth Chairman of Ascion.

A native of Earth, Primus was born in Old Asia (approximately a millennia before The Great War). Inherently gifted by an elemental power, he discovered his own superpower in high school and became a teenage superhero with his best-friend, the would-be leader of A m e n r i a, Cheonsa. In his college years, he trained his own power all by himself but stopped being a superhero, and focused on his real-life instead, resulted in the disbandment of Urban Jungle. Though, at some occasions, he would try to save his college peers and strangers.

Later in life, approx. 10 years before WWIII broke out, he was contacted by the Hurites, an advanced humanoid-species from the planet of New Eden (formerly known as Kepler-22b). They warned him about the subordinates of an unknown universal threat, which would wreak havoc in many life-enriched planets, including Earth. As he was anxious, he went to New Eden for years, presumably for training and having his body altered using Hurite technology. He came back to earth just 3 days before WWIII broke out, and teamed up again with Cheonsa, to defeat the Sons of Sin. He was in charge of taking care the Son of Pride's subordinates in Asia, as well as destroying Son of Pride's secret bases around the world.

He is often seen wearing a brown robe, as a symbol of a Feorh master, and to follow the code of the Feorh order.


Early Life

A human male, Song Hyun Woo/Primus was born on 27 August to a well known family in a mountainous city of █████ in Southeast Asia, presumably around three millennia before WWIII. Born to an average family, he spent most of his days either playing in a vast green grassfield and often looking at the starry sky at night with his parents. Two years after his country was struck by a monetary crisis, he sought refuge to an East Asian country along with his family and lived there for years, until he was almost a teenager.

Teenage Life

Primus' life as a teenager, wasn't something he would proudly tell of. He described his teenager life as "unworthy moments to remember". He was almost caught in a fight with the school thugs, only for having sided with the student council to stop the thugs from messing up with the teachers and other students. The incident resulted in him being isolated and shunned by most of his school friends, as the thugs had a domination and popularity over the students. His charming, and active personality was soon changed to be a closed, shy personality. Though, he managed to get some friends in high school (which later led to the creation of HALO), and spent most of his time with his best friend, Cheonsa/Tianshi, the would-be leader of A m e n r i a.

Primus discovered his superpower in his high school years, after accidentally flew a trash bin to a nearby park, with his aerokinesis ability. As time went on, they found more members and teamed up with Tianshi to form Urban Jungle, a vigilante-animal-themed superhero team, and took the name "Manux". It was also around this time he got addicted by the ideals of Asia-Pacific unification by the reason of "the land of Asia and Pacific belongs to the Austronesians".

College Life

He continued his study after finishing high school in the same city, and later went to South Korea to continue his study and work. His college years was what he described as the happiest year of life as he was treated very well, had many friends, gained a small popularity in the university and managed to achieve his dream as a musician. By this time, he stopped being a superhero, with the Urban Jungle getting disbanded because most of the members were focusing on their studies.

The first four years of college was "absolutely life-changing" , as he said. He joined the student council in his department and was taught on how to do bureaucracy properly, how to do democracy, politics and leadership manipulation tricks which would later became the reason why Ascion is thriving under his rule. He also had a circle of supportive friends, and as the condition of his family was not as it used to be, he learned how to survive under many stressful circumstances and also taught properly by his parents on how to live positively and how to take care the people around him. Which, helped him to take his faith seriously, and he considered it as one of God's plan to make him one of the chosen soldier of God. His personality changed to what he is today; an active, positive personality.

It was also around this time he trained his own superpower all by himself and awakened few hidden abilities inside him; including molecular manipulation. Though, he was using it not for heroic means but for his own performance on stages. Along with his friends, he performed various modern dance and music performances on many stages across the country, and gained quite a popularity through time. Sometime around the last college years of his, Primus made the very foundation of Ascion itself, and coincidentally--the ideals of the Hurites as he got interested with international politics, astronomy and multi-speciesism.

Adult Life
Early Adult

Around 2028 A.D, Primus worked as a professional musician and a songwriter for famous artists in a world-known music company in South Korea. It was also around this time, he worked together with Jung Ye-In, a well-known artist at that time from a famous girlgroup, known by her stage name Yein and later got married with her. And approximately 3 years later, he got married with Roh Ji-Sun, who was also a well-known artist, in South Korea. The three of them went to live together in the city of Cornwall, UK. By the time of Primus' reign, they moved to Chancellery Residence near the capital.

Hurite Messenger

One night in 2035, Primus had a vision of what seemed to him as a "blurry, humanoid creature" in his dreams warning him about world catastrophe. He immediately asked God on whether it is only a mere weird dream or is a truth. It was indeed a truth, he realized. God answered his questions through the most historical moment in his life; a Hurite, came to earth and approached him while he was going home from work. The Hurite messenger took him into his vessel and warning him of a universal catastrophe that God had told His creatures through various prophets in the ancient days. The prophecy considered it as a minor symptom before the large catastrophe that would happen in a million years in the future.

Though being a minor symptom, it is one of the most devastating event that would happen to every habitable planet God had made, as it is destructive through mental and psychological means that would later turn into a physical destruction. The planet of New Eden apparently had survived the event though they suffered a great casualties, and is trying to warn other planets who still haven't faced the catastrophe yet.

Primus went to the planet Hurite in response to the warning. As he arrived on the planet of New Eden, he was immediately greeted by the master of the Feorh Order, Aeglos, and was told on how New Eden barely managed to survive the catastrophe made by Bied-un-Ayn , which in the Hurite prophecy was said as "subordinate of the Sinner", and is trying to warn other planets to survive the prophecy, at least, though it would still happen as it is an unavoidable fate of the universe. One of the Feorh masters, Adeonavel, took Primus as his apprentice and gave Primus a Hurite name, Kars Belzagar, which he used regulary while spending his training time in New Eden.

The training also made him into an even more faithful, wiser and stronger human. In his training time, he was also injected a Hurite gene. The experiment turned out successful, which, evolved his body from a metahuman into a Human-Hurite hybrid, or commonly referred as "Human-Angel", as the Hurite are the descendants of heavenly angels. The term "angel" is not to be confused with Celestials which is a totally different divine being, as celestials are the counterpart of the english term "demigod".

As the training came to an end, he was again, given a vision by God, that would later interpreted as an instruction to help humans to take on the prophecy, make them survive it and to observe them, in a purpose to see if humans would come back and believe in God. God also made Primus an objective; that is to observe how humans will wait several million years more for the incoming of the second catastrophe/the major symptom of the end of the world. Fully prepared, he came back to earth just 3 days before the war.

World War III

Primus rose into power after Ascion gained independence. He was one of the resistance leader in the civil war, alongside Jeffrey Jung and Vernon Choi. Together they were the leaders of "민주항쟁협회" (Democratic Resistance Council). As soon as the war ended and Ascion gained independence, the seats in the government was mostly taken (as few declined to take it) by those of resistance council members. The seat of presidency were given to Primus, the seat of prime minister were given to Jeffrey Jung and Vernon Choi took the role as the head of the Commonwealth Assembly. Primus also led the 통일의 조약 or the "Convention of Unity" where the constitution, the ideology and the bureaucracy of Ascion was made.


Primus had many personality changes in the past but remained having the same personality since college. Though, he became wiser and more compassionate than he has ever been since he finished his training in New Eden. Primus is known for his positive and optimistic personality, as he is able to survive under most stressful and psychologically-damaging circumstances, showing little to no sign of stress, depression or mental breakdown at all. He also seems to have an unwavering faith, holding the belief of a certain religious organization back in his early life, namely ███████ █████, a large organization from Sunni Islamic branch in his former homeland.

As a child, Primus was known for an easy-going, troublemaker kid who always caused a mess wherever he goes. This personality gradually changed as he grew up. In the early middle school years, as he was constantly getting bullied and was a subject of pranks by his peers, he slowly became a shy, closed, introverted teenager. This personality lasted long until he was a high schooler. As the situation got worse in the school, he became more pessimistic, and always had negative thoughts even though his bestfriend, Tianshi, always tried to cheer him up. This personality drastically changed after he enrolled in a local university, where he started to get treated well by the people around him. He had many friends and had almost no enemy, and he was likable by most of the people in the university. He was also taught well by his seniors and slowly started to change, to a more matured, open, and wise person. This may also the result as he was known for being an entertainer (lack of information) back in the day.

He remained in the same personality until today, with improvements on his faith and wisdom, after some harsh training in New Eden and his survival through the most devastating moments of Earth--the WWIII. The positive, wise, faithful and critical personality of him often gets clashed with the slightly different personality of Tianshi/Cheonsa's. The creation of Ascion was also the result of this clash, which ended up in a battle between two of them. Though, they remained friendly as of today.

Power and Abilities


  • Air Manipulation
    Primus can create, shape and manipulate air (the common name given to the layer of atmospheric gases that consist of various compounds, and surrounds a planet, retained by the gravity) without any chemical or physical boundary. He is able to shape air as a projectile, or create an atmospheric pressure to knock his enemies. This power was also the first power to awaken within Primus' body.

    • Air Pressure
      A technique that uses Primus' clap to generate reverberating sonic waves to knock down or disorient the opponent(s).

    • White Needle
      Primus focuses air particles around him into powerful jets of air that retains all of its force then projected it as a small beam to the opponent. This technique damages the opponent's vitals in an extreme precision.

    • Wind Blades
      Primus projects air/wind in a way that allows him to cut through matter from a distance. He focuses his aura then pushes the air in a certain shape, through certain parts of his body to create wind blades.

      Ultimate Techniques:

      • Fujin
        It's essentially a kick technique with a lot of power behind it. The technique requires Primus to completely focus his energy into a single point, then sends it into the opponent either from a close/long distance. The focused energy, which creates a disturbance in the atmospheric pressure, usually shaped in a large, visible shock wave that is powerful enough to cut through a wide area of ground and split the clouds. In a close-range fight, however, would render the opponent instantly knocked out.

  • Hurite-hybrid Physiology
    The training and the Hurite experiment rendered him having an angelic physiology, similar to that of a celestial, with minor differences. With the Hurite-hybrid physiology, Primus is able to have the angelic physiology of the Hurites, and awakened his abilities even more. This gives him control over various powers related to some certain Qi such as the Red Qi and White Qi, albeit not having the respective Qi color.

    • Molecular Manipulation
      Primus awakened this ability after the experiment and the intense training in New Eden. As he was able to control air molecule naturally, he managed to manipulate molecule itself after years of training. Though, at the beginning, he was only able to control his body molecule which helped him regenerate wounds much faster than normal humans. The abilities he gained after having this power are, but not limited to : elemental manipulation (control over basic elements such as solid, liquid, gas and plasma), biological manipulation (healing ability by manipulating the cells, or inducing pain/cancer), teleportation (by disassembling and assembling his own molecules), and reconstructing objects to the molecular level (which could also be used for restoring broken objects). This power gives him the title of "The Mighty Alchemist", although these abilities are different to that of an alchemist would have.

      • Crystal Wall
        Primus creates a transparent, glass-like barrier made of solidified molecules between himself and any objects. The wall is very durable, and has been shown to shield Primus against everything from Qi attacks to poison scent and rebounding the attack back to the enemy with the same strength it was launched. The strength of the wall is dependent on Primus' Qi level; at 100%, it is nearly unbreakable to almost all but is able to be scratched heavily by Cheonsa's attacks.

      • Unlimited Blade Works
        Primus transmutates any molecules or elements around him by solidifying and shaping them into millions of swords and spears he could imagine, and throws them in a supersonic speed. The hardness of the swords were reportedly similar to an obsidian rock.

      • Star Burst
        The ability is similar to that of the Unlimited Blade Works, but instead of shaping them into weapons, he changed the density and shape it into a massive sphere that would later be launched at the opponent(s). He may transmutate it into a diamond sphere on rare occasions.

      Ultimate Techniques :

      • Jotunnheim
        It is one of the most powerful technique owned by Primus. By separating the legs to achieve a good balance and raise both hands in front of chest with arms outstretched, Primus raises them above his head, arms outstretched and joined in this way giving the appearance of a vase filled with water. When Primus lower arms pointing to the opponent, any elements, and molecules around him becomes a beam of energy or glacial stream, channeling through his arms. It is a concentrated, deadly, and tremendous frozen energy that reaches a temperature of -273 C (sometimes even lower).