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History of Argelius II

Argelius II is the homeworld of the Argelians, a humanoid species.

Two hundred years before 2267, the Argelians experienced what they call the "Great Awakening". In this awakening, they united under one government and created a legal system that was based on love. This government was headed by a Prefect. The seat of government was located in a chief city. Due to inefficiencies in their government, people from other planets were hired to fill certain administrative positions.

Prior to stardate 3619, Argelius II signed a treaty with the Federation wherein Starfleet could use the planet as a space port for their space vehicles and crews from the ships could take shore leave on the planet. Argelian women were considered one of the highlights.

In 2267, the Prefect was Jaris. Sybo was his wife. Sybo had the ability to conduct Argelian empathic contact, a method of discovering hidden feelings. In that year, the planet was the scene of several murders committed by the entity known as Redjac. Before sybo could tell where the entity resided, she was murdered. Kara, daughter of Tark, an Argelian musician, was a female Argelian belly dancer to whom Scott was attracted. She too was killed by the Redjac entity. Morla, her fiance, was questioned as to what he did that night. However, Scott was later framed for the murders by Hengist, the chief city administrator, who was in reality possessed by Redjac. In the end, the evidence pointed to him and, once exposed, Redjac killed Hengist, and attempted to escape.

The punishment for the murders committed would have been death by slow torture due to laws from before the Awakening.

in 2371, following the explosion at Elim Garak's tailor shop, Quark expressed interest at opening an Argelian massage facility in the space.

Argelius banned casino gambling sometime in the early 24th century, concluding that it contributed to violence.

Glanthor live in burrows in wooded areas of Argelius II.