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Sophia Dimitrova

Sophia Dimitrov(a)
София димитров(а)

7th General Secretary of the Revolutionary Worker's Party of Aressna

In office:
December 31st, 2017 -

Preceded by: Aleksandr Novotny

12th Chairwoman of the State Council

In office:
December 31st, 2017 -

Preceded by: Aleksandr Novotny

4th Chairwoman of the Central Committee

In office:
March 18th 1993-March 19th 2018

Preceded by: Boris Nowicki
Succeeded by: Eva Bogdanov

People's Commissar for Agriculture

In office:
May 20th 1980-March 17th 1993

Preceded by: Marcus Novak
Succeeded by: Jaromir Volvok

Personal Details


Sophia Cecilie Dimitrova, November 12th 1950 (age 67)
Katowice, Province of Katowice, Kingdom of Aressna



Political Party:

Revolutionary Worker's Party of Aressna

RWPA Faction:



Alexej Novak (age 72)


Erik Novak (age 36), Aleksandr Novak (age 32)


164 cm


Konigsberg National University
- Master of Agriculture, Master of Economics

Sexual Orientation:



Ressian, Swedish, Czechoslovak



"Fascist and imperialist control must not spread to Aressna and our comrades in Leskya, we must defend the Ressians and Leskyans from 5yearsain imperialism"
- Sophia Dimitrova, in a speech to the People's Congress, marking Aressna's entrance to the Fascist War.

Sophia Cecilie Dimitrova (12 November 1950-) is a Ressian politician and the incumbent General Secretary of the Revolutionary Worker's Party of Aressna and the incumbent Chairwoman of the State Council.

Coming from a poor rural background, Dimitrova joined the Ressian United Worker's Party in 1966 (at age 16), and participated in the Ressian Revolution as a guerrilla. She became dedicated to improving Ressian agriculture as she rose through the ranks of the RWPA being appointed by Ludwik Jagoda to the position of People's Commissar for Agriculture (now Minister for Agriculture), then (for 25 years) holding the role of Chairwoman of the Central Committee until the General Secretary and Premier elections of 2017 saw her into her current role.

Early Life

Born into a poor agricultural family, Dimitrova worked as a farm-hand, which paid very little, with the threat of abuse from her employer omnipresent. She watched her fellow employees and her parents killed by pro-Monarchist forces during a riot, prompting her to join the Ressian People's Revolutionary Army (RPRA). After the success of the Ressian Revolution, she took her first experience of education, completing a Master's in Agriculture, Economics and Politics. Subsequently, she became a Deputy of the newly formed Supreme Soviet (Now the People's Congress), and soon became a close colleague to Jaromir Bucharin, who shared a common goal for rural advancements and agricultural prominence in Ressian poltics. Two years after his tragic death, she was appointed People's Commissar for Agriculture. She became increasingly popular within the Party, due to her reforms in Ressian agricultural advancements of sustainability, effectiveness and influence in the economy. She rose to the position of Chairwoman of the Central Committee in the early 90's, and stayed in that position until her election as General Secretary and Premier in late 2017.


Dimitrova's main goal as Premier has been to increase relations with Leskya, boost militarization, abolish anti-progressive and conservative laws, and boost the agricultural sector in Aressna. Her policies are seen as progressive, however she has been questioned on her motives in LGBT areas, something she is passive and possibly uncomfortable with. She has introduced Acts repealing "liberal" conscription laws, improving education and healthcare in rural Aressna, and brought about a bigger Ressian presence on the International stage. She is expected to stay as head of state for multiple terms, due to her popularity and power as a leader.

Significant Policies Enacted

  • 'Revision of "Constanti Conscription Act" Act'

    • Premise: All able men, women or transgender individuals who are 18 years old will be conscripted into the Armed Forces for 18 months, completing gun training, and continuing knowledge taught during Youth Communist League membership. Conscription laws were enacted for individuals turning 18 after March 31st, 2018.

    • Enactment: Conscription laws were enacted for individuals turning 18 after March 31st, 2018.

  • 'Rural Education Act'

    • Premise: All rural children shall have access to education, like their urban comrades.

    • The Government will begin building educational facilities in remote parts of Aressna, promoting the glory of Socialism in Aressna and the World, and making opportunities for the rural community to use their knowledge in further improvement of Aressna's agricultural sector. These new Educational resources will also be used to increase school enforcement officers in rural areas. Old enforcement officers have been sent to urban work, being replaced with more capable officers. These changes will be funded throught boosts in the Education resource accumulation, and is the Act is projected to fulfill its purpose by 2030.

    • Enactment The Act was passed March 30th, 2018, and the schools have already been built with funds accumulated from the Act.


“The Recent fall of Bucharinism, subsequent to the abandonment of Chairman Bucharin's achievements, is quite possibly the worst happening in Aressna in recent years.”
- Dimitrova, from 'Quotes from Comrade Dimitrova'

“Aressna has fallen to 'state capitalism'. The estrangement of Marxist ideals in Aressna has ravaged our nation. We must return our glorious nation to the prosperity we enjoyed under Bucharin! Nasza Matka Resja!”
- Dimitrova, from a speech to the People's Congress, 2016

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