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OOC Factbook: Yes, I do exist

Really? no.

Name: Why would I give you this?
Also Known As: Just call me Anatoli.
Title, Pronouns: He/Him/Male/Human that occupies space for 70-ish years
Occupation: Student
Nationality: Guess. It shouldn't be too hard.

Ethnicity: White European.
DoB: Bruh.
Age: Bruh
Gender: Male
Blood Type: Why do you even need to know this?
Siblings: Why, just why? Are you stalking me?

Ideology: Left-wing Eco-Socialist with democratic socialist and libsoc elements. A good amount of left-wing populism thrown in as well, for good measure.
Political Wing: Left (maybe far-left but I doubt it.)

Atheism, but seriously dude, just why?

Likes: Being nice, the well-being of the environment, helping animals, actual healthcare, strikes and worker's unions, the 99% (corporate fat cats are the only minority that doesn't deserve protection), cultural mixing, "new" education
Dislikes: Racism, being an overall mean and cruel person, climate change, conspiracy theorists (what does the government benefit from saying that the earth is flat?), cars, the current education system
Hobbies: Politics, maps and geography, animals, reading, video games

Hello there, General Kenobi, I am a human who has begun existence sometime in the 21st century, and will continue that existence for an unspecified amount of time. I decided to make this factbook for reasons unknown. I am a human of the male variant who dislikes direct interaction with other humans, but is ok with large crowds for reasons unspecified. Anatoliyanskiy is a good representative of my IRL views, but it's not perfect. I like biking and seeing the outdoors when possible and gaming and doing political stuff when not. idk why I made this, I'm doing this in like a day. I have a pet fish called plecki (it's an albino pleco, basically a small catfish. Look it up.) who surprisingly has quite the personality. Im also planning on getting a doge sometime next year, so yay!? Idk, that's it I guess. Now it's time for politics!

Ideology & Politics

Pro: Democratic Socialism, Eco-Socialism, Environmentalism, Libertarian Socialism, Market Socialism, Decentralization, Communalism, Green Politics, Pacifism, Alter-Globalization, Internationalism, Progressivism, libleft, Worker's unions, councils, co-operatives and workplace democracy, LGTBQ+, gender equality, left-wing populism, secularism
Neutral Communism, Marxism, centrism (for the memes), anarchism, social democracy, social liberalism
Anti: Capitalism (for the most part), right-libertarianism, traditionalism, pro-"life" (which is truly a false statement), climate change denialism, conservatism, monarchism, right-wing populism, nationalism, elitism, establishment, Ben Shapiro, Jair Bolsonaro, Alt-right, Fascism, Stalinism and authoritarian socialism

Trivia & Facts

Current Favourite Song: None
[b]Favourite Foods:
Favourite Beverages: Malk
Favourite Bands: Idk
Favourite Book Series: Tough one. I have a lot that I like. My favourite book duo is The Wild Robot (look it up. It's good)
Favourite Video Games: Merio

Link 8values
I don't know why I keep getting communism. Im probably more like 70-80% equality. Other then that, it's good.

Link 9axes
I say pretty good, though im not that unitary and id prefer to be more progressive. But otherwise, pretty representative.

Link leftvalues
That's probably the best representation of my views. Nothing really to critique.

Link Sapplyvalues
I agree with it economically, but the social axis is just a little too auth. Otherwise, pretty good, though I answered neutral on authority ones as well!

Link Rightvalues
Yep, that sums it up perfectly, quite strangely given that it's, you know, right values. Heh.

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