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The Region Of Gargery Field guide

The Region Of Gargery Field Guide

Table Of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Unofficial Laws
3. Duties Of The Officers
4. Citizenship
5. The Military

Welcome to The Region Of Gargery Field Guide. This will cover just about everything you need to know about our Unofficial laws, regional officers, and citizenship. Just to be clear, always make sure you are checking this regularly because it can change without your prior knowledge. If you ever have suggestions or questions regarding this, let me know. Enjoy!

Unofficial Laws
Law 1. Nations Must Be Kind To One Another
Law 2. You Can Only Ban Nations For Appropriate Matters
Law 3. We Must Make Decisions As A Democracy
Law. 4 No one is above the laws Or Officer Duties, even the founder or the WA delegate

Duties Of The Officers
As you know, there are officers. Their job is to keep the region operating and in good shape. But power like that can be easily abused. We want to make sure that the officers are well briefed on their governmental duties.

The Founder - The founder has the greatest amount of power in Gargery. Their job is to make sure that the officers are doing their job, create important dispatches (like this one), and do anything in their power to make sure that the region is functioning properly.

The WA Delegate - The WA Delegate has just about the same jobs as the founder. But with one exception, they make sure that democracy is always used. They're like democracy police, in a sense. To accomplish this, they create polls and don't make large decisions without the consent of the other officers.

All Regional Officers - Before you make a large decision, check with everyone, don't abuse your power (I will dismiss you as an officer if you try to abuse your power), be kind and make sure others are being kind as well (Think of yourself as a moderator, for Gargery).

If you would like to apply for citizenship you can do so at The Region Of Gargery Citizenship. Here is how you become a citizen and what the benefits are:

1. Create A New Telegram
2. Enter your Nation's and Puppet Nation(S) Names (You Must Be In The Region Of Gargery In order To Apply).
3. Why You Want To Be A Citizen
4. Send Your Fully Completed Citizen Application Packet To The Region Of Gargery Citizenship Nation. Consider your application being successful unless you receive a telegram within 7 days stating that your application was unsuccessful.

*Applications Are Accepted 99% Of The Time

So, what are the benefits of being a citizen?

1. You get marked as a citizen on the admin page (You're technically an admin member)
2. You get the authority to create polls
3. You get extra rights in the region

The Military
We have a separate region, outside of TRG just for invading. We call this our military. If you aren't versed in what invading is, then here you go: Invading is when nations (that are in the WA) go into other regions and endorse each other to overtake the current WA Delegate. Once one of the invading nations has enough endorsements to overtake the WA Delegate, they are in charge.

I know that this sounds like a brutal action - and it is. However, TRG handles invasions with more of a pacifist spin. We invade regions only if they need help to reform. We are not a violent or brutal region. I know that invading is complicated, so telegram me with your questions. I would be more than happy to answer them!

How do I join the military?
All you have to do is:
1. Become a WA Member - We will check for this once you join TRGM
2. Know exactly what invading is - We will not check for this. So be honest!

Then, you join: The Region Of Gargery Military (TRGM)

An important note: If you have more then one of your nations in the WA, you may be kicked off of NationStates. Unfortunately, this is out of our control. You can read more about that here: page=faq#WA