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The Federation of
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Parties of Arisyan

United Labour Party GOV
Ideologies: Social democracy, Democratic Socialism, Alter-Globalization, Left-wing
Seats in the Council: 12/27
Leader: Jannice Ilroy
Leader's Seat: Alchama East
International Affiliation: Socialist International
Notes: A merger of Social Democratic Party (Centre-left, Social Democratic, Democratic Socialist and Progressive) and the Labour and Socialist Initiative (left-wing, Socialist, Feminist and Alter-Globalization).

Conservative-People's Party OP
Ideologies: Social Conservatism, Right-wing Populism, Fiscal Conservatism, Right-wing
Seats in the Council: 8/27
Leader: George Mikelson
Leader's Seat: Ilsama West-Gilroy
International Affiliation: International Democrat Union
notes: A merger of the Conservative party (Centre-right to Right-wing, Socially and Fiscally Conservative, Economic Liberal) and the People's Party (Right-wing to Far-right, Right-wing Populist, Economic Liberal and Socially Conservative)

Green-Ecologist Party GOV
Ideologies: Environmentalism, Green Politics, Factions: Eco-Socialism, Centre-left (With Left-wing factions)
Seats in the Council: 4/27
Leader: Michaela Nicholson
Leader's Seat: Alchama North
International Affiliation: Global Greens
Notes: A merger of the Green Party (Centre-left, Green Political, Environmentalist, Eco-Feminist) and Ecologist Party (Left-wing, Eco-Socialist, Anti-Capitalist and Environmentalist)

Social Liberal Party OP
Ideologies: Social Liberalism, Liberalism, Cultural Liberalism, Centre-left
Seats in the Council: 2/27
Leader: Anthony Rigaliy
Leader's Seat: Milshoma South
International Affiliation: Liberal International
Notes: Merger of Liberal Democratic Party (Centre to Centre-left, Liberal, Socially and Economically Liberal) and Liberal Coalition for Self-Management (Centre-left, Culturally and Socially Liberal, Liberal Socialist factions)