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Birth of the Federation

After the near destruction of the Greek city-states during the Greco-Persian Wars, the 5 most influential and powerful Greek city-states, Argos, Athens, Sparta, Megara, and Corinth, sent delegates to convene at the Hellenic Convention in Thebes. There they discussed the aftermath of the wars and the reconstruction of the Greek peninsula. Fearful over another foreign invasion devastating the politically fragmented lands, they intensely debated over the course of action of the Greek poleis. After several days of heated deliberation, the 5 city-states agreed upon the need for a united Greek front to deter any outside incursions. The Greeks decided on the creation of a federation of poleis with a central democratic government consisting of representatives from each polis to decide over new legislation and laws. The new government would be based out of a newly constructed "neutral" capital on Mt. Olympus named Sparthenae. At the dawn of the year 448 B.C.E., the "big five" city-states and all their allies united under a single banner in a massive show of solidarity and strength. The Federation of Argorinthia was born.