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Arcturus Novus: A Primer

Federal Republic of Arcturus Novus
Ομοσπονδιακή Δημοκρατία του Νέου Ἀρκτοῦρος

National flag of Arcturus Novus

Motto: "Simul Fortior" (English: "Stronger Together")

National Anthem: "The Internationale" Link(Latin) Link(Greek)
"Carmen Arcturi" (English: "The Song of Arcturus") (traditional)

map of Arcturus Novus. click Linkhere
for full-resolution image.

Population: 119,768,023 [2015 census]
-Density: 766.04/km^2

Capital: Veri
Largest City: Neapolis

Official Languages: Latin, Greek

Demonym: Arcturan

-President: Tertius Quirinus Maro
-Consul of the Senate: Elisa Alexios

Legislature: Senate of Arcturus Novus
- Upper House: Tribunal
-Lower House: House of Delegates

Founding - 708 CE

Establishment of the Arcturan Senate - 1322 CE

The Federal Imperium - 1878 CE

Founding of the Republic - 2013 CE

Land Area: 156,346 km^2

Highest Point: Leuko Vouno: TBD
Lowest Point: Fossa Tulliana: TBD

GDP (nominal): A 3.92 trillion ($6.66T)
GDP (nominal) per capita: A 36,851.82 ($65,964.76)

Human Development Index (NS Version): 96.93

Currency: Arcturan aur (aur, A)

A 1 = $1.79

Time Zone: BT+12

Drives on the: right

Calling code: +38

Internet TLD: .an

Arcturus Novus, officially the Federal Republic of Arcturus Novus or the Arcturan Federation, is a nation in the Communist Bloc. Positioned in the middle of the Arcturo-Trabardian Peninsula, it is bordered by Theberonka to the northeast, Imporstan to the east, and Trabardia and the Arbard Sea to the south. Until early 2013, Arcturus Novus was a federal constitutional monarchy. The reigning monarch, Iacobus, dissolved the monarchy on 5 January 2013, marking the first time in Arcturan history that the nation had a wholly republican government.

Etymology - The name Arcturus Novus (Lat.- "New Arcturus") comes from a semi-legendary account of Arcturan Emperor Janus I "the Uniter" of Arcturus (Imperator Duarum Coronarum Ianus Tullius Magnus Victor; 650?-710 CE), who, after unifying the Latin-speaking Arcturans and the Greek-speaking Neolophans under one crown, declared that the Empire of Arcturus was born anew, literally a "new Arcturus".

History - Main article: History of Arcturus Novus

[national origin and history prior to 1300 to be rewritten] The Arcturan people rallied around an autocratic emperor until the formation of the Arcturan Senate in 1322; the senate would not take over as the true governmental power until the Second Constitution in 1878. The Senate and the Emperor coexisted peacefully until 5 January 2013 when Iacobus stepped down, and a democratically-elected President was selected to lead the government.

Demographics - [to be rewritten; greek-speakers and latin-speakers are distinct groups. trabardians are common in the southern states. i may keep chaotism as a religion, i may not.]

Government - Arcturus Novus is a federal representative republic. The current Arcturan government, formed by the Third Arcturan Constitution, was formally established in 2013 CE by the extant Arcturan Senate. The head of state and of government is the President, who is elected by national popular vote. The current President is Tertius Quirinus Maro, who was appointed to the presidency after the assassination of President Ianus Marius Africanus on 13 June 2018. The Senate is bicameral, broken into the House of Delegates and the Tribunal, and is overseen by the Consul of the Senate, elected by the House every four years. Delegates are elected via nationwide proportional representation; tribunes are elected state-by-state in popular elections. The Tribunal has 14 seats, one per each state. The House of Delegates has seating based on the national population; currently, there are 240 seats, one for every 500,000 citizens. The Veri Capital District, while represented in the House of Delegates, does not have a seat on the Tribunal.

Main article: Political parties of Arcturus Novus

The Senate is a multi-party institution; there are five nationally-recognized political parties in Arcturus Novus, which often form coalitions in order to better secure government offices. The current government is run by a coalition between the Democratic Left and the Workers' Party.

Military -Main article: Military of Arcturus Novus

The Arcturan Armed Services are officially designated as "the acting defense force of the Arcturan Republic"; it has not been involved in a formal offensive campaign in several centuries. The current Arcturan military hosts approximately 800,000 troops located primarily in the Republic, but also in neighboring, allied nations. The Arcturan military is comprised primarily of ground troops, but also boasts a sizeable navy due to Arcturus Novus' large overall coastal area. The military is overseen directly by the President, but in emergency situations this duty may be left to the Ministry of Defense.