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The Republic of Arlenton (WIP)

The Republic of Arlenton


Motto: "Living Free"

Capitol: Charleston
Largest City: Charleston

Total Land Area: 5,300,000 Square Miles

Population: 150 Million (Recent Estimate)

Official Language: Arlenish

Main Religion: Christianity

Demonym: Arlentan

Government: Constitutional Republic

Currencey: Dollar ($)

Drives on the: Right

National Animal: Arlenton Eagle


The name "Arlenton" come from the Old Arlenish words "Arlen", as in the Arlenish people, and "ton", meaning property or to belong to. "Arlenton" basically means "belonging to the Arlenish people".


Early Settlement
Prior to settlement, what is now Arlenton was a vast uninhabited section of an even more vast uninhabited continent.

Geography and Climate

Eastern Arlenton consists of forests, small prairies, and swampland. In the north it is mountainous and heavily forested. In the west there is vast prairie, with deserts and canyons in the far west.

Arlenton is mostly warm all year around, with some cool temperatures during the late fall and winter. In the northern mountainous areas, it can get much colder and snow is common during the winter. Eastern Arlenton is also very humid, but further west it is very dry.


Government and Politics

Executive Branch
The President of Arlenton is the commander in chief of the Arlentan Military and also has the power to veto bill passed by congress, but the veto can be overturned. The Vice President of Arlenton presides over Congress.

Legislative Branch
The Congress of Arlenton consists of 100 Representatives, each representing a district, who may draft and pass bills.

Judicial Branch
There are 9 Great Court Justices, who are appointed by the President and approved by Congress.




Arlenish Calendar
Arlenton uses its own calendar, which starts with year 0, the year Arlenish settlers first arrived on the continent.