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Political Parties of Bluecrown Keep (Region defunct.Keeping for archives)






Regional Officers

The Baloo Party


Un-radical Centrism



Mario Party


Pro-Mario recognition
Satirical Politics

John "Mario" Edwards


New Prosperity Party

Centre to Centre-left

Social Liberalism

Novos Byzantine and Barlyy Dorito


Corporate Party



King Hamler I


Free and Equal


Democratic Socialism

Jannice Ilroy


Currently, Dominioan and Bluecrown Keep sit as independent regional officers. They were previously members of the now defunct People Need Democracy party, which has been formally deregistered by Dominioan.

Links for the party factbooks and rundown:

The Baloominati of Callista
"Look for the Bare Necesities..."


As a supporter or member of The Baloominati, you are agreeing to the possibility of suffering and death and the hands of King Baloo von Bruinwald XIII. Any mental harm due to an over-exposure of memes, movie parodies, songwriting, or Prickly Pears is not the legal liability of The Baloominati, its founder, or its member/supporters. The root of The Baloominati is centrism and compassion. We strive to better the regional and interregional community with fun, prosperity, and mob rule more activity. Benevolent rulership under a democratic system at it's true finest.

Foreign Relations

As a compassionate and centrist party, The Baloominati strives to include the interregional nations in the everyday life of our region. Embassies will always be accepted unless they're raiders and such. And who knows? Maybe our kindness will attract others from the farther regions of NationStates. The Baloominati loves others like it loves its own. And not in a creepy way. Please don't use that against us.

"Activities" and "Purpose"

We in The Baloominati want the region to be at its finest, a renaissance of sorts. People of all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and creeds coming together to create content and trade. On the government side of things, RO positions will remain the same, except the fact that we will ensure that each party will have equal representation to us. Compromise is key to unity. And unity is the key to a prosperous, eventful, and influential region. And a prosperous, eventful, and influential region leads to...leads to...uh...fame.


"Deep Purple" by Helen Forrest and Artie Shaw on Clarinet
LinkLink to Anthem


We're not better than you, we are you. Soon enough. Join us. Itíll be fun, for you and the region.

The Lost Player(s)

Kingdom of new hampshire

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The Baloo Party is the successor to the Democratic Torch, which crumpled into factions and pieces after Sorianora and Plus Nova Imperii left the region. Supports complete and utter centrism, along with increasing regional compassion.

The Mario Party of Bluecrown Keep
"50% of the time it works every time"


The Mario Party, formerly the dance party, is a current political party in Callista.


  • Win the election

  • Not spot disappointments

  • Don't say sksksksks

Why was this party formed?

Because Mario is an underrated character.

Recent News
  • BCK falls apart

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A satirical and syncretic party, it only has one policy: Getting increased recognition and support for the video game character Mario in the region. Holds the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Private Secretary.

Callistan Prosperity Party

Prosperity for All!


The CPP is a party that supports recognizing the Tsar as the leader of Callista and supporting regional democracy and participation.


The CPP is a party that has the ideologies of Liberalism, Social Liberalism, Democratic Monarchism and Centrism, and can be seen as being centre-left. It supports having 7 ROs, as listed in the constitution, having tri-monthly election and 3 months term limits, where a nation must wait a month if they have served for three before running again. It also supports recognizing the Tsar as the legitimate ruler, however it also supports increasing regional democracy, with also supporting the powers of the PM as well. It has also taken a hardline anti-raiding stance.


CPP supports having 1-2 RP Admins. It also supports having the Secretary of State updating the map, and increasing activity with RP events.


TL;DR, No longer a carbon copy of the Tsarist Party, now supports increased regional democracy and less power for the crown.



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A more radical left-wing socialist party, it supports increasing regional democracy and equality. It is also notable for being the only party in BCK that has hardcore anti-establishment views. Currently holds the Minister of State.

The New Prosperity Party
"For Democratic Integrity!"


Bluecrown Keep is a very important region to our hearts, to our nations. A great region, of course, deserves a great ruling party. The current ruling party, however, is very corrupt, and will only lead to the downfall of BCK. That is where the New Prosperity Party comes in play. Democratic and full of integrity, the New Prosperity Party will bring a reform to the struggling government.


The King is the head of the Government, and has the power to free any nation from court with reason
Any citizen will be able to run (even if they are not in a party). Once a person gets elected as Prime Minister, they will be able to run once again. But after two consecutive terms, they must wait one (1) term before being able to run again. This will make sure that we aren't ruled by the same leader, and allows for more voices to be heard
The Prime Minister is subject to appointing a Deputy Minister.
The King has the authority to appoint members of the Consilium, with the Prime Minister's choice also welcome, but the king has more voice.
The Members of the Consilium are the Ministers of State, Press, Defense, and Foreign Affairs. The Minister of Press is responsible for writing for the news, the Minister of Defense is responsible for defense against raiding, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the international affairs of Bluecrown Keep.
Citizens of Bluecrown Keep can apply to join the Legestias, which is divided into 2 groups: The Regnandi and the Propositum.
The members of the Propositum propose bills, and the Regnandi can accept the bill, modify it and send it back to the Commons, or reject it.
The King can appoint members of the Justitia, and those members will serve until resignation, life or voted out by citizens
The Justitia can void bills and laws with a majority vote.
Any violation of law proven to be worthy of Court will be taken to Court. The Prime Minister serves as the judge, and if the PM is the accused, the King serves as the judge. If both of these are on different sides, then the Deputy Prime Minister serves as judge.
Citizens of BCK can call a forceful resignation for the Prime Minister, and to pass it has to have 66% percent of the vote for.
The Deputy Prime Minister serves as Prime Minister if the Prime Minister resigns, forcefully or not.
The King has power to reschedule elections in case of emergency.


We will mandate 2 Roleplay Officers, both with equal voice.
Roleplay Officers are allowed to void actions taken by a member, within reason.
The Cartographer is chosen by the King; the Cartographer makes the maps for the roleplay
Roleplay maps are updated once every 2-3 days.
The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister will verify treaties and dispatches relating to the roleplay.
Disputes and arguments shall be sorted by the King, Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister.
All nations are to have similar abilities, depending on power in the year.
Land that is colonized is dependent on the speed of vehicles on the year colonized. If land is colonized by treaty, however, most shall be allowed.
Situations can be voided by the King or PM, within reason.
International Games and Fairs can be created by the members of the roleplay, King or PM.
Nations can submit proposals to host these cities in one of their cities, the proposals will then be put up to vote.
War between nations must have proper declaration
Roleplaying of war between nations can only be roleplayed when at least one of each side is active at the moment
The citizens of BCK can vote to create a new RP


In conclusion, we are here to promote democracy without corruption, for it would be a perfect combination. Regarding roleplay, we work for a active roleplay, and we also work for activeness in the government.

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A merger between the Prosperity Party and Democratic-Progressive Party, serves as major centre-left party. Generally supports regional reform. Holds the Prime Minister, De Facto Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Immigration.

The Corporate Party
"Let the money flow!"


We are the most capitalist nations, who have united in desperation, who have put faith in Capitalism, and now we are going to make our change be noticiable!! For a bright BCK!!!


We love the current Roleplay, but their limitations and godmodding rules are not enough!!! Some of those are maybe too exaggerating and we want to change that!! Get rid of the old and get the new things here!


If we want more active people in this region we need something that motivates them to be active!! Like a Flag Contest, or a Meme Contest! And so on. Those will be scheduled and we will make sure that at least once a month we have an event to make the region more active!


We believe in a free market and in a great Roleplay, this region has the potential to be something greater!! And we plan to do it so!


The H Corporation (Leader)
The Non Prusian Dinasty (WA Delegate)

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A revamped party that supports corporatism and the utmost faith in capitalism as an economic system. No ROs because it has not participated in any election.

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