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Bluecrown Keep November Election 2020

Bluecrown General Election, Nov 2020

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Plus Nova Imperii



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The Dream of Kirby

Novos Byzantine

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New Prosperity

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The Bluecrown November Election

The Bluecrown General Election of November 2020.

The Debate
The debate occurred on November 29th, 2020 and had 3 participants: Plus Nova Imperii, Barlyy and Arisyan. The candidates did quite well, having fleshed out answers and was quite civil. However, during the debate a conflict with the Wooloo Pact, which overshadowed the accomplishments of the debate. Nooooooooooooooo announced their candidacy, however it was too late and they did not participate in the election. Mathuvan Union did announce that they would be running, but they dropped out before the election began, citing that they will work on their campaign for January. Some majors issues that were discussed were the abolishment of the legisterium, relations with the Wooloo Pact and the revival of the RP.

Results and Aftermath
After Arisyan was eliminated in the 1st round, winning only 3 votes, Barlyy and Plus Nova Imperii moved on to the second round to compete for Prime Minister. Barlyy had a consistent lead, and never lost their lead once, only gaining. There were some worries of puppet fraud, however with the introduction of citizenship it was much easier to spot who was qualified to vote and who wasn't, and the end results were not disputed. In the end, Barlyy won 18 votes and PNI winning only 11, meaning that for the first time, TDT was unseated as the governing party, and the NPP is the new governing party. Barlyy announced their cabinet the next day. Sadly, the election results prompted longtime regional member Sorianora to leave, citing that "the good ol' days are gone."

Changes in ROs
Barlyy appointed their cabinet on December 1st, which consists of 3 Democratic Torch members, 2 New Prosperity members (officially 1 however Novos Byzantine is the De Facto Deputy Prime Minister, as they cannot be an RO in 2 regions. They will have all the powers of the DPM, just without name), Dance Party has 1 member and Free and Equal has 1 member as well. The Bluecrown Regional Defence Council continues to be seatless, and Dominioan and Bluecrown Keep remain as both Independents and King and Press Minister respectively. TDT's ROs are Plus Nova Imperii (State Minister), The Dream of Kirby (Minister for Immigration) and Baloo Kingdom (Minister of Defence). The NPP ROs are Barlyy (Prime Minister) and Novos Byzantine (De Facto Deputy Prime Minister), and currently has a minority government. The Dance Party's single RO, Ethics Committee of the SCPF, remains an RO but has become the Private Secretary instead. Free and Equal's leader Arisyan remains an RO, but has been promoted to Minister of Foreign Relations.

The election also screwed over the region. like it dissolved in the next 2 weeks. So yeah.