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[EPV] Stanislav Tyrankov

Stanislav Tyrankov
Ⱄⱅⰰⱀⰹⱄⰾⰰⰲ Ⱅⱛⱃⰰⱀⰽⱁⰲ

National President of the People's Republic of Aryax

In office:
since 24th of March of 2015

Preceded by: Makar At'krasov (Ⰿⰰⰽⰰⱃ Ⰰⱅⱐⰽⱃⰰⱄⱁⰲ)

General Secretary of the People's Revolutionary Movement

In office:
since 1st of January of 2015

Preceded by: Makar At'krasov (Ⰿⰰⰽⰰⱃ Ⰰⱅⱐⰽⱃⰰⱄⱁⰲ)

Personal Details


20th February 1970 (age 49)
Eʃ (Ⱔⱋ), Aryax



Political Party:

People's Revolutionary Movement


Yuliya Tyrankova (Ⱓⰾⰹⱑ Ⱅⱛⱃⰰⱀⰽⱁⰲⰰ)


Nadya Tyrankova (Ⱀⰰⰴⱑ Ⱅⱛⱃⰰⱀⰽⱁⰲⰰ)


Arkanoviverna State University
- Degree in Law & Revolutionary Theory


None (atheism)

"One nation, one party, one goal. Long live the Revolution!"
- Stanislav Tyrankov

Stanislav Leonidovich Tyrankov (Aryaxian: Ⱄⱅⰰⱀⰹⱄⰾⰰⰲ Ⰾⰵⱁⱀⰹⰴⱁⰲⰹⱍ Ⱅⱛⱃⰰⱀⰽⱁⰲ, official romanization: Stanislav Lyeonidovich Tyrankov), born in Eshch (Aryaxian: Ⱔⱋ, official romanization: ) the 20th of February of 1970, is since 2015 the National President of the People's Republic of Aryax as well as the General Secretary of the People's Revolutionary Movement (PRM), the country's sole legal and ruling party.

Born to a family of poor collective farmers, his parents soon moved to Arkanoviverna (Ⰰⱃⰽⰰⱀⱁⰲⰹⰲⰵⱃⱀⰰ) to work in the capital's factories. Tyrankov was a brilliant student and as such was granted studies at the Arkanoviverna State University. He later joined the People's Revolutionary Movement, and worked as state prosecutor, and afterwards as a Ministry of State Security (Aryaxian: ⰏⰃⰁ, MGB) official before taking a seat in the People's Assembly. He was elected General Secretary of the PRM in late 2014, after the resignation of Makar Atkrasov (Aryaxian: Ⰿⰰⰽⰰⱃ Ⰰⱅⱐⰽⱃⰰⱄⱁⰲ, official romanization: Makar At'krasov) and in 2015 he became National President.

Tyrankov has lived all his life under a brutal, totalitarian dictatorship that he now rules. While attempting to modernize the country (especially technologically), Tyrankov has largely focused on consolidating his control over Aryax.






Early Life
Tyrankov was born in 1970 (12 years after the end of the civil war and revolution) in Eshch, a small town in rural Aryax, to a family of poor collective farmers. His family's minimal earnings as well as Eshch's deficient public services meant that Tyrankov could not have received an education had it not been for his parents' decision to move to the capital Arkanoviverna in 1973. At the time, Arkanoviverna was undergoing a revival and a massive development campaign after the city was razed to the ground in 1957. Tyrankov's parents managed to receive PRM authorization to leave Eshch, which even 15 years after the civil war was still mostly in ruins, to work in Arkanoviverna's new factories. Today, the Tyrankovs' modest Eshch house is a museum.

In Arkanoviverna, Tyrankov managed to go to a free state school. His family life standards also improved significantly, though were still fairly low and they did not definitively overcome poverty until Tyrankov was a university student. Tyrankov reportedly had a cold relationship with the other students, but obtained very good results that allowed him entrance to the relatively prestigious Arkanoviverna State University, where he studied Law and Revolutionary Theory. There, he met his future wife Yuliya and Karl Atkrasov, Makar Atkrasov's nephew. The latter gave Tyrankov important contacts, as well as indications that the MGB had been following him. In 1993, Tyrankov graduated and was later hired as state prosecutor. That same year, he successfully joined the PRM.

Rise in Politics
Over his years as state prosecutor, Tyrankov became increasingly involved in intraparty politics. Because of his job, Tyrankov was involved in the persecution and sentencing of dissidents. After raising through the lower positions of the PRM, and thanks to the contacts that Karl Atkrasov had given him and the positive information about him collected by the MGB, Tyrankov was moved from state prosecutor to an MGB official in 2001, shifting from the legal persecution of antigovernment activities to an extralegal one.

Tyrankov would keep this position until resigning in 2009, when Makar Atkrasov himself (at the time the National President) offered him a seat in the People's Assembly, an offer that Tyrankov accepted. His close relationship with Atkrasov gave Tyrankov a de facto privileged position in the PRM, which was made official when in 2013 he was designated as a member of the Executive Committee of the PRM and as Atkrasov's successor. Facing elections in 2015 and considerable opposition within the PRM, Atkrasov resigned in late 2014 as General Secretary of the PRM, a position that Tyrankov assumed effective 2015. In March 2015, Tyrankov was chosen as National President by the new People's Assembly, which was elected in a meaningless one-party election.

As National President, Tyrankov immediately purged Aryax's political elite, particularly those involved with Atkrasov's downfall and who showed even minimal displays of disagreement with Tyrankov. He also upgraded and dramatically expanded the country's mass surveillance system. After consolidating his power, Tyrankov has embarked in an ambitious reform program, mostly targeting the economy and the legal system, and largely aimed at introducing technology in an attempt to increase efficiency.


  • Concentration of power
    Tyrankov purged Aryax's political elite, forcing it to depend on the government and not the other way around. His rule also brought ideological changes marked by a greater willingness to engage with the international community (and reducing the emphasis on isolationism, autarky and self-reliance) while maintaining ultranationalist traits and strengthening the PRM's leftist, revolutionary message.
    Tyrankov has carefully built an expanding cult of personality around himself, symbolized by his museum in Eshch, and bolstered by his public image and on-the-spot guidance.

  • Modernization of the legal system
    Tyrankov has largely shifted the prosecution of nonpolitical or relatively minor political offenses from extralegal persecution by the MGB to legal persecution by police, via show trial if needed. This has also resulted in reduced instances of the most brutal punishments (public executions, labor camp sentences) and more reliance on regular prison terms or psychiatric treatment sentences. Some of the most restrictive laws that limit personal autonomy have also been relaxed, but not abolished, this includes curfew, prudism and adultery laws. Popular welfare policies, such as maternity leave benefits, have also been expanded. Many public services have been digitalized as well, drastically improving their efficiency.

  • Modernization of the economy
    Tyrankov's government has dramatically expanded the previously minimal computerization of the economy. A national intranet pilot project has been developed through ambitious programs into a domestic sovereign internet, connected to the global one through a government-controlled whitelist. As a result, productivity has noticeably increased. Furthermore, while the state retains full control over imports and exports, it no longer follows an autarkic model, allowing Aryax to export valuable mineral resources and weaponry and import much-needed goods such as agricultural products. This has resulted in an improvement of the economy's stagnant growth and increased stability.

  • Harsher crackdowns on dissent and undesired social groups
    The technology used to modernize the country has also been applied to its mass surveillance system. Aryaxian citizens are now tagged with ID chips that keep track of their movements. The ID chips back a Social Credit System that scores citizens based largely on political reliability, but also their apolitical actions. Surveillance cameras have also been upgraded with facial recognition technology.
    Tyrankov has also brought harsher crackdowns on social groups excluded by the PRM's ideology, mostly religious believers and the LGBT population, as well as ideologies considered dangerous, such as feminism. The handling of these groups is largely extralegal and led by the MGB, and include MGB raids and abductions (especially ahead of important celebrations), mass internment in labor camps and executions. Furthermore, the labor camp system has been connected with the prison and psychiatric systems, allowing transfer of prisoners and detainees from one to the other.

  • Partial abandonment of extreme austerity measures
    During decades after the revolution, Aryaxian doctrine on architecture, industry and services more broadly were based on austerity, cost-cutting, practicality and functionality. Economic improvements under Tyrankov's rule have allowed his government to partially suspend this measures and appeal to an emerging middle class by introducing some focus on quality, comfort, entertainment and luxury. The result has been an expansion of new architectural styles, industries such as gaming, commodities and fine restaurants.

Political views

  • For: totalitarianism, statism, state atheism, socialism, Aryaxian communism, republicanism

  • Against: democracy, capitalism, liberalism, libertarianism, fascism, anarchism, feminism, LGBT rights, religion, monarchism

Personal Information
Tyrankov is said to fit in the ISTJ personality type. Despite his paternalistic and warm propaganda image, he is often reserved, cold, distant and analytical during important meetings and with strangers, though he is substantially more outgoing with Aryaxian common citizens, especially his supporters. He has a cynical and sarcastic attitude when responding to international criticism. In debates, Tyrankov often prefers a more reactive position, focusing on dismantling his opponents' arguments rather than on defending his own.

Personal Life
Tyrankov met his wife Yuliya during their time at the Arkanoviverna State University, where she was studying Physics. They married in 1996 and had their only daughter, Nadya, in 1999.

Personal Trivia

  • Nadya Tyrankova is a media personality with hunderds of thousands of followers in Aryax.

  • Stanislav is known to like chess. He is also said to be a gamer.

  • Stanislav maintains a small gun collection, with assault rifles being his declared favorite weapons.


  • One nation, one party, one goal. Long live the Revolution!

  • International politics are similar to chess, and Aryax does not want to be a pawn.

  • Freedom without peace of mind, therefore without national security, is an empty shell.

  • The economy is truly the basis of, well, everything... and the basis of everything should not be left to simple greed.

  • Unfortunately, war is often for the benefit of some people who just do not care about the damage they are causing.

  • A nation united for a cause can only be stopped by another nation united more convincedly for a cause.

  • Democracy is such a buzzword these days... Aryax is a democracy, as is every other country in the world, apparently.

  • Claims mean nothing. You can tell a lie over and over again until people believe it, but it is still a lie.

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