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The Kingdom of
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Alternate Future World Map

Blue- Kingdom of Arthropol (Arthropol)
Read the factbooks for more info.

Red- French Republic (RP Republique Francaise)

Purple- Fyodorian Republic (Fyodorians)
The Fyodorian Republic was created in 1324 as the Kingdom of Sardinia or Piedmont-Sardinia, an absolute monarchy. In 1705, the nation was renamed in honour of the recently deceased King Fyodor I, who made the nation prosper and the people happy. There have been multiple referendums to change the name, but have all been defeated. In 1762, the people overthrew the oppressive queen Anastasia I and killed the royal family and created the 1st Fyodorian Republic. When the rest of the Italian Pensisula was unified by the Tuscany, Fyodor stayed independent, and has done so ever since. In WWII, Fyodor was annexed by Italy, but gained its independence when it was liberated after as the 2nd Fyodorian Republic, which joined NATO. It is lead by President Aurora Amante.

Yellow- Islamic Republic of Greater Maghreb (Arab North Africa)
The Islamic Republic of Greater Maghreb was created in 1962 when the countries Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania joined to form a union. However, instability lead to a fascist government taking power, which lead to higher tension in Europe and the development of a European 5th generation ASF. Maghreb has since developed 5 nuclear weapons. In 2013, with the help of NATO, the people overthrew the fascist dictator. Magreb is now a democratic country, lead by President Omar Chafik.

Pink- Republic of Turkestan (Turkic Republic)
The Republic of Turkestan was created in 1993 after the fall of the USSR when the Central Asian Stans united to become stronger. It was originally a dictatorship but after a bloody civil was in 2006 with over a million casualties, the country transformed into a democratic republic. Turkestan is a member of CSTO and is led by President Aziz Ermatov.

Grey- United Republic of Korea (Unified Korean Lands)
The United Republic of Korea was created in 1950 when North Korea won the Korean War. When Kim Il-Sung died, the people replaced him with a more moderate president. The country is now democratic socialist and is flourishing, having close ties to both China and Europe. It is a member of SCO, and led by President Sam Chung-Ho.

The Kingdom of Arthropol